Snowflakes on their own

photo1This morning we woke up early in the morning at about seven o’clock. We woke up to another delicious cooked breakfast that we got every day. After breakfast we got all our activity wear and equipment ready for another exciting day packed full of fun. Today we done navigating, we got left on our own most off the day to work out how we were going to get to our destination. Our first part was walking up part of a mountain up a footpath but it was a main one so it was pretty easy to follow. All the time we were walking we were also singing, dancing and rapping. We all made plenty of noise on our walk. We all made up own little raps and made into another song. When we got to the finger post we sat down to eat and debated about which way it was. We got told to go a way which wasn’t even on the post!! But eventually we worked it out. We had walked about 2.5 kilometres and we then met Mary (our leader) to tell us where to go next. We next had to walk next to this stream with Mary so she could make sure we don’t fall in!! The view around us was outstanding. When we had got out onto the road the snowflakes were on another mission on our own. Our next point was
Gelerts grave. On the way we all continued to sing and we had a really good time. When we got to the grave we found out about him and found an old ruin with a metal dog that related to the grave. We all called it Robbie’s dog because he really liked it.
Then we all walked to then town to see what was there. We all had a little rest and a drink, and before we knew it we were off again for the last stretch of the journey. But this part went a bit wrong. Mary, Mr white and Robbie drove off in the mini bus and all we had to do is follow a path that had a sign saying footpath. We just walked straight past it. We didn’t realise and were walking for a while until we retraced our steps. Mary couldn’t see us so she came and pointed us in the right direction. When we finally got back on track we walked for about another half an hour. Until Robbie came to meet us up a long stretch of track. This meant we only had a little way to go. Then we saw a really nice fire on top of a mountain it was really bright. We kept walking and singing until we got to the copper mine. We decided to pull a little trick on Mary and Mr White. Robbie hid in the bush hiding and our group said we hadn’t seen him. So we all got on the bus and was about to leave when Robbie jumped out and pretend he couldn’t find us. But we were already were in the mini bus!!
On the way back to the centre we went to a really nice café. We got given free hot chocolate as a treat. It was an amazing hot chocolate. Everyone enjoyed it a lot.
Our day was amazing and the evening was even better. After dinner we all got put into groups for a quiz. There were four rounds, general knowledge, geography and music (that Mr White sang the lyrics). The prize for the winning team was cake. We all participated and all laughed at Mr white’s singing. The next activity was watching outnumbered it was a great laugh and a lot of fun. After we then watched a PowerPoint of some photos that had been taken throughout the week. This was great (embarrassing for some). The final activity for the evening was another episode of outnumbered. This was even funnier than the last one.
This was a great day and night.

By Geena Bowen

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