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Sea Traversing

Thursday Evening:
We went climbing in a group of 8.We started by practising on the walls in 2 groups of 4 people and we used the technique of  b-laying each other.After we had a turn on each wall we moved on to the crazy climbs.One of which included a speed climb in which Aiden got an incredible time of 9 seconds.There were also many other climbs that involved many other interesting and challenging climbs. Although we only spent about 2 hours at the climbing walls we all had a great time.

On Friday our group had our turn to try the sea traverse.After crossing the bridge and an hour mini bus journey we had finally arrived.It was a long journey as where we were going was on a completely different island.We even passed through the place with the longest name for a town in Britain with 54 letters and even 4 l’s one after an other. When we had finally arrived we spent about an hour sitting on top of the cliffs eating lunch while activities were being set up.As we joined with another group for this day we started on the cliff traverse.In this activity we had to use a rope and 2 karabinas to move along the face of a cliff 30ft above the jagged rocks below. After this we swapped over with the other group and we had a new activity to complete,on this one we had to pull ourselves over a single rope suspended above a 30ft gap between two peninsulas. After we had to traverse around another cliff face and over a a 50ft deep crevice in the ground.

By Reid

Hailstones on Tryfan

Today we climbed the steep and rocky mountain called Tryfan ( pronounced Trivan ). Unlike the other mountains we have climbed, this one didn’t have any rivers for anyone to fall into. it was quite a steep climb with a lot of scrambling involved and wet rock to climb. The mountain is a dead volcano, resulting in the unpredictable rock faces and the steep rock faces. because we were in the clouds and there was a slight drizzle of rain, the rocks had a layer of water on them that made them very hard to stand on without slipping and falling. Unfortunately this was a common occurrence, slowing down the group. It was very funny to watch the other team mates fall, until it happened to you.

Going up the mountain was a lot easier then coming down. Going up was very fun because we were climbing up rocks and having an amazing view of the surrounding mountains that we had climbed on the first day. When we reached the summit, which was after two and a half hours, we found a rock that had a shocked face on it. On the back were instructions on what to do and we had the opportunity to either keep it or hide it again. we have decided to keep it and we will then hide somewhere else in our local area at home.

On the way down, Kian, Eleni and Tanzin fell down a lot. Because we were climbing down in a line if one of us fell, we all fell down like dominoes which was something we did a lot. We had to climb down a path that was paved with big rocks that due to the water were very slippy. Tanzin fell in horse poo, Eleni fell in the mud and Millie and Kian went down together a lot of the time. Reid often went a different, harder way which led us to wonder why he hasn’t died yet. Tim and Josh managed to keep up with Mr Alderson while the rest of us lagged behind slightly.

While we were on the mountain we saw a few different things. We saw some collage students from the Devon College, 3 feral goats quite high up the mountain that surprised all of us, some people repaving the path making it easier for us to walk down and a herd of ponies that didn’t run away when we got close to them.

Our meals where pretty good today, for breakfast we had smiley faces with baked beans and bacon, for lunch we had a choice of cucumber and humus rolls, sweet chilli chicken and Nutella. For dinner we had a roast dinner consisting of turkey, stuffing, cauliflower, carrots, gravy, cranberry sauce and pigs in blankets. Some other people has shepherds pie.

Today was a very busy day that was a lot of rock scrambling and slipping on your bottom. In other words it was fun.

By Star

Gorge Porge Norge Lorge George

After dinner at 7:30 we met for the evening activities. We were split into two groups ( Kai, Tanzin, Eleni, Hazel, Reid, Shaheer, Aiden). we were doing a game where one person was allocated the leader and had to communicate to the others ( who were blindfolded) without talking. We decided that the quiet whittle meant backwards and the louder whistle , meant forwards. We gave each person different claps, so that they knew who we were talking to. In the end we all made it into the pen and got full points without communicating. The next activity we proceeded to was theses planks of wood that we all had to stand on. We held on by clinging to the ropes. we had to work together to move in time to get to the cones. the last activity consisted of swinging on a rope with a bucket of water without a single bit of water dropping on the floor or falling of the platform. After 3 tragic attempts we finally thought of the smart idea to tie the rope to the buckey and swing it gently across. We completed all the activites with a final of 21 points.
We went to bed at 10 o’clock.
We woke up at a quarter to 7 to have a shower ready for the day ahead to begin. We had breakfast at 8 o’clock. After breakfast we went upstairs to get ready for the day, we got ready, dressed ourselves, cleaned our teeth and brushed our hair. We then met in the common room at nine o’clock after the instructors had a meeting to discuss what we were doing . Our group was going up a gorge and abseiling we collected our gear; wellies, helmet, buoyancy aid, harness, waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers. we got on the mini bus but it didn’t start so we had to move into a different bus and set sailed on our adventure. We got to the car park and had to put our harnesses, carabinaners and anchors on. We had a short walk to the place where we were abseiling from. Kian went first because he was the bravest then Tanzin, then Millie, then Josh, then Eleni, then star, then Reid, then lastly Tim. At some point on our absail we all swung during our way down. The group of us then walked down this steep path to get back to the minibus. We sat and eat our lunch after putting on our waterproofs and readjusting our harnesses. We took another short twenty-five minute drive to the gorge. We got there and immediately saw water. The first climbing part was very difficult and Millie fell in, luckily it wasn’t very deep but she got very cold but at least she had her waterproofs on. We climbed up more rocks and got to a slippy bit where we could slide in and the water was up to our hips, Kian was unfortunately dumb and didn’t wear waterproofs on his legs and got very cold very quickly. We scrambled up some more steep, slippery cliffs and tried to but we all fell many times. our heavy, wet waterproofs were constantly dragging us down and so were our water filled wellies. We eventually climbed up a waterfall and slid down a rock into deep, freezing water and had to put our heads under a rock to get through (our helmets fell off because we hit them rip). After a few hours we got to the very top where there was a plunge pool where we could jump into from a high height, the water was freezing and all of our clothes were dripping. when we eventually finished, we hiked down the steepest road in the world. Because it was so steep we all fell over. Everyone had bruises on their knees. We finally got back at ten past five. We cleaned our lunch boxes and water bottles then put our clothes in the drying rooms. Dinner was at quarter to six. Some people had mac n cheese and others had Bolognese. For dessert we had apple crumble and it tasted nice.

