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Mike’s group in the gorge (quite literally)

This morning everyone seemed very tired and sleepy, we were exhausted from yesterday’s activities. We were woken at 7:30 and duty group even earlier at 7:15! Wednesday had slept in the corridor, her roommates had been snoring and coughing and just being annoying so she went with her blanket and sat on the chair outside her room until Ms. Hodgett brought her a mattress a few hours later (LOL).
Breakfast was really good and yummy! We had a cooked breakfast (bacon, beans and mini waffles), then we went into the common room and watched CBeebies. We watched the Tweenies which made a change to watching Judge Judy for most of the week. Then we split up into our different groups to find out what we were doing today. We were very happy that Mike had decided we were going to go sea level traversing instead of climbing another mountain that would have been too evil.
When we had all finished packing and getting all our gear on, we scrambled into the van, it was really quiet because everyone was half asleep. We got there and had a 10 minute walk down to the cliffs. We had some food while mike was setting up this rope course round some rocks. It didn’t look that difficult but once we got started it became tougher than we thought. Katie Hatt was so scared; she was reduced to tears before she had even started.
At the end of the course Wednesday barber’s foot managed to wiggle free of her shoe and it fell down on the rocks below. Mike had to climb down and retrieve it, even though Wednesday seemed to be doing better without it!
Though the course was rather hard most of our group managed to complete again, it was quite fun! However Gabby was stuck at the end of the course and caused a hug traffic jam because she couldn’t get down on to the ledge below.
Mike then unhooked all the ropes and we moved round to some other rocks further along the cliffs. Wednesday seemed to have a heart attack every time someone slipped. We had to do some quite big leaps across the sea which was a bit scary. Luckily no one fell in the water but lots of people kept slipping over and had quite a few scratches.

At the end of climbing the rocks, Mike told us that if any of us wanted to jump in we could. There were about four people who were really brave and jumped in straight away like Abbey Watkins, me (Niamh Elstone), Wednesday Barber, Jack Laffargue and Alfie Hatt. Once we got in we realised how absolutely crazy it was because the water was so freezing!
I (Christina Swaby), Gabby and Katie Hatt took a lot longer as none of us wanted to get our trainers wet or get cold but eventually I took up the courage to jump in and everyone else followed behind me.
As some of us got a bit warmer and more confident we started jumping on some high ledges! When everyone had jumped in and realised the stupidity in swimming in the Welsh sea we headed to the shortcut through the field and headed to the van to get changed.
The girls had to change behind the smallest bush ever in the middle of a field whilst the boys were on the other side further down almost in view of us :s. Everyone was finding it hard to change with a towel wrapped around us as the wind was very strong and came at the most awkward of times! We were all shivering so much and were more than happy when we got back to the van and finished off the rest of our hot chocolate. The journey home was simply a time to sleep and to eat food. When we got back we rinsed all of our clothes that had been in sea water. Once we had dealt with our clothes and hung them in the drying room, we ran to our rooms to get our towels and shampoo and went straight to the showers! That was the best part of the day. After we had gotten dressed and were happy and warm we had dinner and ate the best banoffee pie ever!

