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email alertsApologies to anyone unable to register for this service over the last couple of days. PLEASE TRY AGAIN.

Parents and friends keen to find out about our adventures in North Wales might like to register on this site to receive an email whenever a new post is added during the trip.
All you need to do is click here and follow the instructions to complete registration.
The alert service will automatically stop on Sunday 5 November so you don’t need to worry about being bothered by unnecessary emails after that date.

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Be organised!

Look how organised we are!

I find that most year nines I have taken to KMC struggle with the same challenge; organising themselves and their equipment.
It is a fact that, when I stood in front of you at an assembly in the Spring term, I made it very clear that you should only apply for a place on this trip if your main motivation is experiencing the unique outdoor challenges offered (as opposed to being convinced by your mates it’s a good idea or simply wanting another week off school). Assuming you followed my advice, the next week will not disappoint. But, be warned, you will have to work hard at thinking for yourself and planning ahead. Continue reading

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Food and drink

Eat well; wherever you are

Eat well; wherever you are

You will probably use more energy in your time at KMC than you ever have in any other week. At the parents’ meeting I mentioned the importance of eating well during your stay and how this is made easy for you by the catering staff. Here are some more details:

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Dormitory allocation meeting

Students participating in the 2017 trip must attend a short but very important meeting in C3 on Tuesday 17 October at 10:45am (the beginning of break).

This the students’ opportunity to have a hand in deciding their dormitory group.

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Evening activities

Problem solving activity in the grounds of KMC – November 2016

We like to keep you busy on this trip. Your days will be filled from 7:30am to at least 9:00pm every day. During that time you will have an hour or so to yourself but most of that will be used up organising your belongings, showering etc (more of this in a later post).
After the evening meal, everyone is involved in organised activities.

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Activity locations map

I’ve added some of the activity locations to a Google map (click here to view larger map).
A few of the walks and most of the other activities used by earlier trips are shown.
Many of the place names will soon become familiar because all the dormitories are named after major mountains and rivers near KMC.

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Activity groups

Summit of Carnedd Llwelyn – November 2016

We we will be working in four groups during the daytime. We always organise groups by physical ability to ensure the activities are suitable for as many of you as possible. The same groups stay together for all daytime activities (although there are occasionally minor changes at the end of Monday).
You will find out which group you are in on the Monday morning when you meet your instructor.
Evening activities require different sized groups which vary each day.

Each evening, a small group will be responsible for writing the daytime activity group blog posts. I will be looking for different volunteers from each group for each evening. Everyone will contribute to the blog at some time in the week.

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Information evening documents

Information for parents and participants
Equipment list

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