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Friday, a Whack Gorge (Jez’s Group)

Hello, George and Eilish here,

Today was our last activity day and we went gorge climbing as well as having training on an abseil and cave laddering. Our day started with an abseil off a very very very very whack bridge. Eilish went first and did it in 13 seconds compared to my 3 and a half minutes of which 3 minutes and 27 seconds were spent standing at the top, LOL! Next to get back to the top of the bridge we had to use a caving ladder which required excellant balance. Trouble (Eilish), was kicking leaves onto bully (Mr. White) as he was climbing with grace and pure strength (he told us to write the last bit).

We left the centre heading to the gorge for a 12 o’clock start. Jezmund told us an interesting story about pixies that come on holiday to the gorge to ensure Whack in the water is had by all.  Our first real challenge was the elephants bottom which required us to squeeeeeeze through its bum cheeks (it wasn’t actually an elephants bum LOL), it was a tight space with water rushing through it. Mr White lead the way followed by the rest of team Whack. Jezmund kneed us through the cheeks whilst Mr White ensured our last moments would be captured on film forever.  Fortunately we survived and moved on to the next whack (exciting) challenge which involved a short abseil across fast flowing water.  We zipped down the line, well, George moved at the speed of a sloth.  We then traversed across the final piece of water. All was going well until it came to me (Eilish), Phoebe and Mia met some pixies on holiday who pushed us off the rocks into a swirling void of exciting water, deep enough to emerse the larest pixie you will ever find!

Our final challange of the day came after a quick waterfall walk, it was the dunk. One by one Jezmund stuffed us under the water and through a hole, after which we enjoyed a refreshing dip in the water. Back at the minibus, we had a water fight with the water in our wellies with Mr White ensuring plenty went on “Irish” for all the times she said LOL.

On the way back we stopped for hot chocolate and then Mr White did a presentation to each of us….

Me (George) and Phoebe won the courage award, 2 rulers to measure our courage by

Mia won the stacking it award, another ruler to measure the depth the of the river

And we can’t remember the rest….eeerrrhhh Liam and Craig won balls as did Georgie, I got a pen along with Steph and Alicia a sheep…..we have got to go now and eat and have a quiz and watch a film and pack. A big WHACK to Jez our main whack, Thank You

Thursday, River of Whack (Jez’s group)

Yo yo yo Steph and Eilish here lol, today we started off in the room of whack talking about our whack adventures! Jez asked everyone how their energy level were, most of us said we were low in whack. So we started the day off with some orientearing and learnt how to use a map! I (steph) took a really long time and ended up coming last in this task 🙁

When we finished the orientearing we set off on our next task, climbing a small mountain on our own (no Jez and no Mr White). We were showed how to use the right equipment and a special safety tent. While Jez talked to us Mr White set of ahead to a check point which would show if we were going the right way or not.

Craig started off as our ‘group leader’ ,with the help of Alicia, and navigated his way around the mountain with the use of a map and compass. As we trecked along everyone started to doubt Craig’s navigation skills, but as we reached closer to the top we soon saw Mr White’s red coat in a broken down house, we were as safe as whack! We stopped to get a bite to eat and a drink but soon set off, Mr.White left to go get some “KFC” as we carried along on the rocky hillside.

As we got closer to the top the wind picked up and we all had to scramble down the rocky path and through small streams. The grass got thicker and the water got deeper, we had to watch our step; but Mia decided to do some more of her ‘Mia style tricks’. She tried to run down the hill but instead ‘stacked it’ in a grassy stream. Me (steph) being the hero decided to run after her and save her,but instead fell on top of her…Whack.

We carried on along the stream but soon had to stop as George needed a pee, so he stopped on a hill and did his ‘business’. We walked further on through a stream but soon had to stop again seeing as Eilish and Mia now needed a pee! Soon we were back on track and carrying on at a fast pace with Phoebe leading the group! As we reached a waterfall we were soon met by Jez who jumped up from behind a wall and scared us all! We then saw Mr.White treking behind us in his red coat. When he caught up he decided to take a picture of us at the waterfall. Eilish, being the most whack climber of us all, climbed up with her walking stick and managed to fall head first into the waterfall!

Jez and Mr.White then left us again and we carried on, passing the other group on the way. We all saw a sheep, and in a moment of excitment (danger) decided to chase it. It ran away! LOL.

More to follow in the morning, with some pictures…. time to eat

Wednesday, Mount Whack…Snowdon (Jez’s Group)

Hi liam and Craig writing, we have just got back from climbing Snowdon. The day started by our group following a path called the Miners Track, which was really long. We were ticking off key features on our map to make sure we did not get lost on the way. On the way up some of the group were singing, while  Jez and Mr White were talking about their favourite films…..Watership Down.

