Snowdon proper massive mountain

We went climbing in a Halloween climbing place. A nun came and put neon paint on all of our faces. There were many tall climbing walls in the Centre. It was very fun. The neon nun was very scary and he tried to take my shoes. There was a wide variety between the different climbing walls. We tried a lot of different types of climbing walls these ranged from ones that straight up to ones that went out like a ledge. One of the Dom’s reached the top of the hardest wall we did and the other Dom didn’t, Mollie got to the top, Liam got halfway, Libby fell many times as she is such a noob skin.

We wake up in the morning to an announced that breakfast had been postponed by 10 minutes and that there was a room inspection. So we all hurried the frick up and got changed. We were informed by Mr Alderson that we were climbing mount Snowdon today. We all were very excited as it is the biggest mountain in Wales and England and that we were the first group to climb it. We all piled into the German whip and set of for Snowdon, we pulled up to the car park to find it was full, luckily Bob and Jez came to our rescue and save the whip from a parking ticket. We all set off headed to the top of Snowdon. As we continued to climb the wind picked up and the hill got steeper. As we got to the part where we will have to climb over the rocks the pace slowed down as we were nearing the summit of Snowdon.

When we went back down we saw all the default skins going up the easiest route and we laughed at them. As we neared the bottom of Snowdon we saw the minibus pull up to take us back to the centre. The group went to do problem solving and Libby yeeted herself of a tight rope.

By Dominic Morton and Dominic Pook