Lots of rock and cold water

Here is our Friday blog of snowflakes, where we went sea-traversing. We started off by jumping in the German whip and scooting off to the coast. On the way we went through the village with the second longest place name in the world, I don’t know how to spell it so I’m not even going to try. Libby, being her normal self decides to listen to Mr Alderson and make a song from two words, busy road, to the tune of chitty chitty bang bang. We then arrived at the proper steep clifftop, as we were waiting for our instructor, we ate our lunch but everyone was excited because we had FULL SIZED MILKY WAY BARSSSSSS! As soon as Jez arrived we headed down to the water. Obviously, Mabel was the first to fall in. Our fun fact that we found out is that a barnacle’s penis is 20 to 30 times its body height and that limpets’ teeth are the hardest substance known to man. After about two hours of climbing across the cliffs we came across a challenge where we had to clip our harness to a rope and pull ourselves across a 20-metre drop, but half way across we were told to swing to get on top and shuffle to the end but only Joe and Dom M manged to do it. We then went to the edge and some of us jumped in, Joe did a front flip and Dom P did a dab. We went to get changed into dry clothes but there was nowhere to go so joe decided to get changed in a thorn bush but to be fair he didn’t realise.
In the evening our activity was a quiz about general knowledge, Welsh culture, sport, music and geography. Keira and Megan’s team won by one point in front of Joe’s team.
thanks for reading!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

By Joe Sykes and Dominic Pook