Evening activities

Problem solving activity in the grounds of KMC – November 2016

We like to keep you busy on this trip. Your days will be filled from 7:30am to at least 9:00pm every day. During that time you will have an hour or so to yourself but most of that will be used up organising your belongings, showering etc (more of this in a later post).
After the evening meal, everyone is involved in organised activities.

You will be invited to go to the climbing wall on one evening as part of a group of about eight (not the same group as your daytime activities). I recommend you accept the invitation (even if you feel tired after the daytime activity) as you may not be invited a second time. The climbing wall is indoors and reasonably warm. We provide you with special climbing shoes and a harness; no other special equipment or clothing is required.

If it is not your turn to go to the climbing wall, you will be participating in outdoor activities in the KMC grounds. This usually requires you to wear warm clothes, your KMC walking boots and possibly waterproofs.
You will have to wait until the start of each activity to find out exactly what it involves but make sure you are ready to have your brain challenged as well as your brawn.
Each evening, a small group will write reports on the day’s excitement from their perspective. The reports, along with any photos taken, will be posted on this blog for family and friends to read.

There is always time for a hot drink and a snack before bed for everyone.

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