Author: GWhatley711

Spy teachers…

WOW!!! What a fantastic day!! Only day 3 of our adventure and we have all ready Concord Mount Snowdon and have made it all the way up the gorge and even been saved from the evil pixies by the goddess of the gorge, but today has been great!..

We managed to clamber over a hill through the muddy pits of doom and all this on our own with just a map and a great team of young people. Me, (Jess); me, (Gregory); Dan; Tasha; and Lucy, stayed at the back to keep everything moving (or Greg was keeping me, (Jess), Tasha; Dan; and Lucy moving!!)

The day got off with a great start with Jess V leading the way and Gregory at the back helping everyone who were lagged a bit behind. We slid through the trees and mud on our way to get to the other side. We all thought we were on our own until we realized Mr. White was watching every single move we made just like a spy! We made it all the way to Mr. White in his little roofless house to have some of our snacks, and then carried on, this time Jez watching our every move like he was on a secret mission to make sure us kids were ok.

We made it to this picnic type place and had the rest of our lunch with so Michael ate about 5 and a half Alpine bars that no one else wanted, except, Mr. White who, had mine, (Jessica C), and some other people’s blueberry muffins ;)…

We then got moving with Jez this time to get over the , and then he went off…

We got to the end of the track and made it! Jez told us a story about not jumping to conclusions and then we were off!!!!!

High five’s all round!

On the way back we made a little stop at a little place where you could do abseiling! We all clawed and scratched at each other fighting who would go first but in the end we decided to go in lunch box order. First it was Scarlett, but she passed, being scared of heights abit!All then went Lucy first, then a bunch of other people. When I (Jess!) went down, I was well pleased with myself. I managed to make it all the way down without hurting my part of my body! I even managed to jump once or twice! Scarlett was scared she was going to die, so Mr. White came up with a bet, if she lived, then she had to give him a high five, she took the bet, and also took about half an hour to get down with Jez, but she got there eventually, well done. Me, (Gregory), well I got down the classic way, bounding down the cliff as if I had done it like a hundred times before, Michael virtually fell down, and Dan, almost imbedded his face in the rock. I found Will Scarlett with a small, and thought it was because she now had to high five Mr. White. Ha! But she was happy

All around, what a great day we all had and well done Mr. White for getting a high five off of Will Scarlett.

Thanks for reading!

By Jess and Gregory

(Jesse’s) P.S: hey Mum hey Dad (Ollie, Ben, Nellie, Tim, Simon and Jack!) thanks for letting me go on this trip I am really enjoying it and can’t wait to tell you all about it, see you when I get home, love you lots xxx

(Greg’s) P.S: Hi Mum, Dad, David, Ash, how are you, can’t wait to be back home soon, and I’ll tell you more then… Bye!