Author: SFletcher363

How many mug shots?!!!

Hi this is Jess and Suzannah typing the first blog for Jez’s group 2011! Bring it on!

Today we went gorge walking (when we say walking, we really mean wading through water, knee deep and climbing up waterfalls). The gorge was called Affon Ddu… IT WAS EPIC!!!!!!!!

We started at the bottom, at something that seemed rather small, but as we got further up it was going to be a greater challenge then we thought it would be.

The first challenge we came across was squeezing through the elephants bottom! Two rocks close together and as you got through the gap you had Mr White taking mug shots of you! Yeah it was embarrassing! (Wasn’t the best pictures ever but funny to look at!)

Next Jez made us walk along this small ledge, that went down at one part and on to a rope swing (Tarzan would have laughed at most of our efforts) Even before we reached the rope swing people were falling in (Hmm, hmm Jess) Mr White went first then took even more mug shots of us all failing (I (Suzannah) did not fall in at this point)

Then we had two clips on one rope, we got with partners and then heaved both of us up; me (jess) and Suzannah went together 😀 I really failed and had to have Suzannah pull me up… with as you guessed saw Mr White taking more mug shots of us all for the blog!!!

We then had a chance at another challenge; this one was one of a kind! We got to slide along a naturally made water slide! IT WAS AMAZING! (Really wet) Mr White was at the end not to help us out but yet again taking more mug shots of us all!

After that we challenged ourselves to a scary but fantastic walk along a waterfall!!!! It was so cold, but it was so amazing! The force of the water was so powerful, one wrong step and you would fall!!! But luckily no one did… yep and Mr White was taking more mug shots of us…

Then Jez set us another challenge, we had two choices going the wet way or the dry way! Everyone obviously chose the wet way where we had to get on to this rock and slide down. (Jess couldn’t get up so, Jez and I had to help her by pushing her it was well funny)  Then we had slide in to this gap and squeeze through this gap! Then we had to climb the waterfall part as usual Mr White was taking mug shots! Jess won creepiest hand of the day (see pictures)

Next we had to make our way to this massive fall while we were ahead Mr White supposedly saved Jez’s life, when he was attacked by a pixie! We all took it in turns to slowly but carefully step on to a rock and step under the waterfall and say ‘hello goddess

of the gorge my name is (insert name) and thank you for keeping me safe today, then we had to carefully climb out but knowing me (jess) I lost my balance coming out and stupidly lost my balance and fell into the deepest part of the river type part and got drenched (even though was soaking wet anyway). Then we got into the pool while Jez took the mug shots this time because Mr White was with us! After the good photos, Mr White pushed me back into Dan and Scarlett (Will Scarlett) forwards this was caught the camera. Then for some odd reason Mr White went deeper and started floating and waving for the camera!

One of the last things we did, was clamber up onto this big rock and there was this big rock pool about 12ft deep and knowing me and Suzannah we were well up for itJ!!!! I jumped from the highest part you could and because I had so much water in my shoes my feet bent right up to my bottom :> and Suzannah jumped, her jump was a lot better than mine (Jess) her feet didn’t bend like mine did… This was the only activity Mr White did not do!

We then climbed some steps to a road which led down to the minibus! It was very steep and Jess managed to fall over again! When we reached the minibus, we were told Boys go and change in that part of the woods and girls in the other part! Overall the day was amazing!

After this eventful day we came back to the centre, everyone had their dinner and had showers/washed and we came in here to write the first blog of the year! J & S