The final day

Today as the last day. Mary decided to go on a nice gentle hike and have fun. On this hike all we needed was: our clothes, our lunch, our waterproofs and our hiking boots. To get where we were going we took a van and a minibus. We parked the van at the destination where we were to finish and we took the mini bus to a lake.
We then left the minibus and walked along a rugged, public foot path. Soon we came across a bridge. At this bridge Elliot and Oscar dropped sticks to see whose would go the quickest in the water. Next, we started to walk up a stone rubble path, which meandered up a hill. Along the path we found a collection of a small house; Mary said that this would have been a shepherd’s house. She explained how he or she could watch all their livestock from his house because he or she was on a hill. Also, there was a stream and lake so there was water for his or her animals. We also ate our lunch in that house. After we ate our lunch we continued to follow the path up the hill. Then it started to rain heavily. Everyone reached for their waterproof coats. We now ascended the hill climbing over obstacles on the way. After looking at the amazing view, we descended the hill and followed a stream down over to a boggy area.
Along the downhill muddy path, we came across an old copper mine. At this mine Mary showed us how to find fool’s gold. To find it we looked for dark rocks and hit it with another rock to crack it and split it open. When you do that, sometimes you find gold and sometimes not. It’s all about luck. Klark was the first one to find fool’s gold in our group. After we had a hunt for gold we continued to descend the hill. On the way down, we saw a bench which was a memorial for a male who died while scouting. After that, we came across a river that we crossed by stepping stones. I fell in. WHOOPS! Now we continued down to a car park and ate some lunch. Next, we walked along a rapid river to the town where we parked the van.
At the town, we went to the toilet. Also, we went into a shop and brought chocolate and a drink. While we were there, Mary walked to the white van and drove to get the mini bus. While we were waiting for her, Elliot was talking to sir on how ‘Supreme’ [the brand] is good compared to other brands and explaining why it is ‘rare and expensive.’ When Mary got there, we climbed into the minibus and everyone fell asleep and it was silent. The only people awake were the teachers.

By Isaac Croft

About Mr Taylor

I'm an ex-Dane Court pupil (1992 - 1998) who attended the KMC many times whilst at the school. I took part in February and November visits to the centre at every opportunity, I took part in maintenance visits, a 'summer expedition' and I was a successful applicant of the school's 'E B Fitzpatrick award' regarding a climbing expedition that I organised and undertook to the Peak District with a fellow pupil. Since leaving the school I have kept a keen interest in 'all things outdoors' and particularly enjoy helping out with the annual KMC trip. I like to challenge myself - In 2009 I completed the '3 peaks / 24 hr challenge', in 2011 I cycled 500 miles in a week from Land's End to Broadstairs, and in 2017 I ran the London Marathon and the Thanet coastal half marathon. Next year I am considering the Brighton Marathon and the Thanet coastal Marathon & will be introducing my kids to North Wales and all it has to offer. One day I would like to run the Snowdonia mountain marathon and an ultra marathon! I have experience in all of the activities offered at the centre, and have attended as a staff member numerous times previously. My main interests are climbing, walking and running, although currently most of my time is spent chasing around my 6 year old son and my 3 year old daughter! So I'm pretty good at Lego and colouring too! Here's to another successful trip!
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