Our Day On Snowdon

Hello this is Emily Watkins and Kirsty Miller. And this is our day up mount Snowdon. The day began with a filling breakfast which prepared us for a tough day. Next we had a meeting with Mr. Alderson. This is where we found out we were climbing mount Snowdon. Little did we know how hard this day was going to be. Mr. Alderson, us (Emily.W and Kirsty.M), Molly.D, Maria.L, Dan.VH, Will.T, Ben.H, Ellie.T and Esme.V all piled in to the minibus and drove about 15mins along the road.

When we pulled up we couldn’t see the mountain but as we trekked up the gravel path we saw the mountain looming above us. The top was covered with cloud. We walked for about 1 ½ hours until we reached a lake. We then faced a large ridge made of jagged rocks. Climbing up was rather tricky and challenging because there wasn’t that much grip. As we climbed more and more it got trickier with large drops below. Everyone seemed a bit anxious because one wrong footing and we would surely plummet to our death!!!!! However with jelly like legs we carried on. After a while we stopped for ½ of our lunch on the ridge.  Finally we were coming to the top of the ridge, but still between us and the top was the rocky, wet, muddy trek to the top.

On our way up we faced rocky paths, slippery rocks and steep paths. Will Taker found interest in chasing the sheep! As we were approaching the summit we were entering the clouds and could no longer see the bottom. Finally we stumbled up the last few steps we saw the final point. A small stone column. At the peak it was below about 4 degrees but we couldn’t feel it. We were the first of all the groups to reach the top even though we took a longer and rockier rout, therefore proofing we are clearly the best group!! We then started our descent (a LONG track of ups and downs).

On the way we saw all of the other groups still trying to reach the top. Mr. Whites group (Mr. White with a fluorescent yellow hat on) had made an elephant train and were holding onto each other’s bags.

We were about 1/3 of the way down the mountain when Mr. Alderson decided to have the other half of our lunch. He had also decided that we would sit in a special shelter which is used for safety. It was very cramped in there.                Will Taker had however decided he didn’t want to be in there so he went outside. After, we carried on slipping and sliding everywhere!

We had today walked and climbed up to a height of 1083 metres above sea level. We had also finally reached the car park. Everyone was tired and had achy feet and legs but everyone had a feeling of achievement and was proud of them self’s for reaching the summit of the highest mountain in England and Wales. This was a very challenging but fun day and we will never forget it. When we finally got back to the house we were all glad to have a shower and a sit down.

We are all looking forward to tomorrow and are all ready for a nice rest. This entry of our day up mount Snowdon is by Emily Watkins and Kirsty Miller. xxx

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