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Our first day at Kent Mountain Centre – and the night before

On Sunday we arrived at least an hour earlier than expected however the journey still took 7 hours! When we arrived we took our cases up to our rooms, got our kit and went down to have some dinner. We had chicken fillet burgers and chips and peas and for pudding we had a choc-ice. Then we went for a nice long walk through the woods to a “haunted” castle. Group 1 got there first and scared group 2 by jumping out at them.

Then we walked back home and had a hot drink and went to bed.

The next day (Wednesday’s birthday) we had a sausage, beans and hash browns for breakfast. Then we got ready to climb a mountain called y Garn. When we got there we realized how high it was (about 974 ft above sea level.) and started walking. At the bottom it was quite flat but rocky ridges made it hard to walk. When it started inclining there were steps in the ridge which were again hard to walk up it made your legs ache like crazy! It took about an hour to get halfway because we made good time; we ate a sandwich and had a hot chocolate which was sorely needed. The majority of the rest of the way was snow and ice. It was very treacherous and there was an awkward black cloud lingering which made it hail for a few second and then blew away. The first person to fall over was Wednesday because she is a butter brain. Then everyone was falling over at the top of the mountain. We got to the top and sat down and ate the rest of our lunch then sang happy birthday to Wednesday and it started snowing! We had a massive snowball fight and we made snow angels, contrary to what you may think it wasn’t cold at all. Getting down the mountain was fun we slid almost all the way down but near the end it became rocky and slippery and it was hard to walk. By the end everyone was muddy and wet but we could all agree that it was an outstanding day out!

By Wednesday Barber and Katie Hatt