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Activity locations map

I’ve added some of the activity locations to a Google map (click here to view larger map).
A few of the walks and most of the other activities used by earlier trips are shown.
Many of the place names will soon become familiar because all the dormitories are named after major mountains and rivers near KMC.

Evening Activities

During the evenings, the students are split into groups, so that everyone has a chance to write a blog, everyone has a chance to go to the Beacon climbing centre, and everyone has a chance to conduct some of the problem solving exercises within the KMC grounds.

Hopefully you have read some of the blogs… are a few pictures from some of the evening activities….


Kit issue and evening walk

So after a few hours on the coach, we arrived at the Kent Mountain Centre in good time. There was a brief glimpse of some snow on the tops as we entered the national park, and the sun was shining – although a bit of a chill in the air – we understand it has been an afternoon of hail stones back home!

Once we’d had an introduction from the lead instructor (Jez), there was just about enough daylight left to get the fire alarm test done and a tour of the grounds before losing the light.  Dinner was pasta, salad and ice creams for pudding!

Once all of the kit for the week has been issued (rucksack, waterproof coat, waterproof trousers, fleece jumper, hat, gloves and boots) we then often head out for a short walk around the village of Llanberis, heading to Dolbadarn Castle, then back along the Glyn  Padarn, which is the lake behind the centre. The students in the group that Mr WHITE and I normally take usually try and hide from the other group at the haunted castle = but there was no chance of that this year – they were a “vocal bunch” and very “torch happy”!. We also discovered a new and exciting additional bit of path to our usual route through the forest behind the Llanberis touring park (we didn’t get lost!).

After getting back the students have all had a chance to test out the fit of their boots, had a hot drink, and have been asked to have the lights out a short while ago. The weather looks good for tomorrow so its time for some sleep…….


Making good time

Just passed Chester and on our way to our second stop.
On schedule to arrive before it gets dark so a tour of the Centre and grounds will make a lot more sense.
You might hear from Keith Taylor, our volunteer member of staff, later tonight. Otherwise it will be posts from students in each activity group on Monday evening which we usually publish by 9:30pm.

Halloween and fireworks

Sunday evening walk
Sunday evening walk

[Ed]: I recently found this post I wrote eight years ago. It’s relevant every year and worth a quick read (sadly not good news for fans of Halloween and bonfire night)
It was originally published on 16 October 2010:

We leave for North Wales on Halloween. I’ve already been asked a couple of times about dressing up and “Trick or Treating” and the situation is this: (more…)

Payments timetable


If you are keeping up with the payment instalments set out in letter I sent to parents in June, your current balance is £145 or more.

If you have not yet paid the June instalment please be aware that the WisePay system is closed over the Summer holiday (it will be available again from 2 September) so please bring your balance up to date at the start of the new term.
I’ve included a reminder of all the payment dates below.

Please pay On or before
£110.00 (total £145.00) Monday 25 June 2018
£110.00 (total £255.00) Monday 10 September 2018
£110.00 (total £365.00) Monday 8 October 2018

KMC arrival 2017 & settling in….

We made good time to the centre, arriving approximately 1630 hrs. Initially the students were shown around the building and to their rooms – some of them learning new skills such as how to make a bed (take note mums!).

Mary – our Duty Staff member from the centre –  briefly introduced some of the centre rules.

After a meal of Pasta bake and an ice cream for pudding we went through the kit issue process – a well-practiced routine to ensure that everyone has a full quota of the basic equipment they will require for the week, and a good opportunity for the centre staff (and me) to get to know some of the students by name.

In the evening, to stretch our legs following a long coach journey, and to check out the fit of the centre issued walking boots (and to manage any future urge to want to know what there is to do in Llanberis village!) we went for a short walk – approx. 2 miles from the ventre, along the edge of Glyn Padarn, past the bottom lake of the Dinorwig Hydro Electric Power station and to the Dolbadarn Castle – which is obviously haunted at this time of year! (I think for the first time in 10, maybe 12 years, Mr Aldersons team beat ‘my team’ there, and were able to hide up and jump out on us!).

Some of the students have seen their first cheep up close, so that gets another ‘mystery’ out of the way and Mason in particular made an attempt to develop Anglo-Welsh relations with some of the local villagers by introducing himself and explaining that he was from a country called “ENGLAND”.

All students were tired at the end of the day and went to bed fairly well. Just waking up now and about to go in for breakfast. we have a staff meeting at about ten to nine an discuss our activities for the day before meeting with the students shortly afterwards to let them know what we are going to be doing today, what kit they need, and where they need to be ready to go!

Weather looks good today, so here’s hoping for a productive day!


Evening activities 2016

As the sun sets and the students have filled their bellies with warm and tasty food the evening adventures begin. With a variety of ghouls and ghosts whispering in the trees the students brains are engaged in a variety of problem solving activities, which combined intellect with brawn.

Day 1 saw the students create pyramids of numbers, while getting a ball to escape from a maze! With some minds clearly still hampered by an Egyptian sand storm the final task of building a self supporting structure seemed near impossible. However team Tiddlywinks some how managed to get every member of their team off the ground along with a very nervous Keith.

Day 2 saw water added to the equation. After being blindfolded in a mathematical square dance, the students quickly negotiated a spider’s web, before swinging from table to table with a bucket of water splishing and a splashing along the way.  With Mrs Webster in the tick of the action all was looking good until the final swing with Summer at her side!

Parents meeting

This year’s participants and their parents are invited to a meeting of all pupils participating in this trip.

This will take place;
on Tuesday 11 October 2016
at 6:00pm
in the Theatre.

Although the meeting will be quite short (about 50 minutes), important matters will be addressed such as clothing, diet, insurance, conduct and activities.
I hope that you and your son/daughter will attend this meeting and use the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

If you and your child are unable to attend on Tuesday 11 October please ask your son/daughter to collect the information sheets from me on Wednesday 12 October.

A reminder that the final payment for the trip is due on Monday 10 October. If you are adhering to my original timetable this payment will be £110.00 (total £365.00).
Please ensure your payments are up to date by lunchtime on that day and avoid delaying until the parents meeting on Tuesday.

In the next few days, parents will receive a Medical and Emergency Information form to be checked and amended where appropriate. This should be returned to me as soon as possible.

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