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KMC arrival 2017 & settling in….

We made good time to the centre, arriving approximately 1630 hrs. Initially the students were shown around the building and to their rooms – some of them learning new skills such as how to make a bed (take note mums!).

Mary – our Duty Staff member from the centre –  briefly introduced some of the centre rules.

After a meal of Pasta bake and an ice cream for pudding we went through the kit issue process – a well-practiced routine to ensure that everyone has a full quota of the basic equipment they will require for the week, and a good opportunity for the centre staff (and me) to get to know some of the students by name.

In the evening, to stretch our legs following a long coach journey, and to check out the fit of the centre issued walking boots (and to manage any future urge to want to know what there is to do in Llanberis village!) we went for a short walk – approx. 2 miles from the ventre, along the edge of Glyn Padarn, past the bottom lake of the Dinorwig Hydro Electric Power station and to the Dolbadarn Castle – which is obviously haunted at this time of year! (I think for the first time in 10, maybe 12 years, Mr Aldersons team beat ‘my team’ there, and were able to hide up and jump out on us!).

Some of the students have seen their first cheep up close, so that gets another ‘mystery’ out of the way and Mason in particular made an attempt to develop Anglo-Welsh relations with some of the local villagers by introducing himself and explaining that he was from a country called “ENGLAND”.

All students were tired at the end of the day and went to bed fairly well. Just waking up now and about to go in for breakfast. we have a staff meeting at about ten to nine an discuss our activities for the day before meeting with the students shortly afterwards to let them know what we are going to be doing today, what kit they need, and where they need to be ready to go!

Weather looks good today, so here’s hoping for a productive day!