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Sea Level Traversing

The sea level traversing was a good activity. It was fun and (at times) quite challenging. My group went along the left hand side, whilst Will’s went along the right. Mike and Keith were our instructors, as Mr Alderson had been up most of the night. Mike gave us a different leader for each part. We did a few things, such as climbing through a gap between two boulders or jumping across a rock as a wave attempted to knock you off (but of course no-one fell in because we are the kings of hardcore parkour).

Will’s group on the other hand, first attempted to complete most of the right side. First we climb down the rocks but as usual Mr. White went the easier way. Then we had to jump over to another rock while there was water below us crashing against the rocks but Travis and Harrison failed and got drenched in water. Soon after about 5 minutes I got soaked as I tried to jump but failed but I did need a wee.

After doing their own sides, the two groups each had lunch and then joined up for the final challenge. Two ropes were set up across a gaping chasm in the rock, and each member of each group had to army crawl up one and slide down the other. Then after we crawled over, we would stop in the middle and attempt to try and flip our self over. For every person that did at least one flip would win a point but I was amazing at it so I did no flips. However, some of the lesser members of the group did two or more in a row without stopping like Luke, Ned, Miska and Finlay.

After that was over, some of us in the group jumped into the sea, whilst others (wimps) stayed dry and warm. After we’d jumped in a couple of times, we trooped off to the minibuses to get change into dry clothes. Bradley took ages, and the girls got fed up and told him to hurry up as they were coming over to get in the minibus (the boys got changed next to it). That got him moving.

By Ned Naisbitt and William Barker

Snowdon Adventure

mapThis morning we were all woken up by Mr Whites marvellous singing (again) but this time to Shake it off. We then all stumbled down to a yummy breakfast, then once we had stuffed ourselves up with a delicious breakfast we jumped onto the minibus nice and early to the bottom of Crib Goch.

We had a tiring walk up to a point of the mountain where we had to start scrambling and eventually after that we had to hold onto the top of the mountain in order to scramble across the top of the ridge. It was super windy!

We then carried on scrambling across the ridge of the mountain to reach the second mountain’s peak where we had a small bite to eat which was delicious and whilst we were munching away a couple of Kit-Kat wrappers went flying up the mountain because of the forceful wind so we were told.

After climbing our second mountain which was called Garned Ugain, we started to follow the well-known path up to Snowdon, once we arrived we were higher up than we had ever been in our trip and the view was amazing.

We all then descended the mountain, whilst walking down Hope decided it would be best if she hid in a bush and did a wee. After Hope’s adventure in the bush we continued down to the car park where the KMC Head, Mike was waiting helpfully to drive us back to the centre.

After we were home we had a scrumptious Turkey roast with an amazing Banoffee Pie and Fruit Salad. We then went to the common room for a bit of TV time and ended up watching cbeebies as it was the only good thing on at that point in time. Unfortunately, some of the boys (mainly Luke) didn’t feel the same about the choice of program and ended up having a battle of the sad kids.

By Bruno and Nicole

The Gorge Adventure

This morning we were all woken up by Mr White’s harmonic singing voice (once again) but this time to Baby by Justin Bieber. For breakfast, we ate a delicious eggy bread and a mouth-watering sausage. After breakfast, everyone went into the common room (a comfortable and friendly zone with a Television).

At around 9:00am we all jumped onto the minibus with our very appetising lunches before we set off on a long journey to the beautiful gorge (the journey was good as we saw spectacular views of Snowdonia).

Once we arrived we geared up in our cosy waterproofs and fluffy fleeces and made our way too the mind-blowing gorge. The sound of the water was beautiful as it trickled down the rocks. We waded through the refreshing stream and climbed the never-ending rocks with Mr Alderson bravely leading the way eventually we arrived at a very slippery path and Bruno fell on the rocks but luckily he wasn’t injured so everyone laughed but this didn’t distract Finlay from carrying out his humungous stick and huge hole experiment and he found out that the small hole in the wet river was 7 foot deep!

We finally arrived at the incredible waterfall, the sights of the clear water flowed effortlessly over and past the ancient rocks, the view left us all in awe as we jumped into the refreshing pool before waddling back to the coach.

Once we were all back at the lodge we had warm showers (apart from Finlay). Then we all had pasta and apple crumble for dinner which was cooked to perfection then we came to the lecture room to write a blog about our day…

By Bruno (again!) and Hope

Tryfan Blog

This morning Mr.White woke us all up with his unfamiliar singing voice to Love Me Again by John Newman. We all had a showers and went to breakfast. This morning we had Pancakes, Hash-browns, Bacon and Scrambled Egg which were unbelievably tasty and filling for our long and exciting journey ahead of us.

We left the KMC at 09:30, we jumped onto the minibus and took a short journey to Tryfan Mountain. We climbed up the steepest face (the North face) of the mountain but at the start the climb was fairly easy but rocky. After we made around one quarter of the the journey we started to get into an almost vertical face of the mountain and we needed to use scrambling to make our way up.

After some hard and rewarding scrambling the climb became even more challenging. We had climbed up to a point of the mountain that was so high and steep that some of the Sunbeams started to get scared of the fall. As we were Scrambling up the mountain the cliff face that we were going up was getting steeper and steeper and the huge drop if we fell was hidden by the crisply cold layer of fog but as the fog parted and the ground level view was exposed the drop became even more daunting than ever.

Some long and hard scrambling felt so rewarding once we had reached the peak of the mountain to see the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, lakes and villages, we took advantage of the view and enjoyed our lunches.

The walk down was more easy and peaceful as we could hear the trickling stream below our feet. Mr Alderson told all of us about the dangers of red grass because you could sink in the bog from where it grows. Unfortunately as Bruno and Jacob were testing the grass’ strength Finlay tried to join but slipped into a deep and wet hole.

As we got to the bottom of the mountain we stopped for refreshments in a local shop. We then drove home back for food that we had prepared for us. We had the choice from Sweet and Sour Chicken or Chicken Curry which were both mouth-watering. After our delightful meals we went to the Lecture Room to write this Blog …

By Bruno and Jacob


The Mountain Hike

After visiting the haunted prison and strolling through the countryside, we all slept very soundly. The next morning, we were woken by the harmonic sound of Mr Whites rendition of All The Single Ladies then we stumbled down the stairs in order to eat our full English breakfast. After being pleasantly stuffed we put on our boots and jumped on the minibus to the mountains. We climbed up the jagged rocks and came up to our first summit of the Carnedd y Filiast. We quickly had a drink then it was off to the next mountain. The second mountain that we faced was Mynydd Perfedd meaning perfect mountain which seemed rather small compared to the other mountains. We hiked across the uneven terrain and came to the final mountain, Elidir Fawr, being one of north wales’ over 3000ft mountains and a nightmare to hike, as we had to climb over the large rocks and the steep slopes. When we reached the top, we sat in the summit shelters and enjoyed our well-deserved flap jacks and sandwiches. We had a steep descend ahead of us leading us down the slate quarry and into town. The slate quarry had 2 massive quarry holes named after places one called Australia and the other California. The biggest and deepest one by far was Australia these were named after the places which took the most amount of slate. We carefully scrambled across the slate and into town. When we finally got back to the centre after a long day we cleaned out our lunchboxes and bottles and chilled out in the common room. Then we went into the dining room for a lovely dinner of pizza, wedges and to top it all off, a bowl of chocolate angel delight.

By Finlay Keyworth and Bradley Grant