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Mr Alderson’s group – Friday

IMG_0425_1Friday morning was a morning like any other, wake up at silly o’clock in the morning to make sure you get that first place in the shower. Then would be a trip to the drying room to pick up the clothes wrecked by the day before. Finally a sit down for around 3 seconds before the bell goes for breakfast. Once all the beautiful cooked breakfast had been hovered away we got into our groups and found out it was going to be another “rest day” do not be fooled, it doesn’t mean sleep and relax this only means it is going to wet, cold and mud just not as high up. So after a brief explanation on what the day would bring by Mr Alderson and “Whitey” we set off to the gauge. Slippin’ n slidin’ up a difficult route to the top (we had to fit through gaps smaller than Charlie) we then saw the most amazing waterfall, after a quick picture we started a long decent. Due to already handing in our KMC rucksacks, soup stops were not an option which proved very stressful for the group. Even Mr White was struggling without his daily 18 Jaffa cakes. While on our way down we all decided to pointlessly go down the stream because “yolo” and we all got very wet and cold especially Dan and Lewis who decided to go head first. All the boys did it proving their supremacy, just saying. This was closely followed by a climb down the elephants bum (two big rocks with a small hole in the middle) we then finally got back to the mini bus changed into clean-er clothes and sung our way home. Dinner an American theme of burgers and a muffin the evening brought us a hilarious quiz won by the “pundits” lead by Ronan. However after his efforts on the dance floor Craig was definitely worth a mention for his exceptional moves and points he won which quite frankly without, his team had no chance. We all then sat in the common room and watched outnumbered, a really funny day and definitely worth the wait.

Lewis Doyle


Raindrops on Snowdon

IMG_0409Today was a long day. After a slow start at breakfast, we rushed to prepare for our day on the mountain. It took us roughly 15 minutes to arrive at our starting point in the minivan, however Rachel and Mr. White didn’t come along with us. Instead Mr. White took Rachel to the nearest doctor’s surgery about her cough. (She started coughing at about 9:30 pm yesterday through until about 10:50 pm.)

Straight away from the start, Lewis and Charlie thought they had found a shortcut away from the path and away from the group, along the lake. So as the group set of down the path, Lewis and Charlie set of on their adventure, hand in hand running away. So as the group made it way along the bridge, with them nowhere to be seen. We waited, later to see them running around the corner, with their jealous little faces at the thought we had stopped for a tea break.

We then had the decision to go either the easy or the hard way. Eventually due to good weather we took the harder route and scrambled most of the way up. Most of the group decided against this, but in the end Mr Alderson laid down the law. So we went the hard way.

Further up the path, Maddy and Becca started to fall behind and ended up getting blown off the track. Craig came to the rescue and they followed him like lost sheep.

We then stopped to eat our lunches, except Becca, who got a craving for something else (see featured image).

Then we continued climbing for a while, and came across a man taking the same route on his own. He passed us quickly so we followed him all the way to the top, finally reaching the summit at quarter past one. We stopped for about ten minutes by the train station at the top and ate Dan’s chicken soup.

It took our group 1 hour and 38 minutes total moving time to get to the summit of Snowdon. It took 1 hour and 20 minutes to go back down again and Becca 2 hours.

In the end overall we all believed that the day was a great day towards the end of our trip and we made a lot of progress.

Mr Alderson’s group – Wednesday

IMG_0387After Mr White had courageously swapped his cake for some extra eggy bread, after his third breakfast we set out for an activity day. The twisty winding roads towards our destination caused motion sickness for Rachel, many others were exhausted from the previous days, however we soldiered on to complete another challenging, eventful and exciting day. Today was a more relaxing day which involved map reading, orienteering and more walking!

We always look forward to our soup breaks, especially after a tiring climb. Lewis and Dan were very eager to stop after their new craze for soup. We were split into two groups and went different ways where we would eventually meet each other half way to our destination. Mr White’s group were twenty minutes in front of Mr Alderson’s group and decided to eat their lunch in a tree sheltered area lounging on a mass of soft mossy cushions. Mr White marched on ahead whilst we stayed in our comfy den until we heard a strange whistling noise gradually coming towards us, we became unsure but when we heard Mr White calling “Bon Bon” calling his dogs to come (us) we were relieved. The other group finally turned up, we walked on then Craig and myself (Maddy) led the way and the teachers both let us do our own thing…we immediately went the wrong way. Everybody stopped at the riverside and the teachers started to attach large ropes to trees across a fast rushing river. All of us were anxious because the teachers deliberately didn’t tell us what activity we were going to do until we put on extremely uncomfortable harnesses and helmets on.

We did a Tyrolean Traverse circuit going crossing the river twice. Charlie Burgess bravely went first and excelled at it. Rachel’s turn came next falling over the big drop before the river. Mr White set a challenge to see if we could go on top the rope, which proved quite challenging sitting struggling looking stupid in the middle of the rope in mid-air. Lewis managed to get on top of the rope, however did not hook his foot so ended up dragging himself with the rope between his legs which seemed to be quite painful as he sat on the other side near on crying.

On the walk back we split apart from the teachers. They went an easier route around the lake and we went the hard way which was proven by Lewis falling over about 5 times on slippery branches and rocks. Being apart from the teachers made us feel very independent and we were hoping that we wouldn’t get lost on the way back to the minibus!

