Author: ELoft711

Sustenance, Sea and Soggy Socks

Eight teenagers, one teacher and one instructor plus cliffs, waves and a windy day equal’s terror, aching muscles and plenty of slips. This is an equation many of us learnt today. Wrapped up in waterproofs and thick fleeces we marched down the beach to our doom….

Okay, so here is what happened next in the easiest way possible:

  • Slips
  • Screams
  • LOTS of screams
  • Grief
  • Relief
  • Small holes- big squeezes!

And now for………………………… LUNCH!

After our lunch we strapped ourselves into safety gear (“Anyone feel too safe?” “I feel like some sort of spy…”) and started our adventure on the cliffs. Scrambling our way across wet rocks and seaweed we were yet to realise what was to come…

Now; for the best part! Tyrolene! (For those parents that just went ‘huh?- Tyrolene?‘ a zip wire)… so our instructor Louise amazingly tied a rope from a rock to another rock – you have to see it to understand ‘LOL’ we zip wired (Pru manically humming the Indiana Jones theme tune…) from a to b and Holly’s shoe fell off!!!!! So well done everyone we did it! Then ………….. The bubble bath, willingly I (Elliott) went first climbing back up – you have never seen a wave like ours! Everyone laughing watching me get bombarded by the ocean’s weapons …

I decided to go second and since I’m not the tallest, I was up to my shoulders in foam and seawater. Because of the foam I couldn’t see the rocks I was meant to stand on and had to hang onto the wall whilst I was buffeted by waves and foam. Screams and squeals were popular ways of communicating. “I never want to have a bubble bath again! Aaaah!”

Now, it’s sadly the end. Well , what do we finish off with?! Well I (Elliott) gladly convinced everyone INCLUDING the instructor to BAYWATCH RUN into the sea! Now that was an experience!

Best part of the day :

zip wire AND bubbles

Worst part of the day:

Bubbles! and slipping LOL.

My best AND worst part of the day had to be the bubbles, I never knew something so innocent looking could be so horrible! My quote has to be “Don’t put that on the blog! My mum reads that!”

by Elliott Loft and Prudence Vary