Moel Siabod

Wednesday: Yesterday evening, the activities we did were rock climbing, the blindfolded square, the hanging maze and the levitation. The levitation activity was were you had to get every team member on a platform 0.5 meters above the ground.

Thursday: Today we climbed ‘Moel Siabod’, the hill to get to the mountain was dreadfully steep and when we got to the top of the hill to start to the mountain it was very cloudy. The scramble (Climbing without ropes where it is steep enough to use your hands) was very enjoyable and quite tough to get to the summit. The mountain was very beautiful with the cliff edge overlooking a circular pond and a very geometric waterfall which looked out of a video game. The pond was actually an old slate mine and we enjoyed throwing slate and skipping slate on the pond making a big splash and a bloop sound. Then we started to climb the mountain and began the scramble. The vision was really bad because we were in clouds and it was very very white. There was a drizzle of rain and the moisture of the clouds made the rocks very slippy. Slip and slide and slip and slide and slip and die (our song while climbing :). The way down was very annoying and really rocky with a bunch of BEeeeEEHHeeeeeEEE sheep. The way up the mountain though had a lot of bogs and one of our team members fell knee deep in the slurpy mud (Tom) I also fell in the mud, it went half way up my leg 🙁 (Dom.)

After this we finally got back to the minivan and went on our way back to the Kent Mountain Centre, me (Rhys) and Dom ate our brownies and anything we could get off the other people (mini chedderrsss).

When we got back to the centre we cleaned up our kit, showered and got ready for dinner. For dinner we had roast turkey, with cauliflower, carrots, stuffing, pigs in blankets and roast potatoes.

By Dominique and Rhys