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Hello from Keith and Mr White… The pupils are about to get up, we have just finished reading their blogs, spotting the odd (I do teach PE!) spelling mistake and seeing the joys of a poetic mind… haha, a small wind becomes a hurricane or walking within 10 yards of a cliff about 6.4 yards high becomes one step from death :o)

We have been very pleased with what the pupils have achieved so far, taking on and finishing tasks they thought would never ever ever ever ever be completed :o) WELL DONE

Looks like it might be another wet day for many, so we need to eat our cooked breakfast before the vultures come down.

Mr White

Pink Wafers Lunch Box & Yellow Hat

Hi All

Just a note from the staff to say all are having fun and enjoying themselves. Although Mr A is very worried about the fact pink wafers seem to be vanishing very quickly!!! Matthew 🙂 Talking of food all is good, especially Mr Whites lunch box, which always seems to be over flowing with extra breakfast food, however again someone seems to sneaking their way into the kitchen to get extra food also????? Molly :)….. Oh and thankfully we all made it up Snowdon thanks to a yellow hat, shining through the mist and clouds…. more to follow later when the blogs get up loaded at about 9.55 ish


Wednesday, Mount Whack…Snowdon (Jez’s Group)

Hi liam and Craig writing, we have just got back from climbing Snowdon. The day started by our group following a path called the Miners Track, which was really long. We were ticking off key features on our map to make sure we did not get lost on the way. On the way up some of the group were singing, while  Jez and Mr White were talking about their favourite films…..Watership Down.

When we reached the summit (1085m) we were battered by 40mph winds, very chilly.

Got to go to dinner now, more will follow.

Dinner was good, pizza and wedges and then most of the group are going to do some problem solving with the cool Jez, while myself and Craig are going indoor climbing, someone else will finish this…..

Hello Mr White here to say a few words…. The team are doing very well and are taking on the challenges set with great enthusiasm. Yesterday (its now Thursday morning) myself and Jez felt they did very well as it was tough work, battling our way up Snowdon. It reminded me of the Pass of Caradhras in the Fellowship of the Ring, young brave hobbits facing a world very new but exciting to them. Anyway i need to tuck into my bacon and eggs and find some of the team to continue this.

Morning! Mia, George and Steph here. So now we’d reached the top of Snowdon and everyone was overjoyed! But now we had the trek downwards through the mist and clouds with gusting winds almost knocking us of the mountain! We started off back down the Miners Track past the Ritual Stick singing ”i love rock climbing, put another penny in the ritual stick!” LOL!

After the Zig and the Zag we took the Pyg path back down to the car park, making sure we were still infront of Mr.Alderson’s group! Our highlights of the day were;

Walking stick swapping

All of us continuously singing all the way down to the bottom

Reaching the summit

Having to answer the most ridiculous questions ever (Jez & Mr White)

Mounatin whales!

Speak soon…. Whack