Kit issue and evening walk

So after a few hours on the coach, we arrived at the Kent Mountain Centre in good time. There was a brief glimpse of some snow on the tops as we entered the national park, and the sun was shining – although a bit of a chill in the air – we understand it has been an afternoon of hail stones back home!

Once we’d had an introduction from the lead instructor (Jez), there was just about enough daylight left to get the fire alarm test done and a tour of the grounds before losing the light.  Dinner was pasta, salad and ice creams for pudding!

Once all of the kit for the week has been issued (rucksack, waterproof coat, waterproof trousers, fleece jumper, hat, gloves and boots) we then often head out for a short walk around the village of Llanberis, heading to Dolbadarn Castle, then back along the Glyn  Padarn, which is the lake behind the centre. The students in the group that Mr WHITE and I normally take usually try and hide from the other group at the haunted castle = but there was no chance of that this year – they were a “vocal bunch” and very “torch happy”!. We also discovered a new and exciting additional bit of path to our usual route through the forest behind the Llanberis touring park (we didn’t get lost!).

After getting back the students have all had a chance to test out the fit of their boots, had a hot drink, and have been asked to have the lights out a short while ago. The weather looks good for tomorrow so its time for some sleep…….