Mr Alderson’s group – Friday

IMG_0425_1Friday morning was a morning like any other, wake up at silly o’clock in the morning to make sure you get that first place in the shower. Then would be a trip to the drying room to pick up the clothes wrecked by the day before. Finally a sit down for around 3 seconds before the bell goes for breakfast. Once all the beautiful cooked breakfast had been hovered away we got into our groups and found out it was going to be another “rest day” do not be fooled, it doesn’t mean sleep and relax this only means it is going to wet, cold and mud just not as high up. So after a brief explanation on what the day would bring by Mr Alderson and “Whitey” we set off to the gauge. Slippin’ n slidin’ up a difficult route to the top (we had to fit through gaps smaller than Charlie) we then saw the most amazing waterfall, after a quick picture we started a long decent. Due to already handing in our KMC rucksacks, soup stops were not an option which proved very stressful for the group. Even Mr White was struggling without his daily 18 Jaffa cakes. While on our way down we all decided to pointlessly go down the stream because “yolo” and we all got very wet and cold especially Dan and Lewis who decided to go head first. All the boys did it proving their supremacy, just saying. This was closely followed by a climb down the elephants bum (two big rocks with a small hole in the middle) we then finally got back to the mini bus changed into clean-er clothes and sung our way home. Dinner an American theme of burgers and a muffin the evening brought us a hilarious quiz won by the “pundits” lead by Ronan. However after his efforts on the dance floor Craig was definitely worth a mention for his exceptional moves and points he won which quite frankly without, his team had no chance. We all then sat in the common room and watched outnumbered, a really funny day and definitely worth the wait.

Lewis Doyle


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