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Will we get lost?

Today Kiera and Libby came into our room to wake us up, to get ready for the day. However most of us couldn’t be bothered to move, but I needed to have a shower and whilst I was in the shower I encountered a big lobster bug so I ran out nearly screaming. Staying in bed we eventually realised the time so we rushed quickly to get to breakfast. For breakfast we had Sausage, Beans and Potato SMILEYSSSSS!!!!  Most of us enjoyed breakfast, which was followed on by our usual meet in the common room to watch either CBeebies, milkshake or CBBC, the channels that we all love <3

After this we met in our collective meeting rooms with our instructor to review the previous day, also to discuss the plan for the day and to also find out the equipment and clothes for our adventure. We found out that we would be navigating our own walk by starting at one point on our maps and reaching a little village by a lake to find the teachers. To start with we all agreed that someone or everyone one would die or get completely lost.

We gathered in the courtyard in our walking boots all ready to leave. So we climbed on the minibus, but as per usual Sam was either late, missing clothing or missing equipment. On the journey to our starting point, well… to begin Paige was reading ‘HARRY POTTER’ like normal but Mr. White said “Paige why not read it out loud so that we can all listen.” Paige disagreed, but then Jaime piped in and read almost a whole chapter with great voices!

Once we arrived at our stop by the train station we got off. Mr. White stayed with us until the farm, which was about 50m from the bus. Then we were alone… So we grabbed our maps and started walking uphill zig zagging left and right, so far so good. However we came across some cross roads. Devon and Oscar thought that we were quite a bit higher up on the map, but me, Sam, Charlotte, Paige and Jamie all knew that we had to head up. We knew this because the way they wanted to go had a sign for Snowdon which is NOT where we wanted to go. We argued. Luckily Simon, our instructor, came to the rescue. Apparently, he could hear us from really high up (OOPS!) He told us that we as in (Jaime’s side) we’re right!!

Eventually we carried on moving up until we reach the BULCH which is two hills with a gap/dip running through the centre. We carried on past the bulch down a long path. We came across many mountain sheep, and a few were perched on the track, we attempted stroking them however the sheep ran away L

As we travelled down this really long continuous path we reached some house ruins. By this time it was around 12:30 so we agreed to sit and have lunch in the house. Afterwards we carried on with our trek. As we kept walking we found a bridge and crossed it. Next we kept walking a bit further and we knew we had to turn left yet we turned on the wrong left. Luckily we were only on the right side of the lake as we were supposed to be on the left. Soooooo we had to cross the lake by standing on rocks similar to stepping stones, like the gorge on Thursday. We got back on track after travelling through a small green of bogs(No-one fell in – luckily)

Then we kept moving towards the village. On the whole trip Alex spoke to a lot of people that we were walking by. Most of us asked the people passers the time as none of us had watches or phones. Next we entered the forest, we weren’t in there for long but it was fun, even though we didn’t know which way to go as there were many paths optional. We ended up reaching the end of the woods and finding Simon and Mr. White. They told us that we were only round the corner from the centre.

When we finally got back Simon said “We’re going abseiling”, however first we had to clean our boots and then hand in our whole kit without failure. Then we took off for the abseil rock. It was really fun said most of us. Also Oscar was currently scared of heights, however he temporarily got rid of this fear (I think) a great accomplishment. Also whilst at the rock there were some other people doing the same as us and as we got down from the rock we got to stroke their dog called OREO. He loved the attention.

For dinner we had either fish and chips or burger and chips, with mushy peas, but nobody on our table ate them. Next we went back to our rooms to pack as we had to leave early the next morning. After packing briefly we met back in the dining room for the OFFICIAL KMC QUIZ. The team ‘Barnacles and limpets’.

Then we met in the boys’ common room to get some certificates or significant funny, compliment or bad moments. After this we watched a slideshow of photos which some laughed at J Finally we finished watching ‘Happy Gilmore’.

I had a great time on this trip and I’m pretty sure most others did too!!!!

By Savannah Day

Sunbeams and Raindrops – Afon Ddu

[Ed.] Today, two groups joined forces to tackle the Afon Ddu gorge. Their individual group blog posts are shown below along with photos featuring both groups.


