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Friday, Cable Bay (Mike’s Group)

Helloooooooo… Ellie & Maddy here!

Today was our last day of activites so we decided to go ‘Sea Traversing’ at ‘Cable Bay’ which was on Anglessey. First of all we started walking on the beach, then we came across a tiny hole which MIKE MADE US ALL FIT IN (9 of us). After that we went up a wall, across the grass and through a cave! When we got to the bottom of the cave we walked across the rocks and had a look in the rock pools. We found red things that felt like jelly 🙂 Then we got told a very interesting fact about barnacles 😉 On our way back to the van for lunch we were discussing what we thought we were doing later on in the evening. We both thought that we would have fireworks so Ellie started shouting “fireworks…..fireworks” whilst running down a very muddy hill, because this is Ellie we are talking about she slipped, and fell straight on her BUM!!

After lunch we used ropes to get to one rock from another which was sehr gut, we had three go’s each… trying to flip over in mid air! (VERY HARD)

After trying and not succeding we moved to another rock where we had to crawl across the top and it was quite painful!

We then went back to the van and were first home(:


Hi Everyone… We just had fish and chips for dinner :)yummmm.
because its our last day the teachers have told us that we are going to do a fun night activity, but we still dont know what it is:\

This is Ellie&Maddy saying good bye for the last time (because we are going to pack our bags:)


You Know You Love Me xoxo Gossip Girl (Maddy&Ellie:)

Bye for the last time blog we love you, and KMC…BYEEEEE xxx

Thursday, Keith’s Group (and Mike’s)

Hi, becky and katie here!

We abseiled of a bridge, after breakfast, it was really high but it was exciting once you built up the courage to let go!

Then we walked over some hills near aberglaslyn river, it rained, not alot for Wales, but alot compared to what we are used to! We did a self lead walk, that means we lead ourselves, we didn’t even get lost! We saw lots of fantastic Welsh countryside (through the thick foggy cloud!) and played pooh sticks over the many bridges we travelled over. We also found a swing that Maddie wanted to spend lots of her life on! And katie, (this is Becky at the moment) stacked it on her butt and is going to have a rather large bruise there tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! (OMG lol)

now we is goin  xoxoxox

Wednesday, Afon Ddu gorge (Mike’s Group)

Well today we went ‘Gorge Scrambling’ in the Afon Ddu gorge. This is basically trekking up a very steep river, trying to get to the top. This involves climbing up waterfalls, wading through deep water, thanking the goddess of the gorge for keeping us safe and going up through ‘the elephants bottom’!.

The team have come on great guns since Monday, and it is clear that confidence is building and they are all looking out for each other. This activity in particular highlights the need for people to work together and help others. It also calls for a bit of courage here and there, and this is something that everyone in ‘team zonkey’ is appears to be full of. Both Mike and Myself commented on what a nice day we had at the gorge, and what a nice group of people we have the opportunity to work with this week – so thanks!

Here are a few of our pictures from the gorge………

Tuesday, TEAM ZONKEY…long story! (Mike’s group)

Once upon a time there were a group of people who had a passion for goats. So they decided to climb Mount Tryfan (the south peak). They had a wonderful time spotting goats and lots and lots of poo! They also managed to get to the top without dying! It was fun (:

First of all the set off up the mountain.It was quite cold and very steep.We failed at this because Maddy was our leader. When we got a bit higher we decided to change our leader to Kayne and Shayan. They were much better at this job and managed to get us half way, where Katie and Abi took over.

After about 1 hour we came across an overhang (a rock coming out of the mountain side). Some of the BRAVE people (including, Me, Maddy and Dan) had our photo taken standing on the top of it.

After a while we stopped for a bite to nibble on, this was in a cave(which was dripping onto MY sandwich!!): then we set of to the summit(the top…..bop bop bop, right to the top, slip and slide and ride that rhythm)

On our way down we had many lovely conversations, 1 of which was about Zonkeys 🙂 and now everyone in our group loves ZONKEYS!!!

We then started on our trek back down the very steep and un-steadddddyyyyyyyy mountain.

When we were near the bottom Maddy decided she needed the toilet… REALLY BADLY, and would not stop going on about it, which got on everybody’s nerve. After a while Ellie persuaded Maddy to go to the toilet, after that everyone was happy that she had shut-up. By then everyone was soaking and swimming in mud, we used this opportunity to splash about and roll down hills (well that was only Maddy…she was a bit….maybe very…. hyper).

By the time we were at the bottom we were all delirious with laughter.

you know you love me….xoxo….gossip girl(Abi & Ellie & Maddy)

talk to you soon, love abi, ellie maddy xxx

Monday, Snowdon climb (Mike’s Group)

Today was our first day here. So, to break us in gently, we went up Mount Snowdon, the tallest mountain in Wales. We arrived there in the minibus, got all our gear, and headed over to the mountain. The weather was really good, but it was so misty, you were unable to see 10 meters in front of us.

But, after a bit, the fog lifted, and we saw some amazing views. Then we saw mount Snowdon, and we realised just how tiring this was going to be.

So, after a bite to eat, we started to ‘scramble’ (which basically meant climb across the side of the mountain only using our hands and feet) up the mountain. It was quite steep, and the wind didn’t help. Ellie Solly was very scared and wanted to come down because she is scared of the heights.

After that, we walked for about 1-2 hours to get to the summit. We couldn’t see the ground at all because of all the mist, but it was still worth it.

After, we made the long treck down, and in the pouring rain. Then walked back to the minibus. We were all exhausted, but it was worth it for this once in a lifetime climb.

Our overall highlights of the day were:

  • Seeing sheep(and talking to them)
  • Ellie Solly falling in sheep poo
  • Touching the summit marker at the top

Love, Maddy&Ellie&Jack:D xx

BTW this blog is very boring. But tomorrow Ellie and Maddy will write the WHOLE thing!!!!!

x-0-x-0 you know you love me…Gossip Girl (Ellie & Maddy)