By Rachel & Maddy

Friendly Bog

Craig. I started of the day with a beautiful croissant, it filled me up for the day ahead. We all piled into the minibus, however we had to wait for 10 minutes for Rebecca to sought some things out (her hair, *sigh*) We set out in the van passing some stunning scenery, however Dan was too tired to take it all in and had a quick nap. We finally reached a rather remote destination, shadowed by the huge mountain we were about to climb.

Charlie. When we exited the minibus the weather suddenly changed for the worst and we immediately started to put our waterproofs on (which took a long time to do and eventually we had to take our shoes of in order to put on the waterproof trousers). As we started of the long winding, and may I mention steep, road to the base of the mountain. In a matter of fifteen minutes we were completely and utterly exhausted. Yet the mountain seemed ever taller.

Craig. Our group moved on and gradually made progress on the mountain, the terrain got harder and we had to watch our next step carefully. I paused a moment to look up and I realised how far we had to go. There were rocks everywhere! I had no idea how it was possible to climb such a thing. Soon after some more hard work we stopped for a hot drink break. As I sat down the entire Welsh countryside presented itself before me. It was stunning! However we couldn’t stop for long, and the next part of the journey was the bracing bog. Dun dun duuun……

Charlie. As through the harrowing trudge through the bogs. It was becoming ever harder to move though the syrup like ground. Part way through we heard ecstatic laughter from Mr White I turned around to see Rebecca laying, smothered in mud, she had tripped and collapsed in the unforgiving bog. “Wait there don’t move” called Mr White.

Instead of helping her up he pulled out his camera and took a photo of Rebecca knee deep in mud.

Craig. Filled with laughter and joy we carried on, however this adventurous spirit lead to a change of route. We decide to scrap the registered path and try our own. This could only go badly……

As we got higher the 40 mph winds started to take effect, I am personally a very light person, and I struggled to stay on my feet. There was a very drastic change of scenery and the rocks I had previously puzzled over how we would pass got a lot closer. The climb was very difficult and we were all exhausted, however we could not stop on the open grass, as we were vulnerable to the wind. Eventually we found our way to a lovely alcove with a phenomenal view, it was amazing to eat a jam roll 650 metres up with such a beautiful landscape beneath me.

Charlie. After a well needed lunch we set off again with energy replenished. But that didn’t last too long, as ahead of us was a steep, rocky and dangerous climb to the summit. At one point we had to cross a death defying ledge with a sheer drop below. After I crossed I stepped up but a sudden gust of wind caught me and I nearly fell off into the foggy depth, but luckily I kept my balance. Shakily I moved on with Mr Alderson’s warnings of even harsher winds ahead. We kept asking where the summit was but every point revealed an even higher one.

Craig. Finally we were a mere 15 metres away from the top of mountain, sounds easy doesn’t it? I can assure you it wasn’t. The wind got progressively worse, apparently down to some sciency thing, obviously I ignored that bit as I was on the mountain to climb! Not to learn…. Regardless we fought through the ferocious mini hurricane. At last we crumbled around the summit, avoiding the sheer drop on the other side. Filled with a sense of pride we cheered in escalation!! The group cheerfully made our way over to a small shelter of stones and I had one of the best hot chocolates of my life.

Charlie. So after a seemingly quick break we headed back down the mountain with legs like jelly from all the climbing and suddenly back down again. At this point everyone had fallen over at least once, apart from Mr Alderson, however his luck was not to last. A few minutes later we heard a muffled shout, we ran over and saw our respected solemn C.D.T teacher lying on the ground smiling. Mr White helped him up and we moved on.

Craig. We gradually moved down the long winding route, the wind still followed us and I had my first major fall. The blasting gusts pushed me forwards and I bumped into James and we rolled down the mountain for about 5 metres. Eventually the van came into sight, however much to our distress it was the wrong van. After some more painful walking we finally got to the right vehicle. We quickly stopped off for Dan’s toothbrush and then slumped into our rooms for some lovely rest.

Mr Alderson’s group – Monday

Raindrops – Mr ALDERSON & MR WHITE’S group

Yesterday when we first arrived we were greeted by a rather excited Jez. When we had been shown around the old building we ate dinner and went for a hike. On the way we were told some ghost stories and one of the instructors decided to try and make them more realistic. When we were about half way through Edward Baker fell into a ditch (IT WAS HILARIOUS). At the end of the walk we came to a derelict prison. As we walked up the steps the other group was there and they jumped out at us. We then came back to the centre for a little supper and then to bed at 11 o’clock.

When we woke up the next day we got showered, got changed and had breakfast. For breakfast we had sausages and a hash brown. It was very nice. Next we watched some Formula 1 in our free time and found out our groups. In our group we had the challenge of climbing three hills which was very tiring especially for the first day. We had flasks of hot chocolate with us and a nice packed lunch to keep us going. When we summited the first hill, we had to climb up these slate rocks. You just don’t realise how far up you are until you get up there. We then had some drink and set off again. We then had to go to the next summit which wasn’t as difficult this time. There wasn’t as much slate this time but finally the first person fell! We then reached the summit which took us 3 hours from the start, but then we couldn’t stop at just one.

After having a quick tea break we leaped into action heading for the our highest summit of the day this was very steep and about 1 metre either side of us was a 1500m drop. We stumbled up the steep hill and stopped for lunch at the summit. We then went down a steep hill with lots of scree (loose rocks) sliding under our feet. When we were at the bottom we could see massive slate quarries. Then we went through one of them and found out how the slate was moved around the quarry from top to bottom. We then got in the minibus and headed back to the centre for a shower and some dinner.

Charlie BURGESS and James BULLARD