They call it Elidir Fawr

Once upon a time,
Far away from Broadstairs,
Eight children set off
On a mountain with no stairs.

While waiting for instructors
Lounging in the common room,
Cbeebies kept us entertained:
Fairy Holly’s toy went BOOM!

Our very first mountain we’d ever climbed,
They call it Elidir Fawr
Helped us work as a team
But now we need a shower

We walked and walked, on and on,
We trudged along for miles
Trekking between the mountain tops
Up and down the stiles

Only stopping once or twice,
Trying to catch our breaths
Staying close to one another
Or falling to our deaths!

Sheep, sheep, sheep galore!
Ollie couldn’t hope for more.
Will found an enormous screw,
Picking it up he kept it too!
It’s Christmas! Wait, no it’s not-
It’s Jaan throwing snow (a lot!)
Mollie’s hands began to swell
The coldness really gave her hell.
Poor old Grace got a blister
So big, she’d grown a little sister
Say a sentence, she found a song,
Lola sang them all day long!
Harry was a positive force,
Making us smile throughout, of course.
Archie Tait, so brave and bold
Went the wrong way (if truth be told)!

A vertical slope we came across
And had to travel down
Sliding on our bottoms
We made it to the ground

Everyone kept falling
Though sticking to the path.
When Will slid down on his stomach
We certainly didn’t laugh 😉 .

Towards the end of our adventure
We came upon some piping
Falling on our hands and knees,
We found it quite exciting.

Throbbing feet, the final stretch
Our soles were very sore
We took off the heavy walking boots
And walked a little more

We finally found the minibus
Much to our relief.
We jumped inside and got a ride
Back to KMC!

By Lola Walton and Mollie Vickery