Tuesday, Tears of Whack Joy (Jez’s Team)

Hi Steph & Phoebe here whacking it out after a good day by the sea. Today we went sea level traversing in the wet, cold, rainy, foamy, barnacley coast of Wales. On arriving at the cliff I was a “little” nervous lol, and felt the need to sit down rather than climb……..Luckily Jez’s team talk about how “exciting” this is soon got me on my feet and bumbling along after the others, with Mr White being my partner in red. Who I soon left behind with no rope to help him….. However he is a pretty good climber! Because he had no rope……

Steph here…. After about 2 hours we took a break and lunch by an old tomb from 2500 BC and saw some old people and a fluffly little cute dog. We then set off back to a small bay which had a rope set across it called a Tyrolean. Jez had set this up while we had lunch and then showed us some tricks that could be done while waves crashed over us. Craig bravely went first across the WHACK gap, but failed to do the spin, just like all of us except Mia (see videos and pictures). Last but not least was Mr White who hung upside down after a successful spin….so whack.

We finished the traverse along the sea cliffs making sure plenty of waves crashed onto us, before clambering to the top again and taking the muddy path back to the bus. It was a whack day with the highlights being;

Mia’s sound effects

Phoebe’s braveness

Mia’s whack help towards Phoebe

Steph, Craig & George being pack horses carrying everyones lunch

Take care, speak tomorrow, Phoebe and Steph Whacking out

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