Friday, a Whack Gorge (Jez’s Group)

Hello, George and Eilish here,

Today was our last activity day and we went gorge climbing as well as having training on an abseil and cave laddering. Our day started with an abseil off a very very very very whack bridge. Eilish went first and did it in 13 seconds compared to my 3 and a half minutes of which 3 minutes and 27 seconds were spent standing at the top, LOL! Next to get back to the top of the bridge we had to use a caving ladder which required excellant balance. Trouble (Eilish), was kicking leaves onto bully (Mr. White) as he was climbing with grace and pure strength (he told us to write the last bit).

We left the centre heading to the gorge for a 12 o’clock start. Jezmund told us an interesting story about pixies that come on holiday to the gorge to ensure Whack in the water is had by all.  Our first real challenge was the elephants bottom which required us to squeeeeeeze through its bum cheeks (it wasn’t actually an elephants bum LOL), it was a tight space with water rushing through it. Mr White lead the way followed by the rest of team Whack. Jezmund kneed us through the cheeks whilst Mr White ensured our last moments would be captured on film forever.  Fortunately we survived and moved on to the next whack (exciting) challenge which involved a short abseil across fast flowing water.  We zipped down the line, well, George moved at the speed of a sloth.  We then traversed across the final piece of water. All was going well until it came to me (Eilish), Phoebe and Mia met some pixies on holiday who pushed us off the rocks into a swirling void of exciting water, deep enough to emerse the larest pixie you will ever find!

Our final challange of the day came after a quick waterfall walk, it was the dunk. One by one Jezmund stuffed us under the water and through a hole, after which we enjoyed a refreshing dip in the water. Back at the minibus, we had a water fight with the water in our wellies with Mr White ensuring plenty went on “Irish” for all the times she said LOL.

On the way back we stopped for hot chocolate and then Mr White did a presentation to each of us….

Me (George) and Phoebe won the courage award, 2 rulers to measure our courage by

Mia won the stacking it award, another ruler to measure the depth the of the river

And we can’t remember the rest….eeerrrhhh Liam and Craig won balls as did Georgie, I got a pen along with Steph and Alicia a sheep…..we have got to go now and eat and have a quiz and watch a film and pack. A big WHACK to Jez our main whack, Thank You

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