Author: JFarley133

Washed up!!

Today, we traveled in the minibus to the Island Of Anglesey which took a 45 minute drive from the KMC. Our activity was sea level traversing, which involves climbing horizontally along the bottom of the cliff face. But the sea was really rough and we got wet as the waves came smashing against us. We were given certain pieces of equipment which involved; A helmet, Water proof trousers and jacket, a harness, a cows tail (which is a piece of rope with two clips either end) and life jackets.

Our instructors were Mike and Keith, Mike was like a ninja moving along the rocks! What we had to do was climb along the rocks with no help apart from the rope. It was really fun especially when the waves splashed other people. Some people were really fast but others were really slow… Poppy 😉

There were two paths we had to take, which involved moving from one bit of rock to the other without falling in. Luckily no one did, but we would’ve been allowed to all jump in at the end but because of the weather the sea was really rough and also it was high tide so you couldn’t see all the rocks underneath. So if you jumped in it was quite possible you could be killed;D

The second path was moving along a vertical wall which had hardly any places to put your hands or feet. It was quite hard as the first few people didn’t know where to put your hands or feet, but the last few had seen others do and knew where to put their hands and feet although when it was their turn the tide was even higher covering a few of the foot holds making them get even wetter! After the awkward climb across we sat up on top of the rock and listened to Poppy’s hilarious laugh which is a mix of a scream and the sound a seagull makes.

While we did this Mike being a ninja went back around and attached a rope going down. So it was a tyrolean traverse across the water in between the rocks, Which was really fun to go down. You were hanging above the water. Although you had to time it right otherwise you got really wet, Like Jack.

After the activity we sat down and ate our snacks that we saved from our lunch. I had a mars bar and some fruit… pastilles. Then we went back to the mini-bus and got changed… behind a bush. And as the girls were finishing getting changed a group of old men walked past with their dogs!!!… personal favourite moment of the day. Also the WORST moment of the day!!!!

Jack Farley and Charlotte May:D