Sea Traversing

Thursday Evening:
We went climbing in a group of 8.We started by practising on the walls in 2 groups of 4 people and we used the technique of  b-laying each other.After we had a turn on each wall we moved on to the crazy climbs.One of which included a speed climb in which Aiden got an incredible time of 9 seconds.There were also many other climbs that involved many other interesting and challenging climbs. Although we only spent about 2 hours at the climbing walls we all had a great time.

On Friday our group had our turn to try the sea traverse.After crossing the bridge and an hour mini bus journey we had finally arrived.It was a long journey as where we were going was on a completely different island.We even passed through the place with the longest name for a town in Britain with 54 letters and even 4 l’s one after an other. When we had finally arrived we spent about an hour sitting on top of the cliffs eating lunch while activities were being set up.As we joined with another group for this day we started on the cliff traverse.In this activity we had to use a rope and 2 karabinas to move along the face of a cliff 30ft above the jagged rocks below. After this we swapped over with the other group and we had a new activity to complete,on this one we had to pull ourselves over a single rope suspended above a 30ft gap between two peninsulas. After we had to traverse around another cliff face and over a a 50ft deep crevice in the ground.

By Reid