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Sea Level Traversing

The sea level traversing was a good activity. It was fun and (at times) quite challenging. My group went along the left hand side, whilst Will’s went along the right. Mike and Keith were our instructors, as Mr Alderson had been up most of the night. Mike gave us a different leader for each part. We did a few things, such as climbing through a gap between two boulders or jumping across a rock as a wave attempted to knock you off (but of course no-one fell in because we are the kings of hardcore parkour).

Will’s group on the other hand, first attempted to complete most of the right side. First we climb down the rocks but as usual Mr. White went the easier way. Then we had to jump over to another rock while there was water below us crashing against the rocks but Travis and Harrison failed and got drenched in water. Soon after about 5 minutes I got soaked as I tried to jump but failed but I did need a wee.

After doing their own sides, the two groups each had lunch and then joined up for the final challenge. Two ropes were set up across a gaping chasm in the rock, and each member of each group had to army crawl up one and slide down the other. Then after we crawled over, we would stop in the middle and attempt to try and flip our self over. For every person that did at least one flip would win a point but I was amazing at it so I did no flips. However, some of the lesser members of the group did two or more in a row without stopping like Luke, Ned, Miska and Finlay.

After that was over, some of us in the group jumped into the sea, whilst others (wimps) stayed dry and warm. After we’d jumped in a couple of times, we trooped off to the minibuses to get change into dry clothes. Bradley took ages, and the girls got fed up and told him to hurry up as they were coming over to get in the minibus (the boys got changed next to it). That got him moving.

By Ned Naisbitt and William Barker

The day we were abandoned

This morning we had breakfast, and all the usual things that the other blogs had talked about that we cannot be bothered to type/list.

Any who we drove to a car park to drop off another group as they weren’t very good with organising themselves and we are clearly the DREAM TEAM (explosions and fireworks) however if you ask a reasonable adult they will tell you we were giving them a “lift” but we all know who was right.

Moving on we then drove to another car park which we then had to walk to “test” our map reading abilities we basically were abandoned and given a certain spot to walk to without getting lost and if we made it we had to climb 300 feet which is torture enough. However if we didn’t make it we would have had to sit tight and wait for a lovely responsible person to come save us AKA Mary (She puts the hard in hardcore, she is amazing)or have Mr white come save us. Also something else you might find rather interesting is that we manage to climb 3650 feet 2624 feet and barely get a blister however get us to walk 100 yards without a reasonable adult and Mr White and one of us manage to NEARLY twist their ankle. Yet AGAIN moving on we then had to climb the 300 feet which was a torturous session which consisted of Mr White giving us ridiculous riddles and perfect puns (look at that Amazing Awesome Alliteration (16 billion points to Miska and Kathy) see we haven’t completely forgotten our education). After climbing we stopped of at broken house with no roof and enjoyed lunch with some memorable banter going on. (by the way the food here is really good better than the school dinners).

Next we walked down the hill ( as apparently something less than 800 feet is NOT a mountain but a HILL) we then walked to the lake Llyn Dinas where we had an amazing skimming competition which the winning skim was eleven skims. Next we had to make our way back to the van which was parked in the car park. You can certainly tell how much the teachers love us by the fact that they drove by us while we had to walk all the way back In the RAIN. We weren’t happy about it I know.

No matter we had a great time and we can definitely say we love it.

By Katherine and Miska

The day William rolled down the mountain

Today we woke up earlier than normal, because we had to do breakfast duty. This meant that we had to be down in the breakfast room to set up all of the cutlery and breakfast. On the breakfast menu there was:

  • sausage
  • hash brown
  • eggy bread
  • spaghetti hoops
  • croissant
  • fruit and yoghurt

After that, because we were on breakfast duty, we washed and dried up all the cutlery and plates and we cleaned the tables.

After that we headed out to our activity, to climb three mountains (Carnedd y Filiast, Mynydd Perfedd and Elidir Fawr). We drove out to the mountains which took about 10 minutes.

We started with climbing Carnedd y Filiast which was the toughest mountain because it was very steep, long and very rocky. On the way up we came across a very pointless ladder which was not needed, it’s very stupid because there was a path right next to it and it blocked it. So who ever put it there, please take it away; thank you!!!