Wednesday night
Ourselves and the team set off on a puzzle solving mission, Mr Taylor, and Mrs Webster [both fellow staff members on our exhibition], created difficult activities that would challenge us on both our mental and physical skills.
On our first challenge the cold hit us with us with a shock !! as we were tasked to drop a ball into a tube with one exit and one entrance, our only equipment being a hose pipe and eight people and ourselves. Soon after realising this so called ‘PIPE OF DOOM’ was completely covered in holes. The main objective was to get the ball out the pipe without tilting the pipe itself.
Our second objective was slightly more a teamwork based activity as we became challenged to create perfect square and circle whilst blindfolded, as a team we had to use our good communication skills and sense of direction throughout the task.

Our morning started with a disruptive awakening as we to skedaddle downstairs due to the siren of the morning breakfast bell. The breakfast given was a warming simple selection off pain au chocolat, bacon and scrambled egg. Once over we sat in our designated meeting rooms and talked over the plan for the day shortly before setting over on the daily venture. Both our and sunbeams group trekked through the gorge despite facing all the natural elements, such as rock faces, waterfalls and many very slippery rocks.

Once returning from such an exciting day many of us had warming showers since the gorge became ever so cold! As returning close to dinner time, we had little time to prepare ourselves for the evening meal. we had a scrumptious choice of pasta bake and roast dinner which we were ecstatic about and that was the end of the day. Since then we spent the evening writing this up…

We hope you enjoyed it, Alex Mundy and Devon Foster


Wednesday night
Our team set off on an adventure on a puzzle mission, Mr Taylor and Mrs Webster were both running the activities, both members of staff. Mr Taylor’s activity was a wet one, we had to put a ball in a tube with holes in and try and get the ball out. We had to fill the tube with water and we had to put our fingers the holes so the water didn’t squirt out, this didn’t go so well, as Mabel ended up hugging the tube. The second activity with Mrs Webster tested our team’s communication skills as we had to make a square and a circle (with blindfolds on)

Thursday morning
We were rudely woken up by the breakfast bell. we rushed down stairs and ate are breakfast then about 30 mins later we were on the minibus and where on our way to Afon Ddu, means black river. this tested your physical ability and your mental ability .There were lots challenging sections such as the elephant’s bum which is two rounded rocks that have fallen together, we scrambled up the elephant’s bum and eventually got to the plunge pool after an exhausting adventure we jump in and got drenched and had to get changed in the woods, eventually we got back to KMC and played manhunt…

By William Reeves

Moel Hebog

Woohoo. Hallowe’en. Brilliant. Such a useful holiday. We’re all wearing werewolf masks as we write this.
And now I’ve got the Hallowe’en stuff out of the way…
Last night Sam was on the climbing wall as Jacob Hyland was accidentally pulled up by a much heavier Sam and I was doing problem-solving again in evening activities where my group was victorious in both lassoing a ‘bomb’ and moving seven people and a bucket full of water across two raised platforms with nothing but a rope. And after that we had lots of fun (read: I had lots of fun) when half the group was blindfolded and the other half had to lead them through trees.
After that point we all went into the common room to watch War Of The Worlds. I left fairly early and tried to sleep, but rest assured, my roommates kept me awake and updated when they came back.
This morning I woke up at God knows when and had to help lay the tables for breakfast and hand out eggy bread, sausages and spaghetti hoops. Everyone watched Ben and Holly’s Magic Kingdom/Peppa Pig for a bit (a unanimous decision, clearly) before we went to our various meeting places to find out about the day’s activities.
Our group was… overjoyed… to find that we would be expected on Friday to complete a walk all on our own with no instructors, just a map. Simon claimed this was to teach us teamwork; he is lying. He simply wants a lie-in.
Our walk today started in a village I can neither spell nor pronounce (I suspect the Welsh language was made up whilst someone was drunk) and passed over three miniature railways towards the hill of Moel Hebog. Almost everyone was tired and lost after ten minutes so Simon decided to show no mercy and make us walk at least another twenty minutes before we stopped. It was during this stop that Mr White treated us to his Harry Potter reviews and asked us about dreams jobs and families (Mr White’s family actually owns the American President’s house).
After an incredibly windy and slippy climb up to the top (if you see any random bloodstains on Welsh mountains, now you know why) we embarked on an even slippier and windier climb to the bottom where six of us fell over. The two adults were no help; “No, no, no, we’re not helping you get back, you need to learn navigation and decision-making.”
Over the course of our return journey, we found a wood and argued constantly over which way to go. How many times did we need to go right? Two. How many times did we actually go right? Three. How many times did Alex Mundy threaten to ‘become adventurous’ and go off on his own? God only knows. How many times did Devon complain he needed to poo? See above. Not that I like to argue with people who sing whilst peeing in the middle of woods, but…
We managed to get back eventually and didn’t do much until tea when we all had either Macaroni and Cheese or Pasta Bolognese. Which did I have, I pretend to hear you ask? Both. I couldn’t just let two meals go to waste, now could I?
And that is how we got to now, give or take one or two vital bits. And now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go and try to convince Mr Alderson that he promised us a reward for doing this.

