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Lots of rock and cold water

Here is our Friday blog of snowflakes, where we went sea-traversing. We started off by jumping in the German whip and scooting off to the coast. On the way we went through the village with the second longest place name in the world, I don’t know how to spell it so I’m not even going to try. Libby, being her normal self decides to listen to Mr Alderson and make a song from two words, busy road, to the tune of chitty chitty bang bang. We then arrived at the proper steep clifftop, as we were waiting for our instructor, we ate our lunch but everyone was excited because we had FULL SIZED MILKY WAY BARSSSSSS! As soon as Jez arrived we headed down to the water. Obviously, Mabel was the first to fall in. Our fun fact that we found out is that a barnacle’s penis is 20 to 30 times its body height and that limpets’ teeth are the hardest substance known to man. After about two hours of climbing across the cliffs we came across a challenge where we had to clip our harness to a rope and pull ourselves across a 20-metre drop, but half way across we were told to swing to get on top and shuffle to the end but only Joe and Dom M manged to do it. We then went to the edge and some of us jumped in, Joe did a front flip and Dom P did a dab. We went to get changed into dry clothes but there was nowhere to go so joe decided to get changed in a thorn bush but to be fair he didn’t realise.
In the evening our activity was a quiz about general knowledge, Welsh culture, sport, music and geography. Keira and Megan’s team won by one point in front of Joe’s team.
thanks for reading!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

By Joe Sykes and Dominic Pook

Snowdon proper massive mountain

We went climbing in a Halloween climbing place. A nun came and put neon paint on all of our faces. There were many tall climbing walls in the Centre. It was very fun. The neon nun was very scary and he tried to take my shoes. There was a wide variety between the different climbing walls. We tried a lot of different types of climbing walls these ranged from ones that straight up to ones that went out like a ledge. One of the Dom’s reached the top of the hardest wall we did and the other Dom didn’t, Mollie got to the top, Liam got halfway, Libby fell many times as she is such a noob skin.

We wake up in the morning to an announced that breakfast had been postponed by 10 minutes and that there was a room inspection. So we all hurried the frick up and got changed. We were informed by Mr Alderson that we were climbing mount Snowdon today. We all were very excited as it is the biggest mountain in Wales and England and that we were the first group to climb it. We all piled into the German whip and set of for Snowdon, we pulled up to the car park to find it was full, luckily Bob and Jez came to our rescue and save the whip from a parking ticket. We all set off headed to the top of Snowdon. As we continued to climb the wind picked up and the hill got steeper. As we got to the part where we will have to climb over the rocks the pace slowed down as we were nearing the summit of Snowdon.

When we went back down we saw all the default skins going up the easiest route and we laughed at them. As we neared the bottom of Snowdon we saw the minibus pull up to take us back to the centre. The group went to do problem solving and Libby yeeted herself of a tight rope.

By Dominic Morton and Dominic Pook

Wet Wellies

Last evening me and some other snowflakes did problem solving such as bomb disposal (whereDom M jumped on the bomb which wasn’t smart) and getting a bucket from place to place by swinging on a rope.

Today we went to a gorge (lots and lots of waterfalls). On the way we stopped off at an abandoned lead mine (safe) to walk up a hill and lots of steps which hurt our legs as we were very tired from 2 days of mountain climbing. At the top of the steps we realised sir left the ropes at the bottom so Dom Pook and Joe went back down to get them and walked all the way back up. After climbing a little more we came to a couple trees at the top of a 20 metre cliff and abseiled down. We all enjoyed it.

Once at the bottom we had some lunch as there would be no lunch break at the gorge.  We ate our lunch of cookies, Mini Cheddars and rolls with various fillings. After, we kitted up into our waterproof jackets, buoyancy aids and helmets so we wouldn’t need to spend time getting ready at the gorge. then we hopped in our Merc and drove to the gorge.

Once at the gorge car park we walked up a short hill and heard a faint sound of running water. we saw waterfalls and rocks and prepared to get wet. we walked across a few rocks and sir told us to watch him scale a wall above some kinda deep water. we tried it and it was difficult as there was not many places to put your feet. we all came away dry but not for long as Dom M (otherwise known as little t, irrelevant and Tyrone, to avoid confusion with fellow snowflake Dom Pook) got his lower half wet when stepping between 2 close rocks and sliding down the small gap between them.

A few small waterfalls up we came to a slightly larger waterfall where we had to be lowered down beside it by sir. a couple more slips and slides and we came to a small natural water slide made of rock which was fun. most of us were quite dry up until that point. we emptied out our heavy wet wellies and marched on.

