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Born Slippy

We started our journey to Cable Bay (Anglesey) for our sea level traversing. It was very… amusing with the anonymous Human Jukeboxes providing a very O.K.ish performance. As we got to on the bay Jez (our instructor) provided us with a safety briefing after that we started climb up a wall and started to traverse

To start off it was really slippery and got worse as we went on.As we came round a corner there was a few big waves that nearly took us out. Just as we thought everything was going alright someone slipped in and got soaked up to the waist, it was quite funny. We also had to go on some stepping stones which were also slightly slippery and not very stable. Which also meant more people started to slip over.

Next we had to go through a cave to reach the cliff top. It was a bit of a tight squeeze which made us have to shuffle up to the top with our backs against the side of the rock. Once everyone got up we went back to the minibus to get some extra equipment for the rest of the activities and lunch.

Today’s lunch was not as good as yesterday but the shortbread was AWESOME!!!. Next we had to put on our harnesses, some people to soooo long but we got it done in the end. Jez took us back down and set up the next challenge for us…We went a different way than to begin but still had to traverse along a wall. This one was mostly climbing up rocks and over rock pools eventually we got to a grass area where we stopped and until they called us over. There was a rope leading us up to the cliff top for support which we attached to our cowstails and helped us get to Mr White who was taking mug shots(again)

Mr White, probably the best American I have ever met!!!

As we got to him we walked up a tiny bit and got straight to the terylene which was a bit like a zip wire but you were pulling yourself back. We had to try flip over the top however only one of us managed to do it.

There was friendly bet going on between one of us and Troll. If he couldn’t flip over the rope in 2 tries we got 2 Yorkie bars but if he did we owed him one. Obviously we won but as him being such a sore loser he tried to divert the bet. Which he didn’t let us agree on and he won anyway. Jess Voss the ninja flipped over and made it look easy whilst the rest of us tried and failed.

Then the weather went horrible but we were able to take pictures of a rare double rainbow 🙂 on the way back the human jukeboxes were making O.Kish music until the girls joined in. When we got back we were very surprised, after being last back every day so far, we were first back!!

Written by Jess Voss and Pepee le Peui

Wednesday, Anglesey, Cable Bay (Anne’s group)

It’s Eden and Izzie here!

Today we went to Porth Trecastell – (Cable Bay), on Anglesey Island to do some sea level traversing! It was a 45 minute journey, but it passed quicker than we expected 🙂 We were kitted out (HEAVILY) with helmets, harnesses, cowstails, short jackets, buoyancy aids and all our waterproof gear.

We got there about half ten and went down on the beach to do some practice rock climbing and scrambling. It was slippy and wet but fun and necessary. Next we went to a large wall, where we had to plan our own route up the rocks to reach the top of the wall, which wasn’t easy! We all helped each other and used teamwork to our advantage :).

Then we went back to the minibus where we sat with all the air blowers going trying to warm us up to eat our lunch and put on our harnesses and cowstails. We all put one item of food in Anne’s first aid kit in the waterproof bag to eat later on the rocks.

We then set off on the rocks to scramble and climb our way along the beach. As we were scrambling across there was a drop, with rushing water below and jagged rocks on the side. Three of us made it to the other side, including the instructor, but then suddenly, Josie’s foot slipped so she was hanging on to this rock by just her hands, using an incredible amount of upper body strength, and with Anne’s help, she managed to clamber back to her feet again! Vicky was really excited about jumping into the sea at the end, and at every available puddle or rock pool she jumped in, soaking her feet and waterproof trousers. Later on she jumped in a big one though and slipped and fell over, and me and Izzie couldn’t stop laughing! She was actually really happy and laughing about it though 🙂

After about an hour scrambling we stopped at a big drop to eat our snacks and have a drink while Anne set up loads of ropes to form a Tyrolean traverse – which is sort of like a zipwire across the waves in the gap. All of us were really excited to cross over the zipwire, apart from Eden who was really scared to do it. Anne went over first and we sorted out the order we wanted to go in. Miss Hodgett helped us to clip on our Karabinas in the right way and one by one we slid over the waves on the rope. Then it was Vicky’s go. She started off okay but then managed to get her ‘behind’ stuck on the rock that you needed to push off to get started. She was stuck for ages and everyone was laughing, including her, but then eventually she un-lodged herself and managed to drag her body along the rope. Then it was Eden’s turn to swing along the rope. She was really frightened, but she gathered enough courage together to push off. She screamed halfway down but everyone was really supportive of her and she made it to the other side. The others clambered across until Miss Hodgett had joined us on the cliff face. We then clipped our Karabinas to an orange rope that ensured we would not fall off, and we scrambled up to the green rope, where one by one we swung back to the other cliff top.

We climbed straight up the steep cliff face to reach a muddy grassy path, which is where we started to descend. There were puddles. Lots of puddles. Muddy puddles. Vicky went crazy, and decided to jump in every puddle we came across, but then near the minibus she jumped in one, slipped, slid for 10 metres then fell down. It was really funny, especially when Izzie had to use all her might to jump out the way to prevent getting splashed. We then finally reached the minivan, were we took of our equipment and played games all the way home.

We got back first, which was a great surprise because we thought we were last. We were all cheering in the minibus;) We got first dibbs on the showers AGAIN!:]

Tuesday, Tears of Whack Joy (Jez’s Team)

Hi Steph & Phoebe here whacking it out after a good day by the sea. Today we went sea level traversing in the wet, cold, rainy, foamy, barnacley coast of Wales. On arriving at the cliff I was a “little” nervous lol, and felt the need to sit down rather than climb……..Luckily Jez’s team talk about how “exciting” this is soon got me on my feet and bumbling along after the others, with Mr White being my partner in red. Who I soon left behind with no rope to help him….. However he is a pretty good climber! Because he had no rope……

Steph here…. After about 2 hours we took a break and lunch by an old tomb from 2500 BC and saw some old people and a fluffly little cute dog. We then set off back to a small bay which had a rope set across it called a Tyrolean. Jez had set this up while we had lunch and then showed us some tricks that could be done while waves crashed over us. Craig bravely went first across the WHACK gap, but failed to do the spin, just like all of us except Mia (see videos and pictures). Last but not least was Mr White who hung upside down after a successful spin….so whack.

We finished the traverse along the sea cliffs making sure plenty of waves crashed onto us, before clambering to the top again and taking the muddy path back to the bus. It was a whack day with the highlights being;

Mia’s sound effects

Phoebe’s braveness

Mia’s whack help towards Phoebe

Steph, Craig & George being pack horses carrying everyones lunch

Take care, speak tomorrow, Phoebe and Steph Whacking out