By Jamie Raven and Sam Eapen

Freezing water

Today was the second day of our trip and we were woken up at 7:00 by Ms. Webster. Some of us had a shower before breakfast while others were too cold and couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed. The options for breakfast were bacon, scrambled eggs and potato faces or pan au chocolat yogurt and fruit. After breakfast most people went into the common room to watch some interesting and exciting TV – Pablo on CBeebies. Although soon we had to meet our group *The Raindrops* in our designated area which is the staff room.
Our leader is called Simon and we have Mr. White as his assistant. In our group we have Savannah, Paige, Charlotte, Alex, Oscar, Devon and Sam. We were told what we would be doing and the clothes we had to wear. We were told to have a complete set of spare clothes, a towel and waterproof trousers as we might get wet near the end. When everyone was ready we met each other in the store shed to collect some snazzy gear to prevent death!
Once we had finished we got on the minibus for our 45-minute journey to the beach. On the bus we played games and Paige read a book. Soon we arrived at our destination and walked to the edge of the cliff, and started to put on the harnesses, while Simon set up the rope along the face of the cliff and Alex and Oscar put our lunch barrel somewhere safe. After travelling along the rock we encountered a gap that stretched over the water. We then all watched Simon set up the tiny zip line but to accomplish this he had to attempt a jump across the gap. This failed and resulted in him getting wet feet and legs. Everyone laughed and Mr. White got an action shot of the jump.
Next all of us had to go across the rope; however we had harnesses with carabiners attached to the line so it was less likely for us to get wet, even though some of us still did. Mr. White didn’t lift his legs high enough and got his feet and a patch on his bum bum wet. By now it was around lunch time and we were all really hungry so we climbed up towards where we left the food and enjoyed our packed lunch which contained a sandwich, which could either be cheese, tuna mayo or peanut butter, a penguin biscuits (which were mostly melted and someone read out the joke which started a trend and everyone joined in), a piece of fruit if you took one, a pack of raisins, our bottle of water or juice and a cake with a cherry on top. Mr White ate Paige’s cherry and when Savannah gave hers to Charlotte he threatened to push her off the cliff (which he didn’t!).

Whilst we ate our lunch Simon set up a bigger, higher and longer zip line for us to cross, this one wasn’t so close to the water so no one could fall in. Alex got on top of the rope and attempted to crawl across, however this didn’t work very well, Devon and Savannah tried to flip on top as well, but failed miserably. Simon created an obstacle course to follow on from the line. Once we reached the top of the cliff Simon quickly collected all of the rope and jingly bits that were used to support us on the faces of the cliff, we had to organise it all. We then got told to remove our harnesses for a surprise!
Simon led us down near the bottom of the rocks, to the edge of the water and we could jump off of the smallest ledge first if we wanted to, and afterwards if we wanted we could progress to a higher ledge. Alex, Jamie, Devon, and Mr. White chose not to participate in the jumps whereas everyone else was brave enough to have a BASH!
Simon asked who wanted to go first and Savannah bravely offered to take the first jump. After that everyone followed her lead. The water was absolutely freezing and our clothes got soaked! Even Sam who can’t swim had a go and was able to not drown. By this time we only had 20 minutes to get changed and in the bus.
We were then told to get changed behind a bush and the boys did the same on the other side of the bus. This was probably the most difficult part of the day! As our clothes were soaking wet and our hands were numb it was really hard to get into our spare clothes. Whilst we were getting ready a little boy with his mother, two dogs and a horse walked past when we were naked with only towels around us. Quickly we scrambled onto the bus dripping with salt water and messy hair! The ride home was really uncomfortable but in the end we had no regrets and could safely say that “it wasn’t us”. This was an inside joke involving: Alex, Paige, Savannah, Jamie and Charlotte. Basically the 3 girls (at the back) made up a game where they tap Alex on the back and pretended nothing happened. We found this really funny as he had no idea who it was. And Jamie distracted him as the taps continued. We convinced him that he needed a therapist however he claimed his mum took this position.
When we got back to the centre we had to dunk all the kit in cold water, this wasn’t good as our hands were cold, eventually dunking our own clothing and moving them to the dry room. We moved up to our dorms and were suddenly informed that a room inspection was going to happen in the next five minutes. We panicked! And then we cleaned our rooms as fast as possible.
We had dinner which was a choice of pizza or jacket potato and were both good and yummy. Sam started asking Savannah and Charlotte whether they knew who it was that was poking Alex on the bus, but they wouldn’t give in and said it was nobody lol. After dinner we chose who did the blog and here we are now, WOOOOOOO!

