Author: EHampton521

Monday, Pen Yr Helgi Du (Anne’s group)

Today we were separated into four groups. My group were assigned to climb Pen Yr Helgi Du, which translates as Peak Of The Black Hound. Me and Izzy were just like ‘Sirius Black!’ 😉 It was 833m above sea level, and it was what one would call torture. First we had to climb up this very very VERY VERY steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, but my group found out that if you walked backwards it would take off the pressure from the back of your legs and was alot easier. Then we had to climb past this massive lake and it looked so sparkly and appealing 😀 We were climbing on all this slate and rocky stuff and I kept slipping to reach the saddle, which was called; Bulch Eryl Farchog, which means Pass of The Knight Eryl. Once we got to the saddle we had our lunch and took lots of photos. After our break we set off for the summit. It was a really hard rocky steep climb, but everyone was really supportive and helping each other and we all eventually got to the summit and we were all really proud of ourselves and me and Izzy and George and Vicky went and stood on the edge and the wind was like blowing us around, it was like 1000838947 mph 🙁 We started our descent, and it was really steep and hard and challenging, but then the worst possible thing happened. There was this like mud puddle thing and I stepped into it cos i thought it was like 1mm deep. But I put one foot it and the next thing i knew I was shoulder deep in mud and sheep  poo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: D: D: D: George and Izzy and Joe heaved me out and I was drenched in brown muuuuckk. it was absolutely disgusting, but after a while it turned into a LOL situation. Vicky couldn’t stop laughing 🙂 But we continued the steep slatey discent and we walked past like billions of herds of sheep and climbed over about a hundred stiles but then we got to the minibus at ten to three. We started to drive back to the centre and drived past the A teams minibus and saw them at the top of another mountain and we were like WHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 🙂 our team chant throughout the ascent and descent was; “THINK OF THE SHOWERS”. Our team wanted to get back first so we could have first showers. We got back to the centre at half three, before everyone else, and me and Izzy got first showers and had everything done before the other teams got back.

Overall, an eventful day but definately enjoyable. Can’t wait for tommorow;)!

From Eden xoxoxo