When we reached the summit (1085m) we were battered by 40mph winds, very chilly.

Got to go to dinner now, more will follow.

Dinner was good, pizza and wedges and then most of the group are going to do some problem solving with the cool Jez, while myself and Craig are going indoor climbing, someone else will finish this…..

Hello Mr White here to say a few words…. The team are doing very well and are taking on the challenges set with great enthusiasm. Yesterday (its now Thursday morning) myself and Jez felt they did very well as it was tough work, battling our way up Snowdon. It reminded me of the Pass of Caradhras in the Fellowship of the Ring, young brave hobbits facing a world very new but exciting to them. Anyway i need to tuck into my bacon and eggs and find some of the team to continue this.

Morning! Mia, George and Steph here. So now we’d reached the top of Snowdon and everyone was overjoyed! But now we had the trek downwards through the mist and clouds with gusting winds almost knocking us of the mountain! We started off back down the Miners Track past the Ritual Stick singing ”i love rock climbing, put another penny in the ritual stick!” LOL!

After the Zig and the Zag we took the Pyg path back down to the car park, making sure we were still infront of Mr.Alderson’s group! Our highlights of the day were;

Walking stick swapping

All of us continuously singing all the way down to the bottom

Reaching the summit

Having to answer the most ridiculous questions ever (Jez & Mr White)

Mounatin whales!

Speak soon…. Whack

Tuesday, Tears of Whack Joy (Jez’s Team)

Hi Steph & Phoebe here whacking it out after a good day by the sea. Today we went sea level traversing in the wet, cold, rainy, foamy, barnacley coast of Wales. On arriving at the cliff I was a “little” nervous lol, and felt the need to sit down rather than climb……..Luckily Jez’s team talk about how “exciting” this is soon got me on my feet and bumbling along after the others, with Mr White being my partner in red. Who I soon left behind with no rope to help him….. However he is a pretty good climber! Because he had no rope……

Steph here…. After about 2 hours we took a break and lunch by an old tomb from 2500 BC and saw some old people and a fluffly little cute dog. We then set off back to a small bay which had a rope set across it called a Tyrolean. Jez had set this up while we had lunch and then showed us some tricks that could be done while waves crashed over us. Craig bravely went first across the WHACK gap, but failed to do the spin, just like all of us except Mia (see videos and pictures). Last but not least was Mr White who hung upside down after a successful spin….so whack.

We finished the traverse along the sea cliffs making sure plenty of waves crashed onto us, before clambering to the top again and taking the muddy path back to the bus. It was a whack day with the highlights being;

Mia’s sound effects

Phoebe’s braveness

Mia’s whack help towards Phoebe

Steph, Craig & George being pack horses carrying everyones lunch

Take care, speak tomorrow, Phoebe and Steph Whacking out

Monday, Team Whack (Jez’s Group)

Today we climbed up Tryfan the mountain that all other mountains want to be like when they grow up. It was 915m high, and it took us 4 hours to reach the top. A grade 1 scramble that involved Team Whack (Jez, Mr.White, Alicia, Eilish, Steph, Mia, Phoebe, Liam, Craig, Georgie, George) taking on an exciting (dangerous) adventure.

From the word go, it was ridiculosly high and vertically ridiculous. We had to work as a team to haul each other up steep gorges. Eilish felt sick having to push Phoebe’s rear end every five minutes. Luckily she didn’t have too many beans for breakfast. Half way up we looked down to see fighter jets passing beneath us.

We also bumped into three Norweigen soldiers hacking their way over the mountain.  By two o’clock we finally made it to Adam and Eve and took a short break, sheltering from the 50mph wind gusts and cloud eating.

Photos and descent to follow as we need to eat … Alicia and Eilish…Whack Out

Hi, Georgie and Mia here, just had spag bol, it was WHACK. LOL. So, after we put on our waterproofs we set off to go down the rest of the mountain. It was like a human land-slide, mud, wet rocks, rain, wind, and a lack of balance 🙂

Mia fell 93 times, encrusting her clothes in mud. Craig slid at every opportunity to join Mia in the mud. It was a pathetic exuse for steps, and reminded me of a water-slide, minus the swimming pool.

Highlight of the days were;

  • Georgie doing a forward roll into a bog.
  • Phoebe repeatedly saying ‘i cant do it!’ lol 😉
  • Mr. White’s singing that drove everyone crazzzzyyyyyy.
  • Jez’s definition of ‘dangerous’ being ‘exciting’ lol
  • Liam thinking every rock is worth money, so filled his pockets.
  • And George saving my life (Mia) after I nearly fell down the mountain (“about 32cm’s Mia”- Mr White)

A whack day with a whack group, have a whack night!

Mia & Georgie. Blog tomorrow, WHACKOUT!