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Washed up!!

Today, we traveled in the minibus to the Island Of Anglesey which took a 45 minute drive from the KMC. Our activity was sea level traversing, which involves climbing horizontally along the bottom of the cliff face. But the sea was really rough and we got wet as the waves came smashing against us. We were given certain pieces of equipment which involved; A helmet, Water proof trousers and jacket, a harness, a cows tail (which is a piece of rope with two clips either end) and life jackets.

Our instructors were Mike and Keith, Mike was like a ninja moving along the rocks! What we had to do was climb along the rocks with no help apart from the rope. It was really fun especially when the waves splashed other people. Some people were really fast but others were really slow… Poppy 😉

There were two paths we had to take, which involved moving from one bit of rock to the other without falling in. Luckily no one did, but we would’ve been allowed to all jump in at the end but because of the weather the sea was really rough and also it was high tide so you couldn’t see all the rocks underneath. So if you jumped in it was quite possible you could be killed;D

The second path was moving along a vertical wall which had hardly any places to put your hands or feet. It was quite hard as the first few people didn’t know where to put your hands or feet, but the last few had seen others do and knew where to put their hands and feet although when it was their turn the tide was even higher covering a few of the foot holds making them get even wetter! After the awkward climb across we sat up on top of the rock and listened to Poppy’s hilarious laugh which is a mix of a scream and the sound a seagull makes.

While we did this Mike being a ninja went back around and attached a rope going down. So it was a tyrolean traverse across the water in between the rocks, Which was really fun to go down. You were hanging above the water. Although you had to time it right otherwise you got really wet, Like Jack.

After the activity we sat down and ate our snacks that we saved from our lunch. I had a mars bar and some fruit… pastilles. Then we went back to the mini-bus and got changed… behind a bush. And as the girls were finishing getting changed a group of old men walked past with their dogs!!!… personal favourite moment of the day. Also the WORST moment of the day!!!!

Jack Farley and Charlotte May:D


We woke up at seven o’clock feeling excited about the day ahead of us. We then sat down to a lovely English breakfast. We got our warm dry clothes ready for the soaking wet day. We got in the coach and got ready for a forty five minute journey to the gorge. During the drive we saw lots of sheep and we sang many random songs.

We put on our harnesses and our helmets we got in the river and started our journey up the river. We wanted to find a frog but i never did :(. We had to make many long jumps which were hard for our little legs. We were first to get our heads under water but we were pleased about it. There were many times when if we slipped we could die, but we were in good hands. Luckily we weren’t with Mr White(JOKES). Our wellies were always full with water and we were wet in a couple of seconds of being in the water. We climbed up using rope sometimes as well. We did many activities including a small waterfall which we slid down we also crawled under a rocks and we swum under rocks as well. This was very tiring fighting the currents all day but it was definitely worth it , it was one of the funniest things we’ve ever done. Even the people who don’t like sport would enjoy this. About half way there the rocks started to get really slippery so people started to slide off track, but we didn’t. Ellie and a few more people face planted the rocks but there helmets saved them from getting hurt. Near the end there was a long rocky slide that sir told us to go down it and right at the end of the slide every body stopped for some reason.

every body in our group was really hungry because we could not eat till we were down the gorge and dry also from the start nearly every body wanted the toilet but couldn’t go till the end. Then we jumped in to a pool it was like pier jumping but safer. After we walked down one of the steepest roads ever then we got changed under a bridge then we drove home.



Snowdon – Louise’s Group, Tuesday

We got up early and we had a good filling breakfast which prepared us for the long journey we had ahead of us. This was a climb to the top of mount Snowdon which is the highest mountain in England and Wales(1080m). We left at around 9:40 and took a 20 odd minute to the base of the trail. The trail was long and many people found the high steps difficult. We then endured a long walk to the base of the moutnain where we met several other people – this must mean its a popular route. =)

We couldn’t believe how beautiful the scenery was and the height we had to climb. There was two huge lakes, towering mounds of rock and swirling white clouds that where like cotton candy. We kept a good pace to begin with, pausing when needed to drink some warm cocoa, even though Mathew kept stopping to take pictures.

