Wet Wellies

Last evening me and some other snowflakes did problem solving such as bomb disposal (whereDom M jumped on the bomb which wasn’t smart) and getting a bucket from place to place by swinging on a rope.

Today we went to a gorge (lots and lots of waterfalls). On the way we stopped off at an abandoned lead mine (safe) to walk up a hill and lots of steps which hurt our legs as we were very tired from 2 days of mountain climbing. At the top of the steps we realised sir left the ropes at the bottom so Dom Pook and Joe went back down to get them and walked all the way back up. After climbing a little more we came to a couple trees at the top of a 20 metre cliff and abseiled down. We all enjoyed it.

Once at the bottom we had some lunch as there would be no lunch break at the gorge.  We ate our lunch of cookies, Mini Cheddars and rolls with various fillings. After, we kitted up into our waterproof jackets, buoyancy aids and helmets so we wouldn’t need to spend time getting ready at the gorge. then we hopped in our Merc and drove to the gorge.

Once at the gorge car park we walked up a short hill and heard a faint sound of running water. we saw waterfalls and rocks and prepared to get wet. we walked across a few rocks and sir told us to watch him scale a wall above some kinda deep water. we tried it and it was difficult as there was not many places to put your feet. we all came away dry but not for long as Dom M (otherwise known as little t, irrelevant and Tyrone, to avoid confusion with fellow snowflake Dom Pook) got his lower half wet when stepping between 2 close rocks and sliding down the small gap between them.

A few small waterfalls up we came to a slightly larger waterfall where we had to be lowered down beside it by sir. a couple more slips and slides and we came to a small natural water slide made of rock which was fun. most of us were quite dry up until that point. we emptied out our heavy wet wellies and marched on.

Ws we went up we encountered  an elephant’s bum (two large boulders which we had to crawl through a gap between them), we walked on a waterfall where you couldn’t see where you were putting your feet through the white water which was cool, we climbed over a big rock and slid down into deep-ish water and out through a hole, we went down a larger and bumpier water slide and ( finally ) jumped into a deep pool of water which was freezing but awesome. some dabbed and some super-manned as they jumped.

We walked in our swimming-pool-like wellies down a steep hill where mabel tripped over repeatedly and I (without my glasses) mistook a house for a lake???

Finally, we arrived back at our fresh whip and got our spare clothes from the boot, we changed in a not-very-dense-forest where some pervy cows could definitely see us. we finished whatever lunch we had left as we drove home. as we drove libby introduced us to her baby (a mermaid made of wet clothes) it wore a dress (libby’s snood) which really brought out her curves.

We came home to a dinner of macaroni cheese and syrup sponge for pudding. Then we did our evening activities.

au revoir, bros.

By Annabel Sunshine