The traverse curse

As we set of on our evening activities, I was informed that my room (me, Josh, Lucas, Reid, Shaheer, Finn, Kian and Aiden) would be undergoing rock climbing, which was taking place at a massive warehouse around 15 minutes from the centre. When we entered the warehouse we had to put on our rock climbing shoes and harnesses on from the centre, unfortunately for me I had picked a shoe the same size as my normal ones ( when we were meant to go get a size up ) , which meant my toes were curled up at the end and felt like they were in a vacuum seal. When we started climbing, we were having our group mates belay us, as an example of what belaying was Jez (who was our instructor for the night) had told Josh to jump off the wall and hold onto the rope and when he did, he hung up there not moving. When Shaheer tried to do the same he climbed up 2 metres jumped of the wall and fell back to the floor with a sudden bang. Halfway during the activity, I took my shoes of to see them how they felt like they were bleeding, but it turns out they were fine, and I was just being a huge baby. Later on that night we used automatic belayers which were machines that replaced what humans do, but the 1 rule was that you don’t let go of them, but unfortunately for Josh he let go and the belayer swung back to the ceiling, so Jez had to free climb the rock wall to retrieve the belayer. After the rock climbing, we head back to our rooms and went to sleep.

The next morning, we woke up and went to breakfast, I had scrambled eggs and porridge which was delicious. after we went to our activity groups and were told what we were doing that day my group was doing sea traversing with the top group. As we got in the bus to head off to the sea Finn fell asleep and there was no waking him up only when we poured a cup of water on him, he woke with a sudden jolt upwards. When we arrived at the sea we went to the cliffs where we would be doing the sea traversing. At one bit during the activity we had to harness on a rope over the sea about 15 metres up and the sea would smash against the rocks sending water pouring up at us, another bit was when we were climbing sideways on the cliffs and a huge wave crashed against the rocks soaking us in water. When we got back later that day, we sat down for dinner which was a choice of beef burger and chips or fish and chips. I went for beef burger which was the best food I had had all week. For desert you had a choice of chocolate cake and ice cream or pancakes and ice cream.

By Kai