However the speed of our ascent was halted slightly as the mountain streams ran over the rocks and some of us slipped but nobody was injured in the slightest. We kept overtaking and being overtaken by group two but we all took this light hartidly – of course, it doesn’t matter who got to the top first, its the way you get there that matters!

(Courtesy of Abi: It doesn’t matter who got there first of all the groups, hundreds of other people have already done it. We will get there anyway!)

The route was long and arduous and we were getting tired. Everyone got there and it was awesome becuase of the clouds we couldn’t see around us because of the clouds swirling around us in a beautiful flurry, so we relied on each other to find our way to the very peak.

The group all helped each other with words of encouragement.

The people in our group were Matthaw H. Martin D. Kaan Y.  Prudence V. Roisone N. Charlotte T. Elliot L. Abigail McG. and Holly W. Lol

We all found the journey downhill more fun as we could chat and have more fun. Everyone was smiling and was happy.

There was a building that we passed that was half demolished but seemed a beautiful building when it was not ruined.

We found our own pace was different to others so we waited for them to catch up.

Our instuctor Louise was nice and was a fantastic teacher who told us many, many, many interesting facts about the history of Snowdon and all of the surrounding area.

The end of the walk ended in a horrible rainstorm – luckily, we were so tired by this point that we didn’t really care what the weather was like. Therefore, we returned to the centre a happy, but exhausted, group of hikers.

But WOW, everyone feels proud of our achievement! So we shall leave you with a few quotes to smile about.

–  ” Goodbye my beloved Cliffard and my beloved Cliffard senior, I will never forget you.” *

–  ” Woah! Gravity sheep are awesome.” **

– “Oooh damn – I have no tea left!!! ” ***

*Cliffard is a giant rock sticking out of the ground. Cliffard seniori s the same but 4 ft higher. One member of our team got emotionally attached to Cliffard. Goodness knows why

**Gravity Sheep are sheep that are standing in the weirdest places that nobody knows how they get there – the only posible way they could have got there is by diffying gravity and flying

***Prudence absolutely adores tea

By Matthew and Abigail =)

Another day on Snowdon

Hello, this is Lara Srivalsan Jones and Alice Rawson, here to tell you about our day on the highest mountain in England and Wales, Snowdon. The day began with another daily meeting with our leaders Mike and Keith, and our group us, Poppy, Lauren, Charlotte, Jack, Sam, Robert and Tom. We planned the route up Snowdon, and got our stuff together. We then set off in the mini bus. We arrived at our destination after about a 15 minute drive. After a quick briefing about equipment safety measures we started the long trek up, at first a simple flat walk around the lake, where we took it in turns to lead the group with a map, in little groups, all with group names. Our group consisted of us and tom and according to Tom our name was and still is Alpha Tom. Little did we know what was coming up ahead. The mountains surrounding us were so stunning that we had many stops, one by some old ruins, where we stopped for a snack and a hot drink. From this spot we got our first clear view of the enormous task ahead of us.

We then started the steep incline up Snowdon, which soon turned into a scramble up the rocks. Every now and again we got a glimpse of the other groups on their ascent of the mountain. After another hour or so scrambling up the rocks, quick breaks and walking up giant steps we eventually reached the top of the mountain (1083 feet above sea level) where we all congratulated or achievement together.

From the top we were completely surrounded by clouds, so could not see the bottom, and got very wet! We then stopped for lunch and a drink (not many people can say they’ve had lunch on the highest mountain in England and Wales!). It was freezing, but the views (or of what we could see) made up for the temperature and mist.

After lunch, and pictures, we then started the long descent down the mountain. Thankfully we didn’t go down the steep and difficult route we came up on. Instead we took a long, wet and winding path which followed the railway down the mountain. The path was also wet and slippery there so, there was lots of slips and wet and muddy bums! The views were spectacular from so high up. The group stayed together except for a few wanderers and stragglers that we had to keep waiting for! Exhausted and aching everywhere we all finally arrived at the minibus and headed back to the centre where we were very glad of a warm shower and rest! In total the walk took us about 5 hours and was an amazing day out! It was such an amazing, if a bit tiring day and it was such an incredible achievement for us all and it’s definitely a day we will all never forget!!


