Author: KBaldock442

Thursday, Keith’s Group (and Mike’s)

Hi, becky and katie here!

We abseiled of a bridge, after breakfast, it was really high but it was exciting once you built up the courage to let go!

Then we walked over some hills near aberglaslyn river, it rained, not alot for Wales, but alot compared to what we are used to! We did a self lead walk, that means we lead ourselves, we didn’t even get lost! We saw lots of fantastic Welsh countryside (through the thick foggy cloud!) and played pooh sticks over the many bridges we travelled over. We also found a swing that Maddie wanted to spend lots of her life on! And katie, (this is Becky at the moment) stacked it on her butt and is going to have a rather large bruise there tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! (OMG lol)

now we is goin  xoxoxox