By Paige Austen & Savannah Day

A New Experience

This morning, we were woken up by the teachers and got dressed in what clothes we thought were suitable for the outdoor activities. We came down to the dining room for breakfast; we had the choice of Sausages, baked beans and hash-browns or fruit, yoghurt and croissants. We then went into the green room to watch Justin’s House, Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.

Afterwards, we were told our day groups and went off into different rooms and got told what to wear, pack and what attitude to have while climbing and while supporting people. We had fifteen minutes to change (if needed) and set off.

We set off in the mini bus of which our instructor, Simon, was driving. Our goal of this day was to reach the summit of Carnedd Moel Siabod *the big scabby hill.* Three members of the group were assigned jobs. Sam was the leader, deciding what pace to walk at and when we stop for a breath or food, Savana and Charlotte were navigators and Alex was tail-end Charlie, keeping at the back and helping others.

Walking along the muddy road, we encountered a big flock of sheep and spent most of our time –along that road- avoiding sheep and rabbit droppings. Once on the rocky part of the mountain, our legs were already hurting we started our assent on a good grassy patch to begin with but it soon got rocky. We passed three lakes and stopped every now and then to eat, drink and change the amount of layers we had on.

On the way up, Alex was in a very bad mood and said that the whole thing was really easy. We soon found that he was tired and wanted to save his energy. On the other hand, on the way down, he was his annoying but quite humorous self.

After stopping for a drink, Oscar realised he had accidentally taken Dom’s bag who was in the Snowflake group. So Oscar had to deal with Dom’s lunch and waterproofs and fleece. Oscar doesn’t like butter but Dom’s roll had butter in it so Oscar didn’t eat the roll.

After passing the third lake to mossy ground became very wet and boggy. We all avoided the first few but then, Simon joked about an extremely muddy looking bog being a ‘child-eating bog’ which most of us avoided apart from Savana who practically jumped into it. This particular bog was knee deep and she got stuck. Charlotte tried to pull her out towards the side she was but the rescue failed so she had to be lifted out by Simon and Alex. Savana’s boots were covered in mud but they dried off pretty quickly but her joggers on the other hand had only dried by the time we had reached the mini bus.

As we climbed it got colder and colder and we saw snow and lots of ice. We reached the top and we were exhausted. At the top, Mr. White was also eating lunch with us and got out some leftover pasta from last night’s dinner and in doing so, stated ranting about how he had the pasta like, “Pasta, pasta, I’ve got ‘de pasta,” in an Italian accent making lots of us laugh. We finished our lunch and took a few photos then we started our descent.

On the descent slips and falls were a common occurrence and especially for Devon. We passed a few sheep and icy puddles and then new jobs were assigned. Oscar was the leader, Devon was the Navigator, no wonder we got lost, and Jamie was the tail-end Charlie however all jobs were soon demolished as Oscar and Devon ended up at the back with Jamie Leading the front.

There was a very steep patch of grass we had to walk down but Paige thought she would slide down it instead. So she sat down on the grass and pushed herself forwards. She only went a couple of metres but unfortunately slid into a massive pile of rabbit droppings.

Once we reached the bottom of the mountain, Both Simon and Mr. White made us find our way back to the mini bus (coming back to how Devon got us lost) but Charlotte had to step in to point us in the right direction. We got back and with our feet aching and our energy depleted, we trudged –and for Savana squelched- onto the bus and set off on our way back. Someone said and I quote, “I feel like I’ve achieved something today!”

Once we got back, we showered and got ready for dinner, sweet and sour chicken or chicken curry, and dessert, angel delight or apple crumble and custard, before going to our rooms for ten minutes to relax or tidy our dorms. People who were going climbing left and everyone else waited another five mins to either go problem solving or blog writing (where we are now) and we can only guess what happens next.

By Charlotte Page & Oscar Annis