Hello, it’s Dan and Scarlett (Will Scarlett) here, and today we’re going to talk about what we did today (Tuesday.) Our day started at 7, and we got ready and had breakfast. Afterwards, we had a little meeting in our groups, which told us what we were going to do for the day. However, our group leader, who’s called Jez, wasn’t here today, so we had a supply called Poppy (who was equally as nice.) We were told that we were going to climb Mount Snowdon, which is also the highest mountain in England, Wales, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Maldives etc.

After leaving at 10, we drove 400m, and then we started our ascent. At first, our climb seemed not so difficult, but as we progressed, our climb grew increasingly harder. It didn’t help that we had blisters on our feet (especially Scarlett,) so our journey was even more difficult. One of the most challenging parts of our ascent was climbing up the steep stairs. Also Scarlett’s complaining about her feet did start to get a bit annoying after a while. Another bit of excitement was Greg doing an impression of a sheep dog, where he was running ahead of us and we had to whistle to get him to come back to us. A memorable part of the climb was Mr White’s fluorescent yellow hat (where he got his name ‘Mr Bright White,’ even though he claims it’s his intelligence.)

After about 3 hours, we reached the top of the mountain. All of our exhaustion didn’t matter for a while as we got to the peak. After a few quick photos at the summit, we ate our lunch (it was really misty and cold!)

Afterwards, we started our descent. Our pace was much slower but more steady, as we could slip easily. We also didn’t take many breaks, but on one of them, Mr Bright White took Will Scarlett’s hat, but as she took it back she high fived , which she has avoided so far (although we know it doesn’t count, because there was a hat in the way.) On the descent we were quizzing each other about random things, e.g how many football clubs start and end with the same letter and which country Timbuktu was in. Our journey downwards was more enjoyable as we were talking more and we weren’t in a rush to get to the bottom. After a quiz and talking we reached the lake, where we were skimming stones although some of us still couldn’t skim them (us two.)

The next part of our journey was possibly one of the most challenging. We were exhausted by this time, and our blisters got even worse. We walked on the path around the lake, but even though the ground was much flatter, our rucksacks and our waterproofs seemed heavier than they were before. There were many hills which blocked our view so we didn’t know how much longer we had to walk before we got back into our mini-bus. Around each corner we got more disappointed as we saw more pathways. Along the path we saw a building – possibly a church in ruins. Greg counted 14 glassless windows overall.

Even though we were exhausted and barely able to walk, Greg still ran between all of us even though we were like 20-30 meters apart. If he had the opportunity, Greg would run everywhere. After what seemed an eternity of walking, we reached the end, and our Mini-bus. We were so slow in walking back we were about an hour behind the rest of the other groups, so we had about 15 minutes to get ready for dinner.

Overall today was a brilliant day; it provided a challenge getting to the top and getting back down again without falling over. It was an amazing achievement and we are all pleased. The shenanigans between Will Scarlett and Mr Bright White were one of the highlights of the day.

(In the making of this journal Will Scarlett air high-fived Mr Bright White, which according to her still didn’t count because she wasn’t meaning to high five him – which is obviously a lie, because who wouldn’t high five him?) By the way our favourite words are mediocre and jigsaw and pudding! Also, try saying pudding without smiling (impossible?)

Our Day On Snowdon

Hello this is Emily Watkins and Kirsty Miller. And this is our day up mount Snowdon. The day began with a filling breakfast which prepared us for a tough day. Next we had a meeting with Mr. Alderson. This is where we found out we were climbing mount Snowdon. Little did we know how hard this day was going to be. Mr. Alderson, us (Emily.W and Kirsty.M), Molly.D, Maria.L, Dan.VH, Will.T, Ben.H, Ellie.T and Esme.V all piled in to the minibus and drove about 15mins along the road.

When we pulled up we couldn’t see the mountain but as we trekked up the gravel path we saw the mountain looming above us. The top was covered with cloud. We walked for about 1 ½ hours until we reached a lake. We then faced a large ridge made of jagged rocks. Climbing up was rather tricky and challenging because there wasn’t that much grip. As we climbed more and more it got trickier with large drops below. Everyone seemed a bit anxious because one wrong footing and we would surely plummet to our death!!!!! However with jelly like legs we carried on. After a while we stopped for ½ of our lunch on the ridge.  Finally we were coming to the top of the ridge, but still between us and the top was the rocky, wet, muddy trek to the top.

