Mike’s group – Friday

So here are some photos from our last day of activities at the Afon Ddu Gorge, despite there being LOTS more water than we would usually expect to see! All of the students had a great day (we hope).

The students have been a great bunch to work with this week.


Nick Terziyski’s report:

Today, our group, Snowflakes, met up and it was decided that we would go to the Black Gorge. We were looking forward to another activity day, as we had climbed three mountains in three days, and felt like a change. Yesterday, we went sea-level traversing, and we had really enjoyed this activity. So we were very pleased that this was chosen. This meant lots of water and lots of getting wet. We had to do a lot of preparation. We had to get a change of clothes, try on life jackets, wash and give back in our walking boots, give in our gloves and try on some wellies.

All three groups were gorging today and we were the first to arrive. We put on our harnesses and life jackets and off we went. I was the first to fall in however it was the only time that I fell in. After this we saw Alice fall in at least 100,000,000,000,000,000 times. On the way down there were various waterfalls which we could slide down.

We had to do a lot of scrambling to get up the strong current of the water, and today was a particularly wet day, as apparently usually, in other years, there had been much less water. This meant that one of the big parts of the waterfall which we could climb, was off limits, as it was very dangerous, and we could get trapped if timed it wrong; so we had to walk up the side of this part. This amount of water meant that the rocks and footholds were very slippery and not easy to climb, making it harder and slower to do.

There was a point when I stepped in what I thought was a small puddle but turned out to be a two metre deep whole I managed to recover and I did not really fall in. The water was freezing cold and made Lily feel like she was dead. We all had to change as we were soaked. The girls were allowed to change in the forest whereas we boys had absolutely no privacy at all changing behind an average sized tree!

We got back before any other group which gave us all time to have a nice, long, hot shower. Our evening activities were slightly different today as we were all put in 6 groups for a quiz. My team finished last as Craig’s team were awarded extra points for his shocking dancing.

About Mr Taylor

I'm an ex-Dane Court pupil (1992 - 1998) who attended the KMC many times whilst at the school. I took part in February and November visits to the centre at every opportunity, I took part in maintenance visits, a 'summer expedition' and I was a successful applicant of the school's 'E B Fitzpatrick award' regarding a climbing expedition that I organised and undertook to the Peak District with a fellow pupil. Since leaving the school I have kept a keen interest in 'all things outdoors' and particularly enjoy helping out with the annual KMC trip. I like to challenge myself - In 2009 I completed the '3 peaks / 24 hr challenge', in 2011 I cycled 500 miles in a week from Land's End to Broadstairs, and in 2017 I ran the London Marathon and the Thanet coastal half marathon. Next year I am considering the Brighton Marathon and the Thanet coastal Marathon & will be introducing my kids to North Wales and all it has to offer. One day I would like to run the Snowdonia mountain marathon and an ultra marathon! I have experience in all of the activities offered at the centre, and have attended as a staff member numerous times previously. My main interests are climbing, walking and running, although currently most of my time is spent chasing around my 6 year old son and my 3 year old daughter! So I'm pretty good at Lego and colouring too! Here's to another successful trip!
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