Mr Alderson’s group – Monday

Raindrops – Mr ALDERSON & MR WHITE’S group

Yesterday when we first arrived we were greeted by a rather excited Jez. When we had been shown around the old building we ate dinner and went for a hike. On the way we were told some ghost stories and one of the instructors decided to try and make them more realistic. When we were about half way through Edward Baker fell into a ditch (IT WAS HILARIOUS). At the end of the walk we came to a derelict prison. As we walked up the steps the other group was there and they jumped out at us. We then came back to the centre for a little supper and then to bed at 11 o’clock.

When we woke up the next day we got showered, got changed and had breakfast. For breakfast we had sausages and a hash brown. It was very nice. Next we watched some Formula 1 in our free time and found out our groups. In our group we had the challenge of climbing three hills which was very tiring especially for the first day. We had flasks of hot chocolate with us and a nice packed lunch to keep us going. When we summited the first hill, we had to climb up these slate rocks. You just don’t realise how far up you are until you get up there. We then had some drink and set off again. We then had to go to the next summit which wasn’t as difficult this time. There wasn’t as much slate this time but finally the first person fell! We then reached the summit which took us 3 hours from the start, but then we couldn’t stop at just one.

After having a quick tea break we leaped into action heading for the our highest summit of the day this was very steep and about 1 metre either side of us was a 1500m drop. We stumbled up the steep hill and stopped for lunch at the summit. We then went down a steep hill with lots of scree (loose rocks) sliding under our feet. When we were at the bottom we could see massive slate quarries. Then we went through one of them and found out how the slate was moved around the quarry from top to bottom. We then got in the minibus and headed back to the centre for a shower and some dinner.

Charlie BURGESS and James BULLARD


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