On our way up we faced rocky paths, slippery rocks and steep paths. Will Taker found interest in chasing the sheep! As we were approaching the summit we were entering the clouds and could no longer see the bottom. Finally we stumbled up the last few steps we saw the final point. A small stone column. At the peak it was below about 4 degrees but we couldn’t feel it. We were the first of all the groups to reach the top even though we took a longer and rockier rout, therefore proofing we are clearly the best group!! We then started our descent (a LONG track of ups and downs).

On the way we saw all of the other groups still trying to reach the top. Mr. Whites group (Mr. White with a fluorescent yellow hat on) had made an elephant train and were holding onto each other’s bags.

We were about 1/3 of the way down the mountain when Mr. Alderson decided to have the other half of our lunch. He had also decided that we would sit in a special shelter which is used for safety. It was very cramped in there.                Will Taker had however decided he didn’t want to be in there so he went outside. After, we carried on slipping and sliding everywhere!

We had today walked and climbed up to a height of 1083 metres above sea level. We had also finally reached the car park. Everyone was tired and had achy feet and legs but everyone had a feeling of achievement and was proud of them self’s for reaching the summit of the highest mountain in England and Wales. This was a very challenging but fun day and we will never forget it. When we finally got back to the house we were all glad to have a shower and a sit down.

We are all looking forward to tomorrow and are all ready for a nice rest. This entry of our day up mount Snowdon is by Emily Watkins and Kirsty Miller. xxx

Pink Wafers Lunch Box & Yellow Hat

Hi All

Just a note from the staff to say all are having fun and enjoying themselves. Although Mr A is very worried about the fact pink wafers seem to be vanishing very quickly!!! Matthew 🙂 Talking of food all is good, especially Mr Whites lunch box, which always seems to be over flowing with extra breakfast food, however again someone seems to sneaking their way into the kitchen to get extra food also????? Molly :)….. Oh and thankfully we all made it up Snowdon thanks to a yellow hat, shining through the mist and clouds…. more to follow later when the blogs get up loaded at about 9.55 ish


Scenery, Sheep and Success

Heyy people.Today was our first day here! we started off on a half hour minibus ride. then We climbed a 400m mountain. it was really hard because the mountain was so steep. Elliot suggested tomorrow we tackle Mount Snowdon. WE were just like noo because today’s mountain is 400m & Mount Snowdon is just like 3 times the size. Today’s was hard enough. The walk was worse than the climbing though. the way up was really hard. we had to walk through rocks & stuff & i fell over like 500million times. there was a stream running down beside the paths at some point. the scenery was sooo pretty:). it wasn’t raining so we could see the scenery better. there was loads of mountains & little streams it was just amazing. we saw loads of sheep & prudence did her weird sheep noise & creeped everyone out. the walk was really steep and wet. i kept slipping on wet rocks & stuff. we kept having breaks & at one point we were just eating & exchanging penguin jokes. after that there was a less steep walk and then we had to scramble for a bit. Abigail kept managing to get her hands caught on the prickly bushes. the scrambling was the most fun bit of the whole day. it was very challenging though. everyone helped each other we had good co-operation thankfully. after that we were at the summit. the feeling was really rewarding by the time we got to the top. everyone was soo glad and we spent ages taking pictures & checking wind speed & stuff. the best scenery was the most pretty on the summit. we could see the little village Beddgelert in a tiny valley down the mountain.

the whole thing was amazing.

Of course, what goes up, must go down. The journey down the mountain was harder than going up. This was because at the part where we had to scramble, we didn’t have as many handholds.After this though, everyone was pleased to finally be going downhill! we had gone quite far from the mountain when we came across a rocky river path. This was one of the hardest parts of the day, but I thought it was the most fun part, because the rapids were beautiful and viscous. Some of the rock pathways were really thin and small, but the people who looked after this part of Wales kindly provided handholds. After we emerged from the ‘Rapid Path’, we had a clear pathway the the village of Beddgelert.

