We woke up at seven o’clock feeling excited about the day ahead of us. We then sat down to a lovely English breakfast. We got our warm dry clothes ready for the soaking wet day. We got in the coach and got ready for a forty five minute journey to the gorge. During the drive we saw lots of sheep and we sang many random songs.

We put on our harnesses and our helmets we got in the river and started our journey up the river. We wanted to find a frog but i never did :(. We had to make many long jumps which were hard for our little legs. We were first to get our heads under water but we were pleased about it. There were many times when if we slipped we could die, but we were in good hands. Luckily we weren’t with Mr White(JOKES). Our wellies were always full with water and we were wet in a couple of seconds of being in the water. We climbed up using rope sometimes as well. We did many activities including a small waterfall which we slid down we also crawled under a rocks and we swum under rocks as well. This was very tiring fighting the currents all day but it was definitely worth it , it was one of the funniest things we’ve ever done. Even the people who don’t like sport would enjoy this. About half way there the rocks started to get really slippery so people started to slide off track, but we didn’t. Ellie and a few more people face planted the rocks but there helmets saved them from getting hurt. Near the end there was a long rocky slide that sir told us to go down it and right at the end of the slide every body stopped for some reason.

every body in our group was really hungry because we could not eat till we were down the gorge and dry also from the start nearly every body wanted the toilet but couldn’t go till the end. Then we jumped in to a pool it was like pier jumping but safer. After we walked down one of the steepest roads ever then we got changed under a bridge then we drove home.




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