Ws we went up we encountered  an elephant’s bum (two large boulders which we had to crawl through a gap between them), we walked on a waterfall where you couldn’t see where you were putting your feet through the white water which was cool, we climbed over a big rock and slid down into deep-ish water and out through a hole, we went down a larger and bumpier water slide and ( finally ) jumped into a deep pool of water which was freezing but awesome. some dabbed and some super-manned as they jumped.

We walked in our swimming-pool-like wellies down a steep hill where mabel tripped over repeatedly and I (without my glasses) mistook a house for a lake???

Finally, we arrived back at our fresh whip and got our spare clothes from the boot, we changed in a not-very-dense-forest where some pervy cows could definitely see us. we finished whatever lunch we had left as we drove home. as we drove libby introduced us to her baby (a mermaid made of wet clothes) it wore a dress (libby’s snood) which really brought out her curves.

We came home to a dinner of macaroni cheese and syrup sponge for pudding. Then we did our evening activities.

au revoir, bros.

By Annabel Sunshine

Bog Attack

Hello and welcome to our amazing blog. Today was full of eventful and funny moments, which we would like to share with you.

Starting off the day expecting to wake up at 6:50 am, Libby’s alarm clock was the wake up call for all the girls. Ms Webster poked her head through Keira and Libby’s dorm to wake us up as the alarm clock wasn’t set!! This morning we all went into the common room to watch some exciting milkshake shows, at 8.00 the time everyone had been waiting for was BREAKFAST!!!!. We had Bacon, scrambled egg and potato smiley faces 🙂 🙂 It was around 9.00 when all the groups were called into their meeting rooms for a daily plan of the day. Snowflakes were told that today we were visiting 2 summits Glyder Fawr and Gylder Fach.

We got our mercedes ( fresh whip ) waiting for keith ( my g ) to come and drive us to our located area. Sadly Keith did not turn up! We were sat for 10 minutes expecting him to take us.Nevertheless Mr Alderson went to find Keith and found out he drove of with another group ( rude ). Mr Alderson drove our van up to the windy carpark which we came across Keith, He took our merc and drove it to our ending point.

We set off at 10.15 ( the exact same time as yesterday ) to climb a rocky-ish hill. We all thought that we were climbing a huge mountain however we got to the top and saw a huge huge mountain towering over us. Mr Alderson stopped us all to reveal we had a little challenge which was to lead and discover a safe but exciting route. Mabel lead the Snowflakes down a boggy-ish pathway to a red dot. The red dots showed us a route which would help us reach the first summit Glyder Fawr. Then Keira took over up some rocks which we all remember hurt and ached our body’s!. We all were at the point where Joe was about to take over when we realised we had lost Tyrone ( Lil T aka Dom M ) .

Joe Lead the group up a S shaped path which confused most of the group and made most of us moan as we were in pain. It had many steep moments but some easy-ish moments and great views. We eventually thought that we were at the top again but believe it or not there was another massive mountain that we had to climb. We had lost Tyrone again who was caught up by two fellow walkers which greeted him.

At around 2 hours worth of walking we reached the top of the first summit where we ate our lunch. We had Penguin Bars!!!!! Unluckily Mabel dropped hers in the snow lol! Libby started complaining saying she was cold even though she had 6 layers on.

We walked across the top of Gylder Fawr to find snow! we were all so surprised and excited!!!!!! Mr Alderson walked on whilst we all had a snowball fight, Mabel and Joe started eating it! ( it was really refreshing as annabel kept saying ) We carried on walking up to find what we thought was a lord of the rings scene but turned about to be our second summit Glyder Fach.

Walking across away from Fach we were heading towards cantilever a rock Mr Alderson claimed that it was so scary which freaked Libby out! We got some photos which looked very cool when we saw them.

As we came of the Cantilever we faced a lot of rocks we had to pass to reach flatter land.We found this very tiring but adventurous, we all saw some muddy grass which we thought would be fun to explore and walk through. Eventually it ended in disaster Mabel fell in and moments Megan tripped and almost went face first into the bogs. At this point we had lost Dom P to so we all waited for him, in result to this we lost Sir. We carried on walking over the grassy bogs to find a corner where Mr Alderson was eating his pickle and cheese roll!

After our little rest we all got up to walk down a big hill which was rocky and very scary. We came across a waterfall which looked very fascinating.

