Monday, Marchlyn (Mr Alderson’s group; the ‘A’ team)

Hello Lucy and Lauren here!

Today we have been allocated our groups. We are in the ‘A’ team accompanied by: Melissa T, Dan Wells, James T, Dominic, Sam S, Ellie B, Elise and of course our team leader Mr Alderson!

Todays activities for our group consisted of us climbing up 3 mountains; Carnedd y Filiast, Mynydd Perfedd and the biggest Elidir Fawr (which we renamed Lydia!). It was a big shock to the system because it was really cold and killed our legs! Unfortunately, Dan was suffering from fear of heights, so we gently encouraged him up the mountain.

After reaching our first summit, we stopped for a snack and hot drink. We saw two ravens and named them John and Edward 🙂 Then Melissa went to the toilet behind a rock and had hugely amused everyone in the process of doing so.

Minutes later we moved on to our second mountain which was not much taller than the last. We managed to sucessfully climb it without leaving anyone behind!

We were freaked out when we saw the size of the third mountain (924m)! No-one wanted to move (especially poor Dan!) The mountain was extreamly steep and looked soooooooooo scary! It was a painful journey upwards but once we climbed over the HUGE, wobbling rocks we were relieved to reach the summit- apart from Mr A, Sam and Dom who carried on looking for the geocache.

They came back 10 minutes later with a manky white plastic container. It contained: a Ninga Turtle (LOL), rubber, pen and a notebook- which we signed our names in!

The way back down was a dangerous experience but it was very funny! Did you hear Lucy’s screams as she took Lauren out on the way down the slate covered slopes and slid down half the mountain.

It was a great day and we are looking forward to tommorow!

Peace out.

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2 Responses to Monday, Marchlyn (Mr Alderson’s group; the ‘A’ team)

  1. sophie says:

    I’ts very nice to hear from you all and learn about your more unusual new experiences, and funny moments, as the week unfolds. Looking forward to your next commentary.
    Keep organised the night before!- the best advice from Mr Alderson and above all STAY SAFE.
    Have another great day!

    P.S Weather here in Ramsgate looking damp and bleak this morning.

  2. christina joy says:

    Nice hat, shame about the spelting LOL x x x
    Dishwasher full, hurry up-running out of cups x x x

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