One step from death….

Hello It’s Poppy Greenstreet & Lauren Rigney, 😀

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Today was our first day in Wales and also the day we nearly died!:O

Once out of the minibus we walked through a muddy field and saw the grave of Bedwellin & learnt the story of his brutal stabbing, leading to his death.(He was a dog not a dude) We then saw his statue made out of bronze. He was the size of a horse and we were told he was actually that size!

Next we walked through the grass & came across a train track. We didn’t know if it was a live rail or not, so we got Robert to test it out(sorry!!;)) Luckily, he didn’t die, meaning it was safe to cross:D Then our leader gave our a map (Poppy,Lauren&Charlotte). Silly idea if u ask us, but we made it through the ledge next to what we called the ‘Death Water’! We were told that if we fell we probably wouldn’t survive, as it was a strong current for grade 5 canooers that if they took one turn probably would drown!!!!!

Next we stopped for lunch, and told stories about Halloween and zombies, but soon after that we climbed a steep slope. We moaned the whole way up about how steep it was and how much our legs hurt, but once we got to the top we realised it was almost flat. We kept asking if we could drink the water but the leader told us you can only drink it at the top. This was our inspiration for getting to the top, we wanted to taste victory like Bear Grills!:D

The way up, was like torture! ‘Only 2/3 of the journey to go’ said ‘mister Sir Man’(As we call him ;D) at this point Me&Lauren were in tears& wanted to give up, but we thought of the water to put our minds off things. Our leader showed us an old gold mine, and in the rocks we could discover fools gold, which is fake but people used to trade it for money. Only Sam found a little, but it was worthless (Typical!) This is when Lauren let go of the map and the wind took it resulting in it flying to bottom of the mountain, slapping someone round the face, we were in hysterics!!!! 😀

When we stopped for the second time we got a perfect view of the Irish sea. There was a waterfall right next to us but we couldn’t drink from it because we were told there was sheep poo. in it- eww! Next we got told a story about the two dragons and our leader’s sound effects made me and poppy laugh so much that we felt a 6-pack coming on. I choked on my roll and thought I might die. The sound was something like this (ee-wee-wooo-ee-wooo-wee) LOL!

After, we finally reached the top through hard work and team effort! Our leader read us a story about the mountain opposite where the king built his palace. We were told we wouldn’t be able to drink water from the mountain today and felt heartbroken.

When we got halfway down we finally found water we could drink and were SO HAPPY! We ran to the water and filled up our bottles, we tasted the victory in the ice cold valley water. Robert ran to get his water and tripped over, spilling his coffee all in the valley water. We asked him if he was okay and got the reply ‘I’m fine, just casually sitting here chilling. OH NO MY COFFEE!’. He was okay.

When we got to the bottom, although our feet were aching and numb we felt proud of ourselves. Today was definitely better than going trick or treating. We don’t want to climb another mountain, but we’ve just been told it is one of the smallest mountains and tomorrow we have to climb Mount Snowdon… Wish us luck!

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