The next mountain we climbed was Mynydd perfedd. This was the easiest of the three mountains to climb, because we had already climbed most of it by climbing Carnedd y Filiast. We also took our biggest lunch break there to boost our energy for the next hike up Elidir Fawr. For lunch, we had honey (or other flavour) sandwiches, Jaffa cakes and shortbread. After our lunch break, we saw another annoying ladder and I got triggered (furious) so I kicked it and shouted go away.

Our next mountain was Eldir fawr which was not to hard as we already climbed most of the way but then we had to decent down and then this legend of a guy, Will Barker,(you should really get to know him, his hot.) He decided to roll down the hill with his S.A.S crew (Max, Luke and Fred) very fast and but then Mr White spotted us out and we got in cover and stopped. Then we continued our journey down hill looking at all the sheep and cows because they were being rude to us; Like with the ladders very pointless.

By Max and William



Afon Ddu Gorge

Today was an eventful day, despite the fact of freezing in the icy Snowdonia waters, we learnt a lot of techniques and had plenty of fun making our way through the slimy rocks and gushing waterfalls. We managed to get plenty of photos thanks to Mr White’s impeccable camera skills using up most of Travis’ storage on fungi, and of course us.

First of all we began the morning with a wakeup call and a nutritional breakfast to start our day, from there we made our way to the lecture room to be told what task we had ahead of us. We was given a long list of necessary equipment including things such as waterproof tops and bottoms, food, drink, flask, spare clothes, towels, hats and gloves, medications, helmets, boots etc. And more, so as you can tell the space in the coach may have been a bit cosy for some of our likings.

We left shortly after collecting our kit for a 40 minute journey to get to the gorges. Once all geared up we was lead by Mary (our instructor) to the very start of the trail. The sights was breathtakingly beautiful, it was as if we had entered a mystical movie scene. Little did we know that the journey was not going to be as nice as the views were.

Slowly, hopping from rock to rock, turned into a gruelling mission up steep, slippery, waterfalls. Even though some may have collected a few bumps and bruises, we all managed to succeed without anyone getting air lifted by the rescue squad (somehow). Some parts were quite deep, and thanks to the water proofs, it managed to get into our clothes, and stop the ICE COLD water from finding its way out  :/ . we finished the day with jumping into the water, obviously some forgot that we had to walk all the way back to the minibus….

All In All it was a fun day, now we all hope we do not come down with pneumonia. That concludes today and we are still awaiting what other experiences lie ahead of us.

By Harrison and Travis


Today (Monday 31st) our group went to Snowdon first, this was daunting as it was the tallest mountain in Wales and this was our first outing. Me and Luke had no experience in climbing before it turned out we had nothing to if anything we should’ve been exited as we were soon to find out.

We started off on a small rocky path and after five minutes were already complaining about various things we were soon to find out this was nothing. We slowly climbed towards Snowdon gradually climbed higher and had regular stops for food and drinks. We slowly trudged round the corner of a smaller mountain to finally find an amazing view of Snowdon.

The path ahead was rocky and very narrow. There was a ladder separating two mountains but I didn’t see the point of it being there. It was just a waist of wood and it could have been used into so many things but I won’t name any because I can’t be asked. Then we ate a bit of our lunch that was very nice. After that we went through a narrow path. The path was very slippery and wet. After we got through the path, we saw a breath taking view of all the mountains and a lake. Then we saw a tree that grew coins on it. I found that very interesting but there was no point because a lot of people could just come and take it out of the bark.

Then we had lunch and we were very close to the top of the mountain the flapjack was well deserved. After we ate our lunch, we carried on our adventure towards the peak of the mountain. Then we finally got to the top of the mountains and the view was amazing. We saw people on mountain bikes and I thought that it would be basically impossible to go up the mountain on them. We then gone up a set of stairs and I was very scared. After we enjoyed our view, we started to make our way down the hill.

The journey down the hill was extremely tiring we scrambled down a steep hill and finally onto a slate path then a long trudge down to halfway house were we rested and tended to our blisters feeling comfier we happily walked to the mini bus stop where we sat down and waited for the low rumbling of the mini bus it had been quite a day.

By Fred and Luke