Hailstones on Tryfan

Today we climbed the steep and rocky mountain called Tryfan ( pronounced Trivan ). Unlike the other mountains we have climbed, this one didn’t have any rivers for anyone to fall into. it was quite a steep climb with a lot of scrambling involved and wet rock to climb. The mountain is a dead volcano, resulting in the unpredictable rock faces and the steep rock faces. because we were in the clouds and there was a slight drizzle of rain, the rocks had a layer of water on them that made them very hard to stand on without slipping and falling. Unfortunately this was a common occurrence, slowing down the group. It was very funny to watch the other team mates fall, until it happened to you.

Going up the mountain was a lot easier then coming down. Going up was very fun because we were climbing up rocks and having an amazing view of the surrounding mountains that we had climbed on the first day. When we reached the summit, which was after two and a half hours, we found a rock that had a shocked face on it. On the back were instructions on what to do and we had the opportunity to either keep it or hide it again. we have decided to keep it and we will then hide somewhere else in our local area at home.

On the way down, Kian, Eleni and Tanzin fell down a lot. Because we were climbing down in a line if one of us fell, we all fell down like dominoes which was something we did a lot. We had to climb down a path that was paved with big rocks that due to the water were very slippy. Tanzin fell in horse poo, Eleni fell in the mud and Millie and Kian went down together a lot of the time. Reid often went a different, harder way which led us to wonder why he hasn’t died yet. Tim and Josh managed to keep up with Mr Alderson while the rest of us lagged behind slightly.

While we were on the mountain we saw a few different things. We saw some collage students from the Devon College, 3 feral goats quite high up the mountain that surprised all of us, some people repaving the path making it easier for us to walk down and a herd of ponies that didn’t run away when we got close to them.

Our meals where pretty good today, for breakfast we had smiley faces with baked beans and bacon, for lunch we had a choice of cucumber and humus rolls, sweet chilli chicken and Nutella. For dinner we had a roast dinner consisting of turkey, stuffing, cauliflower, carrots, gravy, cranberry sauce and pigs in blankets. Some other people has shepherds pie.

Today was a very busy day that was a lot of rock scrambling and slipping on your bottom. In other words it was fun.

By Star