With a cry of “CIVILIZATION!!!” from Abigail, we set off. On the way to the village, we came across a small memorial ruin and a grave. This was Beddgelert. Not the village. Beddgelert is the welsh for The Grave of Gelert.

The tale of Gelert…

In the thirteenth century, in wales, there was a man named Llellwyn. He was the prince of wales, and was known as the greatest huntsman for miles around. His best friend was his hunting dog, Gelert. The pair were inseparable, the most fearsome hunting team in the kingdom. One day, Llellwyn could not find Gelert anywhere. He was very worried, but went off hunting without Gelert, assuming he was at home guarding Llellwyn’s baby son. Llellwyn returned home after a hard day’s hunt, and at once knew something was wrong. The house was deathly quiet. Llellwyn entered the house, and saw his son’s cot, overturned, the sheets torn and blooded. Suddenly, Gelert walked into the room, tail wagging and blood dripping from his mouth and paws. Llellwyn was overcome with a surge of anger, he thought Gelert has ripped his son to pieces. Llellwyn drew his sword, and struck the dog dead in one mighty blow. The dog screamed and died. Almost like an echo, Llellwyn heard the familiar cry of his baby son. He looked under the overturned cot, saw his son, and the corpse of a massive wolf. Gelert had defended the baby from the wolf, and Llellwyn had killed Gelert, his lifetime companion and best friend. Llellwyn was said never to smile again.

Quotes of the day

Matthew- no matter what injuries i have, no matter what the weather, as long as i have food i will be OK
Elliot- its the best day ever
Martin- this mountain water tastes funny
Miss Hodgett- you’ve already fallen over 500 times holly, are you trying to break the 1000 mark?
Abigail- CIVILIZATION!!! we are saved

by holly & martin 🙂 xxxx

Mountains, Mud-baths and Abseiling!

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy parents and other random people reading this:). It’s Molly and Maria here, reporting from North Wales after day one.

Travelling to Kent Mountain Centre
So we finally arrived at Kent Mountain Centre after an extended journey thanks to awful traffic on the M1-_-! When we arrived we tucked into dinner then went on a 2mile walk around the grounds and past the lake. Mr White decided to scare everyone with a ghost story that was complete lies. Then we all went to bed for a well deserved sleep:).

Navigation activity
Today, we got into our groups to start our first activity, navigation. We arrived at a small village to the north of the national park. To start off the fun we saw a boy fall off his bike when he was trying to show off hahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, to start with the proper fun Mr Alderson explained to us what we would be doing today. He told us we would be using navigation skills to go on a hike, which turned out to be 5 miles up and down mountains and hills :O !! When we established whereabouts on the map we were, we headed North to start our journey. We continued walking until we got to each wall, when we would change which 2 people would be in charge of the map. After about an hour and a half of walking, through muddy-slushy-dirty-water-logged- rocky fields, we stopped walking and started to eat our lunch and Mr Alderson then told us we would be climbing the mountain next! He claimed it was an easy and small mountain to climb but it definitely didn’t feel easy and small!!!!

Climbing the mountain
We set off and realised how strong the wind on the mountain was which made the task even more challenging, but it was fun all the same. After what felt like hours of walking we reached the top of the mountain and were facing 50mph winds, but we managed to have a nice group photo and then headed down the mountain a different route.

Mud bath for Molly and Maria- 🙁
Then our luck (Molly and Maria’s) got even worse, bear in mind we had already slipped over in the mud about 20 times already! We were walking along flat ground just through all the puddles and mud, because there was no other option, and I (molly) managed to get my WHOLE right leg stuck in sinking mud! Maria didn’t realise that my whole leg was stuck and tried to help me out but managed to get her own leg stuck in the mud also! No one decided to help us, instead everyone got their cameras out and decided to start taking a load of pictures of us stuck:(! Even Dan van Hinsbergh who claims he is the ‘muscle man’ of the group decided not to help us out, and that trend had be going on all day. He just laughed and walked on like most other people in our group, even though he claimed to be sooooooo strong! Anyway, after about 10 minutes of struggling we managed to get out and walked on. We used our natural instinct to guide our way back to the minibus where we finished our lunches and gathered the equipment for abseiling which was next.

