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email alertsParents and friends keen to find out about our adventures in North Wales might like to register on this site to receive an email whenever a new post is added during the trip.
All you need to do is click here and follow the instructions to complete registration.
The alert service will automatically stop on Sunday 4 November so you don’t need to worry about being bothered by unnecessary emails after that date.

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Information evening documents

KMC 2018_Equipment List

KMC 2018_Notes_for_Parents

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Be organised!

Look how organised we are!

I find that most year nines I have taken to KMC struggle with the same challenge; organising themselves and their equipment.
It is a fact that, when I stood in front of you at an assembly in the Spring term, I made it very clear that you should only apply for a place on this trip if your main motivation is experiencing the unique outdoor challenges offered (as opposed to being convinced by your mates it’s a good idea or simply wanting another week off school). Assuming you followed my advice, the next week will not disappoint. But, be warned, you will have to work hard at thinking for yourself and planning ahead. Continue reading

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Food and drink

Eat well; wherever you are

Eat well; wherever you are

You will probably use more energy in your time at KMC than you ever have in any other week. At the parents’ meeting I mentioned the importance of eating well during your stay and how this is made easy for you by the catering staff. Here are some more details:

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Evening activities

Problem solving activity in the grounds of KMC – November 2016

We like to keep you busy on this trip. Your days will be filled from 7:30am to at least 9:00pm every day. During that time you will have an hour or so to yourself but most of that will be used up organising your belongings, showering etc (more of this in a later post).
After the evening meal, everyone is involved in organised activities.

Continue reading

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Activity locations map

I’ve added some of the activity locations to a Google map (click here to view larger map).
A few of the walks and most of the other activities used by earlier trips are shown.
Many of the place names will soon become familiar because all the dormitories are named after major mountains and rivers near KMC.

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Activity groups

Summit of Carnedd Llwelyn – November 2016

We we will be working in four groups during the daytime. We always organise groups by physical ability to ensure the activities are suitable for as many of you as possible. The same groups stay together for all daytime activities (although there are occasionally minor changes at the end of Monday).
You will find out which group you are in on the Monday morning when you meet your instructor.
Evening activities require different sized groups which vary each day.

Each evening, a small group will be responsible for writing the daytime activity group blog posts. We will be looking for different volunteers from each group for each evening. Everyone will contribute to the blog at some time in the week.

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Payments timetable


If you are keeping up with the payment instalments set out in letter I sent to parents in June, your current balance is £145 or more.

If you have not yet paid the June instalment please be aware that the WisePay system is closed over the Summer holiday (it will be available again from 2 September) so please bring your balance up to date at the start of the new term.
I’ve included a reminder of all the payment dates below.

Please pay On or before
£110.00 (total £145.00) Monday 25 June 2018
£110.00 (total £255.00) Monday 10 September 2018
£110.00 (total £365.00) Monday 8 October 2018
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Kent Mountain Centre – November 2018

This year’s visit will depart from school on Sunday 28 October 2018 (the last day of Autumn half term) and returns on Saturday 3 November 2018.
Current year 9 students are eligible.

A few places remain available.

The introductory letter can be downloaded here.

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Sunbeams alone adventure

Starting on Friday morning, we prepared ourselves for the day ahead, not knowing what was in store. After having breakfast we gathered in the lecture room for our briefing. After a weather check we were told that because our amazing teamwork in the gorge, our instructor was telling us we were climbing a mountain on our own; with our teacher and instructor a few miles behind. We were quite surprised that we were given the trust to carry out the activity.
Before going out onto the mountain, we had to practise using and reading maps by doing some orienteering. We were given maps with points to go and find and stamp, we all rushed away to be the first back. We later returned with the majority of our numbers stamped, and our instructor was happy with our mapwork.
We set off in the coach. When we got there we were given roles; Josh the medic, Holly the manager and the rest of us map readers. We set off knowing that it would take about an hour to reach the peak, in single file we travelled on now familiar terrain (not nearly as hard as other things we’ve done). After climbing a stone staircase we had a simple break having a simple snack.
After that we marched on to the next point and when we got there our instructor was there before us, we were so surprised. We carried on with our instrutor scrambling to the peak of our mountain. After reaching the top we were too cold to have lunch, so we decided to have it on the way down; we stormed it down as we wanted to get out of the cold!
On the way down we found an abandoned mine shaft and then a river. In the river Amelia, Josh and Holly were happily getting soaked, while Olly, who was at the back, carried on at the front of the group down to the railway. When we reached the railway we met our instructor again and had a bit of lunch. Carrying on, we walked down a dangerous fast flowing river, to the end.
In all, the day was very good, as we were given the trust to climb the mountain successfully and safely. Our instructor ended the day with a story about a dog called Gelert and some advice that you should know the facts before you make any decision.

By Freddie Sutton

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