Sea level traversing with Jez’s group

At 7:30 we were woke up by Miss Hodgett, it was not great because we were all very tired! We had 15 minuets to get ready, and be downstairs to breakfast at 7:45 so we quickly got dressed and ran downstairs, after a nice breakfast of bacon, potato waffles and beans. The waffles were tiny and ridiculous. Then we had our meeting with Jez to find out what adventure we were going on today, today’s activity was sea level traversing. We were looking forward to all the exciting things Jez was telling us. Sea level traversing is scrambling along the seal level on the rocks Alex fell in first and got soaking wet and then we headed back to the minibus where we had an early lunch, after this we put on our helmets, harnesses, buoyancies and clipped on our cow tails to our harnesses, getting ready for our second part of our activity. This is a rope attached to 2 ropes either side of 2 rocks (which were about 10-15 metres apart) we got clipped on the rope by are harnesses and karabiner and squatted down and pulled ourselves across the rope using our hands and arm strength. If you were brave enough when you got to the middle you could do this thing called ‘twiddle’ its were you do a back flip on the rope and bring yourself up so the rope is on your stomach and your balancing on the rope on your front with your ankle hooked over the rope, you then pulled yourself along the last part of the rope and unhooked your self from the rope once reaching the other side, all of this is called a Tyrolean Traverse.

After waiting for all the others to complete the traverse we did a bit of scrambling on the rocks and then we arrived to a place where we sat on the edge of the rocks facing the sea. Jez told us that this is the place where we could jump in, everyone was scared at first but soon enough everyone was wet! Libbie jumped in first, followed by Gabriel, then Maxine and Caroline, then Alex and Libbie, then Malgozarta, and then Georgia was finally persuaded to jump in and get soaked. Then Jez showed us his skills and did a front flip into the sea, Libbie followed with another front flip and then Gabriel ATTEMPTED a front flip, as did Maxine tried to, but instead failed and was more like a roly poly into the water, then Caroline tried but accidentally slipped in with a loud scream, after everyone was soaking wet Miss Hodgett was persuaded by our group, because she wanted the show Mr White who’s the boss around here and on a count of three she bombed into the water #trololololol~
We headed back to the minibus and once we got back to the minibus we took of our harness, helmets, cow tails and buoyanciades. We were instructed to go and changed along a small narrow path behind the tiniest sand dunes I’ve ever seen. It was absolutely freezing and didn’t help that we were soaked! Alex’s toes went blue and we were all shivering like a hex bug! We all finally got changed into our spare warm clothes and headed back to the minibus for a nice hot cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee and maybe a bite to eat. We headed back to the Centre all falling asleep in the minibus on the way. When we got back we had to collect all of the equipment and dunk it into a big bucket of water several times and hung up to clean them as they have been in the sea and needed cleaning. Everyone was tired and hungry so after doing this we headed upstairs and had showers.

At 5:45 the bell went for dinner, finally! We had a Turkey roast, with roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, stuffing, vegetables and gravy. Almost everyone had cleared there plates and most people wanted seconds! After this the table was cleared and the dessert was brought out. The choices were either fresh fruit salad or Banoffi pie, which also went down as a success. Apart from being colder than ice and wetter than a whale in the sea we really enjoyed our day it was been one of the best days so far. We’re looking forward to what adventures await for our last day tomorrow!

– By Alex Somers and Georgia Pennie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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