Last night, we did problem solving in two groups. The first task was a complicated, hanging ball maze. We had to roll a ball through a maze whilst going over the numbers in chronological order whilst dodging the holes. The second task was creating a square with rope whilst being blind folded. We failed the first and second time but the third time we sort of succeeded. Our strategy was to use a member of our team to lie on the floor with their hands and legs out making a square. We decided to use grace as she is the tallest and the longest member of our group. We then drew round her with the rope whilst trying not to get tied up in the rope like Paddy (Patrick) did. Our last task was to build a structure that when we stood on it; it made us all ½ meter above the ground. To make our structure we were given 6 logs and 6 ropes. We lost miserably because our knots weren’t tight enough causing the logs to collapse all the time. We ended up standing on the logs and trying not to fall off them whilst they were being moved about.

Amelie was woken up really early by Mrs. Webster speaking softly through the door because someone in her room was on duty that morning. Paddy got woken up 5 minutes before he was supposed to be downstairs in the dining room for breakfast because Mr. Alderson forgot to wake up his dorm making him moody for the rest of the morning.

We had to leave an hour earlier than the other groups because our instructor was worried that we wouldn’t have enough hours in the day to climb the mountain. Sadly because of weather we weren’t able to climb up Snowdon. We went up Mount Glyder Fawr and it only took us 5 hours to get up and down.

We walked up the natural steps going up the mountain (near the devil’s kitchen) that was formed by falling rocks. There were 3 lakes along the mountain; one at the bottom, one in the middle and one at the top were we sat and had lunch. The top lakes looked a bit like an oasis because we were in the clouds and it was very quiet.

On the way down it was really steep so a lot of students bum shuffled down the slippery rocks. Whilst going down, Paddy slipped on a rock and grazed his leg and bashed his arm, making it hurt when he put pressure on it. Amelie was very steady on her feet that our instructor made her help other students climb down the tricky parts and lead the way after all of the scrambling.

Over all, we were all very brave climbing or bum shuffling down the mountain; especially Paddy and Shaheer who are very unsure about climbing up and down mountains and who struggle on the scrambling. We all managed to climb the mountain without having to stop several times and without being separated into three groups.

By Patrick and Amelie