Mountains, Mud-baths and Abseiling!

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy parents and other random people reading this:). It’s Molly and Maria here, reporting from North Wales after day one.

Travelling to Kent Mountain Centre
So we finally arrived at Kent Mountain Centre after an extended journey thanks to awful traffic on the M1-_-! When we arrived we tucked into dinner then went on a 2mile walk around the grounds and past the lake. Mr White decided to scare everyone with a ghost story that was complete lies. Then we all went to bed for a well deserved sleep:).

Navigation activity
Today, we got into our groups to start our first activity, navigation. We arrived at a small village to the north of the national park. To start off the fun we saw a boy fall off his bike when he was trying to show off hahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, to start with the proper fun Mr Alderson explained to us what we would be doing today. He told us we would be using navigation skills to go on a hike, which turned out to be 5 miles up and down mountains and hills :O !! When we established whereabouts on the map we were, we headed North to start our journey. We continued walking until we got to each wall, when we would change which 2 people would be in charge of the map. After about an hour and a half of walking, through muddy-slushy-dirty-water-logged- rocky fields, we stopped walking and started to eat our lunch and Mr Alderson then told us we would be climbing the mountain next! He claimed it was an easy and small mountain to climb but it definitely didn’t feel easy and small!!!!

Climbing the mountain
We set off and realised how strong the wind on the mountain was which made the task even more challenging, but it was fun all the same. After what felt like hours of walking we reached the top of the mountain and were facing 50mph winds, but we managed to have a nice group photo and then headed down the mountain a different route.

Mud bath for Molly and Maria- 🙁
Then our luck (Molly and Maria’s) got even worse, bear in mind we had already slipped over in the mud about 20 times already! We were walking along flat ground just through all the puddles and mud, because there was no other option, and I (molly) managed to get my WHOLE right leg stuck in sinking mud! Maria didn’t realise that my whole leg was stuck and tried to help me out but managed to get her own leg stuck in the mud also! No one decided to help us, instead everyone got their cameras out and decided to start taking a load of pictures of us stuck:(! Even Dan van Hinsbergh who claims he is the ‘muscle man’ of the group decided not to help us out, and that trend had be going on all day. He just laughed and walked on like most other people in our group, even though he claimed to be sooooooo strong! Anyway, after about 10 minutes of struggling we managed to get out and walked on. We used our natural instinct to guide our way back to the minibus where we finished our lunches and gathered the equipment for abseiling which was next.

We put on our harnesses and helmets then walked to the rocks that we would abseil off of. After Mr Alderson had set up the equipment we raced up to the top of the rocks, not realising until we were at the top how high the rock was:S! Everyone was slightyly anxious about the height but, Dan was sooo scared of heights and was shaking at the top, ahhh haha! Also, Ben tried to show off and didn’t see the crack in rock and slipped in it hahaha!!!! After we’d all abseiled we made our way back to the minibus and then back to the centre..

Overall it was a great first day and we are all excited for the rest of the week! But I think for now we all deserve a nice, long sleep:D!

Night night:)

Love Molly Dawson and Maria Loftus. X

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