By Mike Niamh Elstone and Christina Swaby

Mike’s group at large in Snowdonia

(Read in a suspenseful manner)
Our day started off with breakfast, we had bacon, baked beans and waffles (that were a quarter of the size of normal waffles, which was disappointing). After breakfast we collected our lunch boxes, which contained sandwiches, Jaffa Cakes, a piece of shortbread and dried grapes. We then went to get properly ready for a calm and relaxing day of walking, or so we thought. Interrupting our relaxing day was a huge bell that told us to come and collect our flasks. If you had not chosen the easier choice of hot chocolate you were forced to do child labour and make your own. We then had a meeting about what we’d be subjected to today. It was brutal, the sheer horror of what we were going to do was evident on our faces.
We would be walking, they would then leave us half way round the trail, with nothing but a map and our own knowledge. It would be a difficult trek back to base. We knew that we would face terrible dangers on the way. We ran into a tribe of wild sheep not accustomed to the usual sheep ways of gentle grazing, these sheep hissed and baaed and scratched with their hooves. Mitchell, our new found leader fought off the sheep with his backward summersaults that he had learnt earlier in the day from the Tyrolean Traversing. Whilst earlier trekking over pine needles and rocks, Lou and Mr White had given us some important additional knowledge on squirrels and mushrooms.
Squirrels- Red squirrel are usually located toward the north of England and the North of Wales. The South of England and Wales, has already been dominated by the grey squirrels a.k.a “The Grey Pack”
Mushrooms- The reasons why mushrooms are popular party attendees are because they are……………”FUN GUYS”. Also red Mario mushrooms are only found under birch trees and inside mysterious yellow question mark boxes in Mario games.
We used this knowledge wisely although one of our own still ate one of these deadly mushrooms, red squirrels would have devoured her body if we had not fed her a 1up, the Mario controller was being generous this time. Or so we thought.
We could see the base, we were desperately trying to fight through undergrowth we had nearly made it, when we found…..the swing. We believed it to be a good idea at the time, little did we know it was a trap. Set by the notorious James-enerio and his faithful sidekick Sally-enco who had been secretly travelling with our group disguised as James Caps and Sally Warren. The innocent Princess Grace had fallen into this trap due to her trusting nature. She had been trying to save an injured bird when James-enerio and Sally-enco sprung into action. The others in the group did not know what to do. Their loyalty to the Princess was lacking and in the frenzy they chose food over the Princess. If it was any other Princess they may have not been as forgiven to their subjects but as it was Princess Grace she forgave all taking into consideration her own never ending hunger. After giving James-enerio and Sally-enco a secret potion made out of the finest Robinsons orange juice in the whole of the land, they transformed into James Caps and Sally Warren. They had returned to their normal selves.
We may never really know what truly happened on this horrific journey, some of the of group may believe it to just be a dream or a figment of their imagination but Grace Mitchell and James Caps will also know what really happened.

By James Caps and Grace Mitchell

Some of this content may be real but other scenarios have been set up for your entertainment.


Woke up to a cold morning at ten past seven and got dressed. Then we went down to a breakfast of sausages, spaghetti and eggy bread. We were then informed that the task for the day was to climb Snowdon. We then got our equipment ready and set off. After 15 minutes in the min bus we arrived at the bottom of the mountain (350ft above sea level) and started to walk up Snowdon. We were left to navigate with only a map. After we had walked for about 10 minutes, mike started telling us about the legends of Snowdon and the lakes around us .As we reached the first lake mike pointed out a pipe that was in the James Bond film “the world is not enough.” A couple of minutes later he started to talk to us about the plants in the area such as a weird type of moss which soaked up the water from the streams and when dry, served as an natural antiseptic for the people in the dark ages and the mines from the 1800s . Then about a mile later we sat down and mike talked about the copper crusher. This was a ruined factory that would have removed waste from the copper by crushing it. They did this to make the copper easier to move. We then continued to the second lake where we sat down and had our lunch. Then we continued on up a steep slope were people started to moan and groan. The weather started to turn bad and both the rain and the wind started to pick up. We then had a quick rest and climbed to the blue lake. We were told the lake was called this because the miners mined copper in that area so the copper reacted with the lake to make copper sulphate which is a blue colour therefore affecting the colour of the lake. We then did another ascent. On the way up we saw a wooden pole with hundreds of copper and silver coins placed in the pole. This was supposed to fend off dragons because the coins would shine in the dragon’s eyes. We then made the finale ascent to the peak of the mountain where every body started to fall over because of the snow and ice on the path. About 30minutes later we bumped into Mr Whites group who were hiding from the wind under a wall by the train that went to the summit. As we approached the peak the wind grew very strong and started to push us about the place. Katie got worried by this as she was afraid of blowing down the mountain. We reached the top and took a group photo before making a hasty retreat and had a quick break before starting our descent from the summit…
We went down the mountain following the rail track. As we made our way down the mountain we passed sheep. The sheep were friendly especially towards Wednesday, who ended up talking to them. By this time we were all aching and feeling ill. We made it to the bottom of the mountain and waited for Lou to arrive with the mini bus. We got bored and cold so we got out the emergency tent and huddled in it. Lou arrived an hour later. We arrived home safely yet tired and had dinner.

By Fraser Bore and Jack Laffargue

Mike’s group – Wednesday

Mike’s group – Monday