We put on our harnesses and helmets then walked to the rocks that we would abseil off of. After Mr Alderson had set up the equipment we raced up to the top of the rocks, not realising until we were at the top how high the rock was:S! Everyone was slightyly anxious about the height but, Dan was sooo scared of heights and was shaking at the top, ahhh haha! Also, Ben tried to show off and didn’t see the crack in rock and slipped in it hahaha!!!! After we’d all abseiled we made our way back to the minibus and then back to the centre..

Overall it was a great first day and we are all excited for the rest of the week! But I think for now we all deserve a nice, long sleep:D!

Night night:)

Love Molly Dawson and Maria Loftus. X

How many mug shots?!!!

Hi this is Jess and Suzannah typing the first blog for Jez’s group 2011! Bring it on!

Today we went gorge walking (when we say walking, we really mean wading through water, knee deep and climbing up waterfalls). The gorge was called Affon Ddu… IT WAS EPIC!!!!!!!!

We started at the bottom, at something that seemed rather small, but as we got further up it was going to be a greater challenge then we thought it would be.

The first challenge we came across was squeezing through the elephants bottom! Two rocks close together and as you got through the gap you had Mr White taking mug shots of you! Yeah it was embarrassing! (Wasn’t the best pictures ever but funny to look at!)

Next Jez made us walk along this small ledge, that went down at one part and on to a rope swing (Tarzan would have laughed at most of our efforts) Even before we reached the rope swing people were falling in (Hmm, hmm Jess) Mr White went first then took even more mug shots of us all failing (I (Suzannah) did not fall in at this point)

Then we had two clips on one rope, we got with partners and then heaved both of us up; me (jess) and Suzannah went together 😀 I really failed and had to have Suzannah pull me up… with as you guessed saw Mr White taking more mug shots of us all for the blog!!!

We then had a chance at another challenge; this one was one of a kind! We got to slide along a naturally made water slide! IT WAS AMAZING! (Really wet) Mr White was at the end not to help us out but yet again taking more mug shots of us all!

After that we challenged ourselves to a scary but fantastic walk along a waterfall!!!! It was so cold, but it was so amazing! The force of the water was so powerful, one wrong step and you would fall!!! But luckily no one did… yep and Mr White was taking more mug shots of us…

Then Jez set us another challenge, we had two choices going the wet way or the dry way! Everyone obviously chose the wet way where we had to get on to this rock and slide down. (Jess couldn’t get up so, Jez and I had to help her by pushing her it was well funny)  Then we had slide in to this gap and squeeze through this gap! Then we had to climb the waterfall part as usual Mr White was taking mug shots! Jess won creepiest hand of the day (see pictures)

Next we had to make our way to this massive fall while we were ahead Mr White supposedly saved Jez’s life, when he was attacked by a pixie! We all took it in turns to slowly but carefully step on to a rock and step under the waterfall and say ‘hello goddess

of the gorge my name is (insert name) and thank you for keeping me safe today, then we had to carefully climb out but knowing me (jess) I lost my balance coming out and stupidly lost my balance and fell into the deepest part of the river type part and got drenched (even though was soaking wet anyway). Then we got into the pool while Jez took the mug shots this time because Mr White was with us! After the good photos, Mr White pushed me back into Dan and Scarlett (Will Scarlett) forwards this was caught the camera. Then for some odd reason Mr White went deeper and started floating and waving for the camera!

One of the last things we did, was clamber up onto this big rock and there was this big rock pool about 12ft deep and knowing me and Suzannah we were well up for itJ!!!! I jumped from the highest part you could and because I had so much water in my shoes my feet bent right up to my bottom :> and Suzannah jumped, her jump was a lot better than mine (Jess) her feet didn’t bend like mine did… This was the only activity Mr White did not do!

We then climbed some steps to a road which led down to the minibus! It was very steep and Jess managed to fall over again! When we reached the minibus, we were told Boys go and change in that part of the woods and girls in the other part! Overall the day was amazing!

After this eventful day we came back to the centre, everyone had their dinner and had showers/washed and we came in here to write the first blog of the year! J & S

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