By Eleni amd Tanzin


Last night (Monday), We (minus some girls and the bloggers) were split into 2 groups and had to finish challenges within the 25 minutes we were given. The first challenge was where we had to sort numbered tyres into their correct groups. Kian’s team didn’t complete this task as they were not working as a team. The second task they had to remove a bomb from a circle by using some rope. They worked well as a team but were still unable to finish successfully. The final task they were blindfolded and had to identify what was in the bags as they followed a rope through the trees. Kian’s group lost by 8 points.

Some of the girls and I went to the public climbing wall with Karl and Keith and did some transverse climbing, bouldering and top-roping. we quickly got harnessed up and began helping each other climb by belaying. after starting on an easier transverse wall we were in groups of three on three different walls, after each of us attempted to reach the top we swapped walls and once we’d attempted all three walls we did some bouldering which was where we were given the choice of which wall we wanted to climb without a harness. finally, we all ten of us got back in the bus for a short mini bus ride back to the centre.

the next day, we went and collected our breakfast and lunch boxes after being woken up by Mrs Webster and Shaheer. our group then met with Mr Alderson in the lecture room and learnt how to count to 8 in Welsh. we discussed what we were going to do that day and set off to gather our things and get in the mini bus. we were dropped off in the car park at Pen-y-Pass and began our journey to the summit of Snowdon on the miner’s track. it was wide enough that a land rover could drive up it. We had to face many challenges to face including a very uneven steep path and a vertical rock face later on. we also had an encounter with some sheep. As we went up the mountain the temperature fluctuated so at some points we only had t-shirts and jumpers on and other times we had hats, gloves, coats, jumpers and more jumpers.

we then continued onto Gribin Ridge after walking on stepping stones to cross a river. On the way up the mountain we came across a butterfly who was near to dying. we carried on up the mountain but this time climbing and gradually working our way to the top. we trekked up the steep Watkin Path for about 200m. from there on we took our own direct route towards the summit of Snowdon. we encountered lots of grime that looked a lot like snow and ice as we got higher into the clouds. it was tricky so lots of us slipped and Kian died around seven times.

we eventually reached the summit and almost got blown off the top. we were surprisingly joined by many dogs. after we took some photos and had some lunch a bit further down, we stopped for lunch. We walked down a uneven path for a long time and at the bottom we met some sheep. We then waited for Jez who took us back in to the centre in the mini-bus. it was a very adventurous day.

By Kian and Millie

A Fun Day Out at Pen Yr Ole Wen and Carnedd Dafydd

Today we went to two spectacular mountains, Pen Yr Ole Wen and Carnedd Daffyd. We started off the day with a hectic morning of packing everything we needed to prepare to set off. we hopped in the minibus and travelled to the foot of the mountain. When we got there everybody put layers and layers of clothes on ready to walk up the mountains. Almost instantly there were lots and lots of sheep and we learnt about the dye markings on sheep. As we were walking up the mountain lots of people were already lacking behind and we’d only been walking for about ten minutes. As we were walking up the mountain someone noticed a wall and Mr Alderson explained what it was. It was built pointlessly in WW2 by the Italians (who were helping the Germans out) who the English had captured and were now prisoners of war. It was built to stop the Italians from fighting meaning they were useless. As we carried on we all came face to face with a big scramble of rocks and had to climb our way to the top. once at the top Mr Alderson came up with a game to navigate your way and lead the rest of the group to a certain point. Millie started us off taking us to the exact point she was asked to go to. Next was Reid who didn’t quite manage the exact point but lead us to a great view of the mountains in Wales. After that it was Eleni who again got to the right point followed by Tim and then Tanzin who took us to the summit of Pen Yr Ole Wen.

It was very cold, but the view was spectacular. There was a very big cairn where Kian added to the pile and from up there we could see lots of beautiful waterfalls and realised how high we actually were. We decided to have our lunch up there. After lunch we got going again coming across a little bit of snow. Everybody got really excited and as Kent never has snow. Josh however, got very excited and picked up a massive pile of snow which he carried till our next break. As we progressed we managed to get up Carnedd Daffyd which was a far easier walk up even though it was quite a bit larger, we didn’t stay up here for long though with members of the groups legs really hurting so we started heading down. This is where it got really, really messy. Tanzin and Kian fell over into mud and freezing cold water, star fell over 3 times trying to walk down the mountain, ending up very wet at the end. Tim also fell over a few times getting his gloves very wet after falling into a stream. Millie, Eleni and Josh didn’t slip once, going down the mountain very cautiously. As we proceeded down the mountain Josh came across a very peculiar item that turned out to be a horse bone and as we turned a corner, we saw a wild horse that was very beautiful and spectacular to see with the amazing horizon in the background. Some R.A.F jets came past us which were really quick trying to not be picked up on the radar. Then we saw the foot of the mountain and everybody sped up as they were really tired and ready to relax back at the Kent Mountain Centre. We had a really good day and we all really enjoyed ourselves and we are all looking forward for what’s in store for the coming days.

By Tim Allan and Josh