Parents’ information evening – “And one more thing…”

Thank you for attending the meeting this evening. I hope you all feel ready for the adventure and your parents are well informed.
I did forget to make one thing clear and, as it could save you some packing space and expense, I’ll mention it here.

All specialist personal equipment and clothing is supplied by Kent Mountain Centre. This includes a personal issue for use all week consisting of a waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers, boots (and other outdoor footwear as required), rucksack for use on activities, gloves, warm hat and a fleece.
Extra clothing will be issued in certain weather conditions. This includes a windproof jacket and gaiters (for use in deep snow and heather).

Technical equipment is also supplied, usually on a day-issue basis and depending on the type of activity being carried out. Items such as wetsuits, climbing helmets, harnesses and bouyancy aids are usually collected immediately before departing from the Centre and returned as the group sort out their belongings in the courtyard before going back into the Centre.

Visiting staff and KMC instructors work hard to ensure the safe return of equipment and care of personal clothing is completed as soon as possible. Participants play an important part in assisting with these tasks and are expected to help out until the job is done. This will still leave time to have a shower and prepare for the evening meal.

If you missed the meeting, you can find dowloadable copies of the information covered here.