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Louise’s Group on Crimpiau – Friday

Hi my name is Kaan. I am writing our last day in Wales, we went to Mount Crimpiau (Crinkly mountain) and we Abseiled down a rocky slope. We started our journey with a 20 minute bus drive, to keep ourselves entertained we all sang our songs sometimes songs that were not necessarily amazing but when we got there we were all in high spirits. When we got there we climbed the first part without many interruptions or delays but then we started walking in marshland and bogs that was when it all started to go wrong. Most of the way the path was full of mud and little ponds with more mud. We was half way through the muddy path but then there was a person crying for help (“THE MUD HAS EATEN MY FOOT!!!” was the cry), as we all went back to see who it was we found Martin waist deep in the boggy mud. Half of us spent a little time trying to pull him out as the other half was taking pictures and laughing. Soon enough we started scrambling and walking up the mountain, having a little lunch break in between our journey to get to the top of Mount Crinkly. Later on we found out there was more muddy paths we had to go through, but we got through those paths easily and we were at the top of the mountain.

We made our journey back down pretty easily, and then our instructor set us a task leaving us just a map to help us to get to a bridge by ourselves. We had done pretty well on that, taking our time to get to the bridge. After that we had one last task to do, we went abseiling down a short cliff which everyone found was fun. The bus journey back was another 20 minutes before we all got back, sodden, mucky but cheerful.

We had out last dinner at the Kent Mountain Centre, after that we had certificates given out and had a quiz at the end of the night.

My time at the Kent Mountain Centre has been a great experience and an enjoyable time, and I would recommend to come on this trip.

Thursday, Keith’s Group (and Mike’s)

Hi, becky and katie here!

We abseiled of a bridge, after breakfast, it was really high but it was exciting once you built up the courage to let go!

Then we walked over some hills near aberglaslyn river, it rained, not alot for Wales, but alot compared to what we are used to! We did a self lead walk, that means we lead ourselves, we didn’t even get lost! We saw lots of fantastic Welsh countryside (through the thick foggy cloud!) and played pooh sticks over the many bridges we travelled over. We also found a swing that Maddie wanted to spend lots of her life on! And katie, (this is Becky at the moment) stacked it on her butt and is going to have a rather large bruise there tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! (OMG lol)

now we is goin  xoxoxox