A day in the gorge

Today we went and did the most drenching thing ever. The beautiful but deadly gorge. The gorge that we went up was called the black gorge. It had just rained the day before so the water level and difficulty of climbing rose to a sporting level…but our team was strong and we went up it like a knife through butter. Looking from the back to the left then to the right and the front, were all amazing views. The leaves were like crisps under our feet and they were coloured with explosive oranges and yellows. The trees were leaning over the top like they were protecting us from a greater evil. The water was crystal clear and when it turned into white water it almost looked like the white beard of the rock.

As we stumbled and climbed and fell over and slipped a lot, we stopped and sir had turned around to a bush and we were all thinking, what is he doing, then he turns around and is holding this plant. He gives one to each of us. he says eat them, so we do as we were told we ate them. It tasted like apple… it was called Wild Sorrel. So obviously everyone kept picking it up for the rest of the journey. then after more slipping and falling and getting cold. we  reached the top. We all came face to face with the plunge pool. it was kind of scary. but most of us gave it a go and found it cold but very fun and once we all had a go, we went back to the bus soaked and tired, we had to go down the steepest road in north wales but we finally got the the bus.

By Rowan