We got to the bottom of the mountain where we found a load of bogs. We all thought it would be safe to walk through the bogs but no. Firstly Mabel falls straight through a bog which went up to her knees she was drenched. Next up Keira thought it was a shallow bog she walked through it and fell once again. After warning everyone it was full of bogs Megan walked into the same deep dirty bog Keira fell into. Megan fell so far into it Joe had to help her out but Joe being the nice person he is thought he pulled Megan out but he flipped her over into another Bog! Finally she got out and we carried on our adventure. We went over a bridge where Libby thought she was going to fall into the river below.

After Many hours of walking ( around 25,000 steps according to Mabel’s Fitbit ) we reached our mercedes! We were Very dirty cold and wet. Mr Alderson took a photo of Keira Mabel and Megan’s dirty boots and joggers.

We got back safe and sound too see all the other groups soaked from there activities.

Thank you for reading our blog and we hope your having a good day.

By Megan Enright and Keira Hulks

The three Fat Hills

Welcome snowflakers. Here you will get all the gossip and details of our trip . Today we went to three fat mountains where we were putting our lives at risk. (joking, although Mr Alderson did say it was more dangerous than the Broadstairs road before school). After an hour of CBeebies we finally set off on our travels. After ditching the van so the Sunbeams could steal it for later, we trekked up a hugeee road that we could’ve easily driven up in our fresh Mercedes whip, but ‘chose’ not to as that would ‘ruin’ the fun of the trip. Along the road we crossed a spikey cattle grid into a field of wild sheep, and being the mature grammar school students that we are we repeatedly made bahhh noises at them, hoping they would do it back as a sign of friendship. Once we had arrived at the bottom of our first scramble, we stopped to spot a very interesting rain gauge , that Mr Alderson struggled to open, while the rest of the snowflakes enjoyed a ‘quick’ water stop in which Dom realized that he had picked up a different backpack, hence why there were magically a hat and gloves in the bottom of the bag when he had claimed he wasn’t given one by the Centre . Fortunately for Dom he now had Oscar’s pair of warm mittens and hat whilst Oscar in the raindrops group suffered without. After staring the mountain up and down a few times, we all came to a joint decision that we will not make it down the stairs to our CBeebies marathon tomorrow morning due to the pain in our lower calves. And so we began.
Our first expedition was a rocky one to say the least. the beginning was a deep, grassy incline, but as the altitude grew, rocks (bigger than our futures ) appeared in front of us. Immediately we started scrambling up the snowy rocks, clinging on for dear life peering down at the vertical mountain face we were climbing up. When we reached the top of our first summit (Carnedd y Filliast) we looked down on the puddle of ice we previously stopped at, where we had flung shards of broken ice at the already frozen pond.(see video).
After a five minute stop to have a bite of our flapjacks , we carried on to our next summit (Mr Alderson wasn’t very impressed with this one and it shouldn’t be counted as its very poor ) But nevertheless we were told we were climbing three summits today, so we were going to climb three summits today , just to show off haha.
Our next explore included skinny paths and sheer drops. We took off confidently but that soon faded after realising what lied ahead. At this point it was when Keira realised that she had lost her so called precious orange which was later found in the girls drying room alone and non edible due to the amount of feet that had trodden on it with muddy hiking boots. After a terrifying tightrope act we arrived at the base of a rocky climb that led us to the summit of Elidir Fawr. Scrambling up the snowy rocks we reached our destination to eat our delicious lunch.
On our rather difficult descent we slid down the rocky edge as handfuls of icy snow were launched at fellow snowflakes praying for a head shot. After a large number of falling on our behinds we finally reached what we thought was the end of our adventure, but no, we were wrong … very very wrong.
We approached a desolate quarry with disappointment with how much further we had to walk. However when we got started it was fascinatingly factual and we all learnt a lot about the past use of the welsh workers in the now abandoned quarry. Thousands of steps passed by as our stiff walking boots rubbed against our tootsie rolls, but finally we arrived at the road that led to a few benches that we waited at for Mr Aldersons ‘treat’. We started guessing what it could be and many guesses were wrong, but Annabel hit the nail on the head- we were getting a ride home to the centre, instead of a mile trek back to civilisation where our comfy beds laid, patiently waiting for us to flop into, after the days events. however we quickly realised that sirs ‘treat’ wasn’t just for our benefit, he also had a very important staff meeting that involved cake.
Overall, we had a brilliant first day, but we are glad to be going to bed soon.
Thanks for reading our blog, peace out from Libby and Mabel.

Libby Pritchard and Mabel Naisbitt